Buttercream Gang Posts Postponed

I will never work with dvds again, I swear. All Buttercream Gang posts are hereby suspended till I can find a dvd drive that actually WORKS. My dinosaur of a macbook has kicked the bucket on that regard, and my new frisbee Macbook Air does not, of course, have a dvd drive.

It could be a while. A LONG while.

I don’t know when I’ll GET a dvd drive. It could be a long time. So, in the meantime, I’m going to start on what I wanted to work on after I was done with Buttercreamers.

How many of you remember the show McGee and Me? Well you’re about to go on a trip down memory lane. Or not, in which case, lucky you.


In Which I watch The Buttercream Gang, Part 11

I’m still super pissed off that my veggietales1 post somehow didn’t get posted at all. I’ll do my best to get to it when I get back from Con. For those who don’t know, I will be going to Kingdom of Loathing convention in Arizona. I will later blog about both the game and the convention.

For those who don’t know, Kingdom of Loathing is an AWESOME online game that you all should play. http://www.kingdomofloathing.com

Now, on to the Buttercream Gang!

We last left our heroes at the dance, while Pete and his gang stand off to the side and light something on fire. This turns out to be a firecracker, and he throws it at Scott and Margaret on the dance floor.

it goes off with a bang. Kids scream.

This is the first truly dangerous thing we see Pete and the gang do. The other fires he started weren’t anywhere near other people, and you could argue that they wouldn’t spread, or that they could’ve been put out before they spread. But a firework? Thrown into a room full of crowded people? Sorry, that’s just dangerous. I don’t blame Scott for being pissed. He runs after Pete and the gang. Which, by the way, is a really bad idea.

Scott: what’s the matter with you!

I agree. For once.

Pete: I told you I’d get even I always do! You and your two buddies better watch out you understand?

Scott screams at Pete that he’d better stop what he’s doing. Otherwise, Scott himself will stop Pete.

Pete: tomorrow 3 o’clock Swanson’s field, you’d better be there.

There is more testosterone spraying, then the fight is over.

Cut to Sunday morning (because this film is not Seventh Day Adventist. I actually looked it up, it’s made by a Mormon company) at church. The congregation is singing…. a song I don’t recognize. The church sign just says welcome. I have no idea of the denomination. Or at least, I wouldn’t if I hadn’t looked it up on google. If I was just watching for the first time, however, I would have no idea the people who made it were Mormon.

I’m not saying that this is a good or a bad thing, mind. I am just noting that this is how it is done. I’m guessing it has less to do with a desire to hide their Mormonism and more to do with the fact that the film makers wanted this movie to appeal to as many audiences as possible, so they made the religious stuff as non denominational as possible.

I went back and tried to make out the lyrics of the song. Without the help of subtitles it took a few tries, but I finally heard one line, googled, and came up with the following hymn:

Somebody did a golden deed,
Proving himself a friend in need;
Somebody sang a cheerful song,
Bright’ning the sky the whole day long.


Was that somebody you?
Was that somebody you?

Somebody tho’t ’tis sweet to live,
Willingly said, ?I’m glad to give?;
Somebody fought a valiant fight,
Bravely he lived to shield the right.


Somebody made a loving gift,
Cheerfully tried a load to lift;
Somebody told the love of Christ,
Told how His will was sacrificed.


Somebody idled all the hours,
Carelessly crushed life’s fairest flow’rs,
Somebody made life loss, not gain,
Tho’tlessly seemed to live in vain.


Somebody filled the days with light,
Constantly chased away the night;
Somebody’s work bore joy and peace,
Surely his life will never cease.


The sermon makes so much more sense now, with that context. I’m also not coming up with anything particularly special about the song. Seems like one of your general run of the mill Christian hymns… odd I’ve never heard it before, then. It was written by the same guy who wrote “I Surrender All.” A much more popular hymn at least in my circles.

Also, the inside of this church is very undecorated… I find that extremely odd. Most churches have more than just white walls, a light fixture, and a stained glass window with a not particularly interesting pattern. More non denominationalizing, or low budget film?

The pastor/priest/whatever you call a Mormon Person in charge of a church, gets up and talks. This is the only Non Pete scene that holds any interest for me, because the facial expressions of the kids are hilarious. 

Pastor: Somebody did a golden deed. Somebody willfully said “I’m glad to give.”

 somebody tried to lighten the load. Was that somebody you? Is our spiritual progression based on our ability to love and care for one another?

As he speaks, the camera pans out over the audience. Even the children are paying rapt attention. Seriously, at their age, I was too busy drawing pictures on the back of the bulletin with pens stolen from mommy’s purse.

Pastor (continuing): I think that we’d all admit that there is a direct correlation between our ability to love and care for one another, and the quality of our own lives.

Me: errrrrrrrrrm maybe?

Pastor: (continuing): something something I didn’t catch…. we agree that those abilities affect the lives of those around us

He looks like that because he suddenly realized he had a very full bladder.

I’m kidding, it’s because he’s being affected by the sermon, of course.

Pastor(continuing): When we really take the time to learn how to love ALL men. Will we take the time to learn to love not just our friends, but our enemies?

Margaret, giving Scott “The Look.” I think. We don’t actually get to see her do it. This is the only shot we get, because only the male’s reaction matters. When she turns around, she makes the expression in the photo, then smiles smugly. I actually don’t really need to include this image, but I did anyway because that dress… SNERK! This is 1992, not 1895. Or 1985. Or something.

Yes, the coach is preaching. He says no good deed goes unrewarded, which we all know is BULLSHIT.

He says we shouldn’t just offer love and help to people when it is convenient. He starts talking about the old Mosaic law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and then Lanny? Gives us this reaction.

To which Elton gives this reaction.

He looks REALLY pissed about the fact he doesn’t get to punch Pete.

And when Coach says “that law has been replaced by ‘turn the other cheek,'” Scotty Boy looks like this.

After the service, The boys argue about whether or not “coach” (it’s not just me being faceblind, the coach really IS the pastor) heard about the fight. One boy says that’s not true, cuz he heard him practicing the sermon last week. Another boy says, “my mom tells me god knows everything.”

Seriously? You’re 13 and you’re relying on what yo mamma tells you? Boy, you 13-15ish, give or take, you outta know that by now from DA BIBLE. What a sissy, jeez.

So now Scott is conflicted. Will he go, or not go? The drama folks, it is unbearable.

Scott and boy1 eventually do show up. Pete and his gang are waiting for him. The Buttercreamers are waving a white flag. Actually, not Scott. These are Lanny and Elton. They tell Pete that Scott wants to meet him alone (finally, jeez!) at the old truck in the olive grove.

Pete goes. Asks what this is all about. Honestly, Scott getting Pete alone is… what was needed before, actually. For once he’s going about things the not so stupid way.

Scott thinks there’s a better way than fighting. Pete thinks that’s an excuse. I’m with pete actually. Pete says Scott should be afraid of him because he learned a lot back in Chicago. I believe it, if he really was in a gang, he’d have learned a lot about fighting.

Testosterone spraying…. I don’t care. Scott finally challenges Pete to spend a day with him. Wow, finally, Scott is giving Pete some individual attention! Pete is a different person than I am, but personally if someone offered to do that with me, I’d be thrilled. I wouldn’t admit it, but Id be THRILLED that someone wanted me around that long.

 I’m not really too thrilled about the tone of voice Scott in which Scott delivers this challenge. “I challenge you to spend a day with me like you did last summer, if you’ve got the guts.” Actually, I wouldn’t allow myself to show how thrilled I was either, what with the tone of voice and all. Scott is really being a prick about it, isn’t he?

Pete’s reaction is thusly:

There’s a montage of Pete and Scott doing fun things set to background music with no lyrics. It’s all very…. boring, actually. We’re skipping ahead.

Actually, back up a bit. Pete has a bike in this shot… when it is later talked about that he doesn’t have one… consistency people, it is a thing these days.

Seriously, this montage goes on too long though. If I was my teacher, I’d have been hitting the fast forward button.

Scott says that Pete has “done it again,” made him relax and forget all his worries. And that’s nice, actually. He’s telling Pete good things above him. That’s… actually, I like that. It’s one of the few times Scott has said something positive about Pete since he discovered the gang related activity.

Pete: what worries?

I don’t blame him. Scott doesn’t seem to have any real worries. Not like Pete, who as to worry about things like people blaming him for stealing items from lockers.

Scott is worried about the championship game tomorrow. Just like old times.

Pete: except it’s not like old times, it is?

Maybe not for you Pete, but for Scott, nothing’s different. He’s still the naïve little kid you left behind, and really, that’s as things should be. 13-15 year olds ideally SHOULD be a little ignorant of how things could be.

Scott argues that it could be the same. Pete argues that things and people change. Pete is right. Scott continues to argue that it’s just like old times then Pete says this:

Pete: except you’re trying to save me from myself except hey, I already know it’s too late.

I’ve felt like this before, I really have. And in a way, Pete is right. He can not go back to being his old self, because he is not his old self. If Pete does go back to the way of all things Good and Righteous, that is very doable. However, he will still be a different Person. Pete has experienced things, and done things… and those things, they change us. Because we can never go back to our old pre-evil selves, we often feel like it is too late for us. It is only when we accept the fact that we will never be who we once were that we can begin the healing process, and stop trying to go back to the old life. Instead, we make ourselves into a new person.

Scott: it is not! Today proves it!

Moron. Being able to have fun swimming does not prove it’s not too late. Pete here needs real reassurance, real proof, that it is not too late for him. And I’m sorry, but he’s not going to get it. He’s going to get more of Scotty acting like a complete douchebag.

Pete: the only thing today proves is that we were friends.

Meh, it also proves that Scotty’s trying to hold onto that friendship, but ok I can see where he’s coming from. He and Scott were good friends who used to go around swimming and fishing, but Pete is different now. The friendship is probably going to have to go in a new direction. Pete has a whole part of his life he can’t really share with Scott, because Scott has not been there.

Pete: sometimes I want so bad for things to be the way they were but…. they can’t!

Even my conservative Christian friends understood this. When I got into… er, stuff, they knew I could come out again BUT they knew that things would never be the same as they were before I got into….er, ungodly stuff. They understood. I feel like Scott could understand, too. If he’d take a minute to empathize instead of straight up arguing the entire time.

Scott: sure they can

Me: Ah, the innocence of youth.

Pete: not they can’t, it’s like riding your bike someplace and getting lost you try to go back and find out where you made the wrong turn, but you don’t know where you made the wrong turn and every turn you make after that, it just gets you more lost.

Scott: so you stop and ask someone for directions.

Who, Scott? Who is he supposed to ask? What if you’re riding your bike in the middle of the woods and the only living things you can find are squirrels? Are you supposed to ask them for directions? I don’t think so.

I kinda get where Scott is coming from on this, because I feel like Pete isn’t explaining it well. But he’s what, 15? 16? When I was that age, I had trouble explaining things too, especially to people who were still Naive and sheltered as Scotty Boy.

Pete: I ask you for directions?

Scott: tell you not to be so selfish

Um, what? Excuse me? Pete is opening up to you, here. You could…. not accuse him of being selfish? Because ok yeah, arguably he has been, a little, but this is hardly the time to bring it up. It also doesn’t actually fit in with what Pete just said to him.

And no, Scott, he can’t ask you for directions. You’re younger than he is, for one, and have experienced a lot less of life. Also, you’ve never been lost. If I were Pete, I’d much rather ask someone who’s actually been where I’m at, or at least, been close to where I’m at, and then I’d take him seriously. You’re just a little prick who thinks things can go back to the way they were before and they can’t. They’re not. Admit it you douchebag and stop being…. well, a douche bag.

Pete: what makes you think I’m being selfish?

Scott: because you take things, you only think of yourself

Hello stupid? He’s been stealing SUGAR. Maybe he steals that BECAUSE HIS GRANDMA NEEDS IT YOU SONNUFA BITCH!

Also, I’m going to repeat something I’ve often said to my conservative Christian friends when they told me the same thing: Of course I only think of myself! Wanna know why? Because somebody has to.

I have not seen anyone in this movie care about Pete. Pete’s aunt only wanted him around because of what he could do for her. His grandpa just seems to barely tolerate him, Margaret only spied on Pete because “it was the right thing to do” (it wasn’t, but we already went over that) and Scott’s only interested in Pete because they used to be friends and do fun kid things together, and he’s been nothing but a prick to Pete in this movie since he changed.

Pete: I take only what I deserve, I spent hours helping people like Mr. Graff and never got anything for it. I’ve done plenty for this crummy little town and what did I get for it? Nothing! No Scott, I think you’re the one who’s being selfish

Scott: me?!

Pete: real friends accept each other for who they are, you’re only willing to be my friend if I change. I’m not who I was Scott I am who I am.

A truer thing hasn’t been said all movie! I agree 100% with Pete here.

I understand Pete’s anger. It doesn’t give him the right to steal things, but I understand where he’s coming from.

Second, he is right. Scott has clearly acted like a douchebag since Pete changed. He wants Pete back as his friend, but he wants the Pete who was, not the Pete who is. Pete sees that, and sees that that is selfish of Scott.

Pete is no different from you or me: he wants to be accepted for who he is, not in spite of it. Me and my sexual orientation, I’m accepted in spite of who I am by most Christians, not for who I am. Especially with my fun and sinful past, heh. Mine rivals Pete’s, actually, since the worst he’s ever done is… shoplift. I mean, come on, we could at least see him smoking a cigarette (they make fake ones for movies and they’re really cheap) or sipping from a beer bottle wherein the beer has been replaced with… tea or something. Pete can’t be a real gang member, he’s never even done drugs. Not that I’ve done drugs either…. whistles innocently.

Scott argues back that he’s trying to be Pete’s friend, so Pete shouldn’t accuse Scott of being selfish. Ummm ok Scott, but you didn’t disprove Pete’s point; you only want to be Pete’s friend if he changes who he is. And instead of just sitting there listening to Pete and maybe doing some self reflection, you’re acting like a complete and utter DOUCHEBAG.

Oh wait, that’s not out of character, nevermind.

Pete: who asked for you friendship anyway!

Scott: you did! That night at my house!

Ummm well…. actually, that’s kinda true.

Pete: well I guess it was pretty stupid of me, wasn’t it?

I agree, Pete. Scott’s a douche, you should seriously cut him out of your life because clearly he can’t love you for who you are. And if you can’t love someone for who they are now, even if it’s not ideal, you do not love them at all.

Scott: that’s right, why should I settle for second best in a friend?!

Um, ouch? Way to show you care for him Scott. NOT. Douchebag.

Pete: don’t worry Scott you won’t have to. Just remember, in my neck of the woods there are only two types of people your friends and your enemies.

I’d say this is an unnecessary measure of extreme, but ok whatever. I think even Chicago gangs would realize that there are people who are neither friend nor enemy but just, you know, are kind of trying to exist and don’t care about you one way or another? This movie does a great job of making Chicago seem like a scary and dangerous place full of gangs, crime, and drunken debauchery. Maybe some parts are, but honestly, Chicago isn’t that bad.

Scott stomps off in a huff.

Pete: While you’re walking off think of this: you never once asked me what happened in Chicago. You never once asked me. You’re just like all the rest; you think I want it this way.

Pete is right. We’re probably not supposed to notice, but no one, not aunt bitch, not his grandpa, not Scott, has ever asked him what really happened in Chicago. And frankly, I’d like to know as well. What did happen in Chicago, Pete? Were you really aware of what your gang members were doing? Were you really set up that time you got expelled? How did aunt Bitch treat you? Did you ever feel like you were part of a family? Have you ever had a chance to defend yourself without someone arguing with you that you just needed to take responsibility even though you might not have done it? That you’re going to have a hard time getting a job with an arrest record so why bother?

I hope you weren’t curious, Dear Reader, because We Don’t Get To Know. No one will ever ask. Ever.

And Scott continues to be a complete and utter douchebag.

Tune in next time for really exciting baseball shenanigans, a heart to heart with the coach, and of course, Pete shows up to liven things up. Because otherwise I’d personally die of boredom watching this movie.

I apologize for getting this post out so late. After the con, I needed an entire week off to recharge my batteries. Posting will now resume on its regular schedule starting wed. There might be a post on Saturday as I redo the veggie tales episode wordpress ate, but I might wait till Wed on that, depending on how my Saturday goes.

Have a good weekend everybody,




The Buttercream Gang, Part 10

I was going to post this on Wednesday (why did they make that so hard to spell? jeez), but then I got called in to work a double on Wed, and I already work a double on Thursday, so I figured I’d just put this up a day early. I know wordpress is supposed to have a feature where you can schedule a post to be published a day or 2 later, but the last few times I’ve tried to use it it hasn’t worked. It’s probably not wordpress this time, it’s probably just that I’m bad at technology.

We last left our intrepid hero Scotty boy having a confrontation with Pete. In front of all of Pete’s friends. I know I touched on it last time that this was a bad idea, so I’m only going to mention it briefly here, and state that I believe that if this confrontation had happened privately, Pete might not have responded so defensively.

Oh who am I kidding? It’s a sappy cheesy Christian movie, of course it would’ve gone the same way in private. Because on Planet Buttercream, everything is black and white.


Pete: Hey, I’ll make it unanimous, there, I’m out, Ok?

I get it; he doesn’t want to look dorky in front of his new friends. I bet if Scott had caught him privately Pete would’ve bee a bit more embarrassed. He still might have made the same decision, but at least he wouldn’t have been doing it under pressure of his other friends. Which….could make all the difference. Right now, I doubt that Pete is thinking clearly. If Scott had gotten Pete alone, Pete might’ve been able to think more of his love for Scott, and at least I would’ve thought he made a clearer decision.

Scott: don’t you want to talk about it?

Pete: Smarten up!

I agree with Pete. He might want to talk abut it if you’d confronted him alone you fuckin’ prick!

Pete: look around here this is my gang here I don’t want anything to do with your stupid club!

I agree, actually…. He doesn’t want to look like a dweeb in front of his friends. God Scott, you’re worse than my parents. Even my parents would’ve confronted me in private because they were more than willing to have me blame them so I wouldn’t lose face.

Pete: we can have anything we want by taking it, so you and you friends better just stay out of my way, ok?

Scott: I thought you were going to change?

Pete: that line worked on my aunt and would’ve kept working on you except for little miss nosy but we’ll take care of her


If Scott had done this in private, Pete might take the time to explain that, see, he wants to change, but at the same time, he doesn’t. Or that he doesn’t feel he can. Actually, now that I think about it, he does tell Scott that latter later, but Scott will just shoot him down and keep arguing with him.

Pete’s gang members nod in agreement about getting back at Margaret. 

Why would Pete even bother lying to Scott about wanting to change if he didn’t on some level still love him? Sorry, but this doesn’t ring true. I don’t believe for a minute Pete lied to Scott about wanting to change. get the feeling Pete wouldn’t be saying that if he didn’t want to lose face in front of his “cool” friends.

I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but confrontations with friends need to be done in private, ok?

Pete and his friends leave, and we’re clearly supposed to sympathize with Scott but…  I don’t. Scott has been a jerk. I don’t blame Pete for acting the way he is. I blame Scott for not dealing with this more tactfully. He’s seriously an ass.

In the next scene, Scott comes by to ask for Margaret. Margaret’s mother says, “I thought it was great when Margaret came by and told me you’d ask ed her to the dance.”

Poor Margaret. She can’t even tell her mother she invited HIM to the dance. Ya’all, and Margaret has to hide it. Stupid sexist society. Guy asking a girl to dance. Because a girl asking a guy to the dance is BAD ya’all, and Margaret has to hide it. Girl asking a guy to dance-=socially unacceptable.


That was where I pounded the keyboard in frustration. Yanno, who decided these rules anyway?

And then Margaret comes out and she’s knock down gorgeous

Hi Scott! Aren’t you glad you invited me now?

This is a common trope: geeky girl looks hot with some effort. I should hate it due to how common it is, and it’s problematic because not everybody who isn’t knock down pretty at first glance isn’t going to be able to fix that with makeup and a curling iron.

Also, who decides who is and isn’t beautiful? Why should Margaret have to change anything about herself in order for Scott to consider her pretty?

Aside from all this, I do love that Margaret is gorgeous, but only when she wants to be, because GEEKY GIRLS RULE.

I just still find it problematic.

Anyway, Scott looks like I just punched him in the face:

Oh my God… I think… I just hit puberty! I suddenly have an interest in GIRLS!

Margaret’s mother gushes, as do all mothers at times like this, and makes Scott and Margaret pose for pictures. Scott awkwardly hands Margaret a gift. I’m gonna take a small break from ragging on Scott here and say that this is a nice gesture.  I even forgive him for being awkward about it, because he’s a (young) teenager. In fact, I think that was one thing the writers and actors both got right. Because I can totally see this awkward awkwardness happening in real life.


I don’t remember what it is, and for reasons it would take too long to explain, I can’t play the movie right now to look it up. I think it’s a corsage, though. Still a nice gesture for him, and it’s clear from Margaret’s reaction that she wasn’t really expecting it. So, Scott is at least behaving decently. For the next 2 minutes, anyway.

Scott and Margaret start walking.

Margaret: thanks for saving me today

Scott: yeah I was hoping could count that as the favor….

Jee, who knew basic human decency had to be considered doing someone a favor? I mean, is that why it took Scott so long to react to the bullying? because he had to literally sit there and think about whether or not he wanted to help Margaret, then decided yes because he owed her a favor?

God I hope not.

Why are they walking to the dance through a field of really tall grasses? Shouldn’t here be like, a path or something?

Margaret: look if you don’t want to go to the dance with me that’s fine, don’t want you to feel obligated –crosses arms–

Um, yes Margaret, you clearly do, otherwise you wouldn’t have called in that favor. This is called a manipulation tactic; telling the person they don’t REALLY have to do what you’re trying to manipulate them to do, BUUUUUUT…..

I’ve done it before, I admit it. Not in a situation remotely similar to this (our school never had dances, dancing was Evil. And I wasn’t interested in finding a guy to take me anywhere, anyway. Actually, on that tangent, I’m actually kind of surprised to see a school dance in this otherwise conservatively Christian movie. This movie was made my a Mormon company… maybe Mormons are ok with dancing?)

Scott: let me finish!

No! shut up Scott! Shut the fuck up and don’t say it–

Scott:I wanna go to the dance with you….well, I’ve never seen you look so pretty before


You…. totally just ruined the moment.

Wait, so, NOW you want to take her to the dance, now that you know she’s pretty? Please. In real life, this would’ve gotten the guy slapped. Or yelled at. Oh, you care more about the outward appearance than the personality I have? SLAP you never cared about me as a person, but now that you see I’m PRETTY you want me? SLAP.I shouldn’t have to change myself for you SLAP.

Most women I know of would slap this guy HARD because he only deigned to notice her when she proved she was pretty.

Or at least, I’d want to slap him. And I know many others who would as well. YMMV* on this one I suppose.

Unfortunately, Margaret reveals she has a stupid and insecure side, and I like her a helluva lot less.

Margaret: You really think I look pretty?

WELL NO DIP DIPSTICK. Seriously, did you see the way he was looking at you? He probably had his first —

Seriously Margaret, Scott is a douche. You should dump him STAT.

Scott: offh and, yeah sure

Margaret: you’re not embarrassed to go to the dance with me?

Scott: well maybe a little


Seriously, if he cares that much about what people think that he is embarrassed to be seen with her, at least a little bit… that’s not the basis of a healthy relationship. Just because I’m an aromantic asexual doesn’t mean I don’t know what an unhealthy relationship looks like. I’m not really sure I’ve ever observed a very healthy one, but I at least know what looks unhealthy and this…. doesn’t strike me as terribly promising.

I have to give Scott half credit for at least being honest with her, but… I still think Margaret should dump his ass on the dance floor and go off with some other gentleman who likes her for her intellect, and even if she looked geeky, would never be embarrassed to dance with her.

If the school wasn’t so small, I’d insist that these men have to exist.

Why do women often go out with douches? I have NO IDEA.

Scott: I don’t know how to dance

Margaret: what’s to know? hurry up, we’ll be late.


My computer is going to put itself to sleep soon, because some idiot brought the wrong charger chord because some idiot company made the cords look alike even though they’re not interchangeable. We’ll pick up the narrative next week. I MIGHT have time to make another short post to deal with the dance later tonight, but probably not, and I wanted to get something up today or it won’t be up till Friday, and since I wanted to do another movie Saturday, that won’t work.


Enjoy the early post, folks. Or don’t, y our life, your choice.

*For the uninitiated, YMMV means your mileage may vary.




The Buttercream Gang, Part 9 (I think? I lost track. I hate numbers)

Elton and Lanny are getting fed up with Pete not doing his share of the work. They are at the tree-house complaining about it. I have no idea what that kid on the stationary bike is doing; looks like he’s pulling up something, but I can’t see it.


Scott: so?

Boy: so why’re you still defending him?

I agree with the boy, actually. If the whole point of the club is to help people, and Pete isn’t… then yeah Pete should be kicked out of the club. I get that Scott wants to defend his friend, I would too. But if he’s not fulfilling his club requirements then… well, Lanny and Elton are right, Pete should be kicked out.

The boys eventually get Scott to agree: if he doesn’t start pulling his weight, Pete’s out. I can totally get behind this.

I can not get behind how Scott delivers the news. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Margaret: hey boys, are you up there? Hey Scott, are you up there?

Well no dip, diptick. You can clearly hear them, use our brain, god! I know you’ve got one. Well, maybe not, actually…

Elton and Lanny are getting fed up with Pete not doing his share of the work. They are at the tree-house complaining about it. I have no idea what that kid on the stationary bike is doing; looks like he’s pulling up something, but I can’t see it.


Scott: so?

Boy: so why’re you still defending him?

I agree with the boy, actually. If the whole point of the club is to help people, and Pete isn’t… then yeah Pete should be kicked out of the club. I get that Scott wants to defend his friend, I would too. But if he’s not fulfilling his club requirements then… well, Lanny and Elton are right, Pete should be kicked out.

The boys eventually get Scott to agree: if he doesn’t start pulling his weight, Pete’s out. I can totally get behind this.

I can not get behind how Scott delivers the news. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Margaret: hey boys, are you up there? Hey Scott, are you up there?

Well no dip, dipstick. You can clearly hear them, use our brain, god! I know you’ve got one. Well, maybe not, actually…

Boy: honks bike horn

Boy 2: How’d you know we were here?

Margaret: stop kidding me–

Boy: honks horn: I’ll tell you when you can talk


  1. Apparently their treehouse is an open secret
  2. I’ll tell you when you can talk? Excuse me? She is a PERSON YOU FUCKTARDS. I know, I know. But I am SO SICK of women being treated as lesser beings, being told when they’re supposed to talk and when they’re supposed to keep silent. Admittedly this is not a problem limited to conservative Christianity but in any context it is a problem. And I see it as especially problematic here because clearly the boys don’t see Margaret as a person, otherwise they wouldn’t be all “I’ll tell you when you can talk women.” They see her as “other,” as a girl who shouldn’t get to talk unless they say so. Douchebags.Even Pete and his gang give her more credit when they call her “a snitch.”

I hate Scott and his gang right now.

Margaret: Can I talk now?

Buttercream Boy:  Ok

Margaert: is Scott up there? And don’t lie to me Elton I know the answer is yes


but at the same time, I love this girl. She knows Scott is up there and she’s not taking no for an answer. Good for you Margaret! You tell ’em.

Scott: it’s cool guys, what’s up Margaret?

M: I came to collect on that favor you owe me

boy 1: you owe Margaret a favor?

Boy2: that’s worse than dog breath

Scott: very funny


Margaet: well, Pete and his friends have been stealing from Mr. Fraff, they’ve been picking on little kids

Margaret: And Regina and her friends say they’ve been doing all sorts of things

Like what, M? What sorts of different things have they been doing that are in any way connected to gang activity? You’re the one who’s done the research, supposedly, you should know this. You should be able to give specifics.

I like Margaret, but she can be so DUMB at times, and that’s the rub. These authors can have a girl be smart, but they can’t have her be TOO smart, because they can’t have their females be smarter than the boys, yanno.

M: this is serious Scott, I think you need to do something.

By the way, this kid is a terrible actor. But moving on from that.

Scott: Well what am I supposed to do?

Margaret: Stand up to him, it’s the only thing he’ll understand

Maybe she’s right. Maybe in the world Pete’s been living in, confrontation is the only way to do things. I think Margaret might be correct here, though my first response is to disagree.

Scott: Ok, I’ll talk to him. See ya Margaret

Jeez, even back in the early 1990s when I was growing up and most other boys thought girls had cooties, they wouldn’t have dismissed a girl so quickly like that. At least, not the boys *I* hung out with, which were all very respectable children.

Margaret: not so fast, you still owe me a favor

Scott: well I though talking to Pete was the favor

Margaret: No, that’s just the right thing to do

Hold on; telling Scott about Pete was the right thing to do? Whoaaaaaa back the truck UP.

Spying on Pete, which, btw, its totally creepy, and then reporting to Scott, is the right thing to do. That’s the only reason why Margaret is doing this. She’s not doing this because, say, SHE CARES ABOUT PETE?!

She’s not concerned about Pete. She thinks it’s the right thing to do. Now, you could argue that she thinks it’s the right thing to do because she’s concerned about Pete, but…. I haven’t seen that. So far I’ve only seen her and Regina and Regina’s gang be concerned about Pete because Pete looks like there’s a “mystery” to solve. I’ve seen them spying on Pete. I’ve seen  no one, so far, concerned about Pete’s welfare. And if the grownups thought he was in a gang, they would talk to him about it. Because grownups would know that gang activity is dangerous, and if they cared about Pete, they would talk to him about it. They would want to protect him from that.

Margaret and her friends, however, don’t care about Pete’s welfare. They don’t care that he’s getting into dangerous things (which, btw, he’s not) they just care because it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve seen people argue that they don’t want to show the dangerous side of gangs in a children’s movie.

Fine, but they could still show some gang related things, like, actual robbery, not petty theft, smoking cigarettes, drinking, fighting…. (maybe just fist fights, not with knives) still, they could’ve shown actual gang relates activity that wouldn’t have been too traumatic.

I see no reason, so far, to assume that Pete is involved in a gang. He’s made bad friend choices, but that’s hardly the same thing.

Margaret: the favor is you’re taking me to the dance. Pick me up at 7, and don’t be late.

And then she leaves.

Can I just say that I really like Margaret? I think she’s dumb for choosing Scott, but this is a movie, so she was obligated. But she is going to be as sassy about is as possible, dangit. She has her sights set on her man, and she knows how to get him. Now if she could just pick a DECENT boy… well, in my head cannon she dumps him after this movie and gets on with her life and becomes an extremely successful woman and Scotty cries in a corner about how he could’ve had her but was too shallow to see what an awesome woman she is.

Alas, even in the sequel, that doesn’t happen.

Scott’s friends tease him about this, which I find very realistic, though highly annoying.

Apple hates me. It won’t let me download music because I can’t remember my security questions. Well, that’s not true, I just can’t remember my security answers WORD PERFECT, and on the website it won’t let me… rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerw I hate apple. It used to be good but now I hate it because it’s AWFUL. I should also note that I know my password word perfect, BUT since I have no idea what my security questions were, apple’s too stupid to let me download things EVEN THOUGH I REMEMBER MY GODDAMMN PASSWORD because duuuuuh what’s the security question cuz I’m two stwopid….duuuuuuh duuuuuh duuuuuh.

Anyway, Scott is pissed: I have papers to hand out *starts climbing down treehouse ladder*

Scott’s friends: Aw come on Scott, we’re sorry.

Scott ignores them, and I would too.

Elton and Lanny offer to help Scott with his papers, but in my pinion this is too little too late, but THE MOVIE DOESN’T CARE.

Yes, I’m drunk as fuck and really jaded, and I don’t give a shit.

Boys: Scott and Margaret sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G can I shoot them? Please? no? FINE.

In the next scene, we are shown Pete and his gang biking in a circle around Margaret. This is the best screenshot I could get:


They are teasing her about being a snitch, and what they’re going to do to her if she doesn’t stop spying on them.

I like this. A lot.

  1. She has been spying on them, and that’s obnoxious
  2. the scene will strike grownups as actually dangerous for Margarette, because we know what some gangs do to young women….
  3. it will seem scary to children as well, because they know what it’s like to be teased. Yet at the same time, it won’t scare them too much, because they are unaware of what happens to young women in situations like that. I think when I was a kid, I assumed Margaret was either just being teased, or was about to get punched. I didn’t think what I’m thinking now as an adult, which is…. holy shit are they going to rape her? Though I doubt, from what we’ve seen, that Pete is a rapist of small children, the adults watching this movie are going to have that in the backs of their heads.

In my opinion Scott waits WAY too long before interfering. But interfere he does, finally, crashing into Pete’s bike. They claim they’re having fun, but Scott says it doesn’t look like she’s having any fun. ßd;=di;;t whle ht eab. n

Scotty: bye Margaret

Margaerte leaves. Smart girl, she knows when to hightail it on out of there.

Pete says they’re just having a little fun. Scott suggests pete look the word “fun” up in the dictionary.

Pete: who cares about that?

I admit, Scott’s comeback was a little lame. Apparently Pete thinks this is fun for him, even If it wasn’t for her.

Let me be clear: Pete’s behavior is NOT OK. However, he thinks it’s fun, therefore, he doesn’t need to look fun up in the dictionary.

Pete: are you going to ruin our friendship over that geek girl?

Scott: no you’re gonna ruin it

I can get behind Scott here, until–

Scott: the Buttercreamers had a meeting. If you don’t start carrying your share of the work, you’re out.

I wouldn’t have a problem with this except that Scott is saying this in front of Pete’s new friends, who clearly think the Buttercream gang is stupid.

Scott should not have done this. Scott should have asked to talk to Pete privately. Because saying this in front of his friends is only going to embarrass him. Pete is now going to have to choose between Scott and his new friends in front of his new friends. And that’s not cool to do to anyone.

In Which I watch The Buttercream Gang, The LSD song, AKA Dreams of a Better Day, AKA Pete’s Song

This is the 5th time I have had to edit this post. First because typos, and then second because wordpress deleted all the pictures for some reason. Normally I don’t hate wordpress even when frustrated with it, but this time I’m REALLY  pissed off, because now I have to go through 4 back posts and re put all the images. rrrrrrr. Also, I updated this twice, but apparently wordpress only published the non updated version? Ugh. Maybe I DO need to move my blog.

So, I apologize for all the roughness and uneditedness you have had to deal with. It’s making me want to scream, too.

Also, even though I updated this 4 times, for some reason wordpress only published the original edition that I had only saved as a draft…. I’m about ready to ragequit this website.

So, I had to make a special booze run in order to do this for you guys tonight. Well, actually, I didn’t just want to do it for you, I wanted to do it for me, because it’s been driving ME crazy that I haven’t made any posts in a few days. Most of the reasons have been good (Ren Fest, Herbal refreshment (I mean mint tea, jeez!)) and some have been, well…. I got stuck working late on Monday, which isn’t actually a bad thing, because more hours=more money, and I was needed, so I don’t begrudge my boss at all. And I’m not just saying that because I’m giving him the link to this blog, because I just found out Hook is one of his favorite Robin Williams movies.

No, I actually respect my bosses. There are 4 of them, and I don’t like all 4 of them, but I respect all 4 of them. I don’t think I’ve ever had a boss I disrespected at Jimmy Johns, unless we’re counting Rich as a boss. Which I don’t, because, he’s not. Anyway, the minute the booze kicks in, onto the recap!

So, Youtube might have had the entire movie taken down due to copyright issues BUT, there’s no copyright against posting the song, and the video footage that goes with it.

for some reason, wordpress isn’t letting me put the song in quotes without putting the WHOLE POST in quotes. I really need to figure out what wordpress has done to themselves, because they used to be very good about such things. So I apologize if this post is a bit discombobulated.

You may listen to this song at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6Ke8-egduI

Apparently this song was written by Kurt Bestor. I am trying to imbed the youtube video but it appears that it doesn’t want to work. Fine. So, here are the lyrics.

Looking back on a younger man
Long ago and far away
Living in an age of innocence
In the shadows of a brighter day
Time stood still and it never seemed
That our worlds could grow apart
It was all for one, and one for all
Straight from the heart

Those summer rains
That we hoped would never end
Wash away troubles and sorrow
And starry nights when each wish came true
Can’t you send all those yesterday to tomorrow?

Won’t you please tell me where to find him?
And that life with a story book end?
Can’t you please tell me where you find him?
Maybe’s he’s found in a fairy tale
With those dream of a better day

Life on the streets has taught me
To see the world through different eyes
What was love your neighbor as yourself
Now hides behind the lies
You start thinking you can have it all
The world is yours to take
So you fill your cup with emptiness
And promises you make

Bring back these rains
And wash my cares away
And dry my eyes with the sun light
And on that star only one small wish I pray
Bring him home again

Won’t you please tell me where to find him?
And that life with a story book end?
Can’t you please tell me where you find him?
Maybe’s he’s found in a fairy tale
With those dream of a better day

Unfortunately, I have to retake almost all screenshots again because my hard drive had to be whipped, and picture files are harder to ave than word files. So, this might take me a while. This is going to be frustrating, but I’m trying to count my blessings. I told my friend from Norway “I hope this is a quick and cheap fix.”

Let’s take the first verse:

Looking back on a younger man
Long ago and far away
Living in an age of innocence
In the shadows of a brighter day
Time stood still and it never seemed
That our worlds could grow apart
It was all for one, and one for all
Straight from the heart

So, the first verse kinda seems like…. like an adult is looking back on their childhood. Because, the only age of innocence I can think of is like…. ages 5-12. And I only go up to age 5 on that because ages 1-3 I don’t have very many memories of.

Frankly, I am shocked that Pete has managed to make it to… 8th grade? This movie never establishes how old the characters are exactly but it talks about them going into high school next year, so we’ll go with 8th grade. I am shocked that Pete has made it all the way to 8th grade without having “the age of innocence” shattered. It feels like for me it happened much earlier.

The shadows of a brighter day…. I do remember brighter days….. dimly.

The world between me and my friends grew apart…. but even back then we were never

all for one and one for all

straight from the heart

So, like the 3 musketeers, then? I guess The Buttercreamers were like the 3 musketeers. Er, the 4 musketeers, since back when Pete was apart of them, there were 4.

This song…. makes half sense to me when I’m drunk. If sober, I don’t have a prayer of understanding what the hell it is talking about… an adult trying to go back to the peace and innocence of childhood? That is the best I am coming up with and it is not good.

Why the hell did this song, did this movie, have any impact on me whatsoever?

I must have been a very very stupid child. Anyway…

Yes, the world is generally more innocent seeming in childhood. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that innocence, I really do. But I Think adulthood is what broke me of that state, not going away from what was “right.” Leaving God did not cause me to become a very jaded individual. Growing up did, and I think it’s like that for everybody.

And… I wouldn’t go back to childhood. I…I just wouldn’t.

So, during the first verse we are shown this:

We never do find out who these guys are, so I’ve decided to call them Jason (left) and right (Greg). Don’t expect me to keep their faces straight now….

Ugh. My computer is cooperating sooooo little that I’m about ready to start screaming. A;OWERHTWO;RAEHTEUARHGWRURWUORT;WET8AEHTUIEATHETH

ok, I’m done. For now. Anyway, back to the song.

We are then shown, as the song begins, Pete biking with his gang (wait, how is Pete biking when it will be established before and after that he has no bike? Consistency people, it needs to exist.)

Scott and his boyfriends are fishing, swimming, and generally shown having fun unless they are helping out some old lady mow her lawn. Pete and his gang, on the other hand, are getting into horrible things such as….

Well, at first Pete is shown hanging out a little bit with the Buttercreamers, but then leaving as soon as they start to do actual work. I do not blame Pete for this, for the record. After a bit, it sounds like something I would do. I might like helping people a little bit, but after a year or so of this, I’d get very tired of it very fast.

We then see the 3 boys doing different things as the girls watch solemnly through the daisies, thinking they’re inconspicuous. Pete is shown hanging out with this new gang AND Scott and his crew. It is clear he’s trying to straddle both worlds and….

I don’t blame him. I’ve been there. Wanting to hang onto my religious friends like Jacq and Brittney, while knowing I really fit in better with… well, less religious people.

Actually, now that I think about it, these shots of Pete hanging out with Scott and the gang might be flashbacks. Maybe. No, they’re not; Pete is shown starting to work with them, but then bailing out, saying he’s gotta go. I don’t blame him. If I were Pete’s age, I would not want to spend my time mowing lawns for people. I’d want to be doing my own thing as a young person. As most young people want to do. Helping people is great, but I’d want my own life. Maybe Pete is starting to realize that.

Pete and his new gang must be blind not to see the girls spying on them

Nope, totally not spying on Peter at all

As a side note, I used to have a blue jumper like that. I mostly wore it to Greater Lansing SDA School, and only because they only allowed girls to wear ugly jumpers, back in my day, rather than pretty dresses.

In any Case….

The boys are caught doing such horrible things such as:

  1. Pete and his gang pick up the little kids off the seesaw, and then play on the seesaw themselves. Really? What teenagers even play on the playground in front of little kids, let alone physically take them off the seesaw? Seriously. My friends and I only ever played on playground equipment when we thought no one was looking. This was at age 13-15 or so, when we actually cared about such things. Which Pete and his friends are at that age. They’re not at the age where they don’t care what people say, so they wouldn’t do this In public, let alone physically remove 4-5 year olds from a teeter totter. Also, 4-5 year olds, even in 1992, would be at least partially supervised. Even back then, there would have had to have been at least ONE adult at the playground. The age of unsupervised 5 year olds was at least a decade past at the time this movie was shot. Someone would have noticed. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, this is bullying, however, at least they’re not causing the children physical harm. This is evidence that they are doing wrong, but a gang would’ve…. done worse things, I think.

Next, we are shown a scene of Pete and his new gang stealing some poor kid’s school lunch. This is wrong, and something I might punch Pete over, but then, this is Elkridge, he probably won’t starve for too long… missing one meal isn’t going to hurt him in a town like this. At least, It wouldn’t in my town, and my town is about the size of Elkridge… and now we’re bringing up bad memories so I’d better stop.

Pete and his gang also (I apologize, wordpress is NOT letting me change the numbers)

  1. Smashing glass bottles on railroad tracks while this girl watches through the daisies

This was honestly the best screenshot I could get…. the video doesn’t show her whole face….

A random shot of Pete getting upset at his gang for spilling potato chips:

  1. setting fires out in the middle of nowhere and running

life on the streets has taught me

to see the world through different eyes

Does it ever occur to people that this is a good thing? I mean, seeing the world through different eyes can open up your mind to the struggles other people face, to the things other people go through… it makes you more understanding, more flexible in your thinking. It’s not always a bad thing, in fact, usually it’s a good thing, and very character building for the individual.

Not so to the girls glancing through the daisies. They are thinking yup, this is definitely gang related activity. I mean, by that definition, -I- am in a gang. Because of the smashing glass bottles and hanging out with people who steal things, not that I’ve ever bullied small children on the playground. Or outright stolen lunches from kids. I might’ve stolen food from the church pantry, but I’ve never actually taken a kid’s lunch from him.

Actually, I told the pastor’s wife I stole from the church pantry, and she told me that if I was that hungry, I could just have it. Did I ever mention that the pastor’s wife was just awesome? Because, she was. But again, that’s another blog post. I need to not go on a rant here.

While Pete, Jason and Greg are off on “gang related” activity, Scotty, Lanny, and Elton, are picking up trash by the side of the highway.

I’ve done that before, picked up trash by the side of the highway. I did it with my Christian school and…. honestly it wasn’t too fun. The gloves gave me a rash. I’m not sure if they were latex gloves or not, but just in case, I tell people I’m allergic to latex. Looking back, it might’ve been the powder in the gloves, but… I don’t know. Something about those gloves hated me. It was fun being with my friends, but it was not fun picking up trash. (we looked like community service people who’d committed a crime) and it was not fun having a rash all over my hands for reasons I’m not sure of, to this day. Not to mention the times we almost got run over by a car.

So basically, I  don’t blame Pete for not wanting to do this. In fact, even as an adult, I would not do this. There are other ways of helping people, in my humble opinion.

You start thinking you can have it all
The world is yours to take
So you fill your cup with emptiness
And promises you make

Seriously, what the hell does this even mean? Ummm you stat thinking you can steal whatever you want? Fill your cup with emptiness and promises… I don’t… I’m sorry, I can’t even make sense of that nonsense. Feel free to talk about it in the comments (of the thread on FJ) but…. even drunk I have no idea. Being sober just makes it worse, because then I have ABSOLUTELY no idea.

And seriously, why shouldn’t someone take what the world has to offer? Why is the world being something you can reach out to take a bad thing?

Pete’s gang bikes slowly in front of a truck on a public road. This is….something that would be dangerous where I live now. In a small town, the truck would just honk at them like it is doing in the movie…. I can see this is plausible…. Pete and his friends are being obnoxious jerks but…. again, this does not strike me as gang behavior. Though it could strike me as suicidal behavior.

Pete and his gang run through an orchard throwing what looks like under ripe apples at each other. Scott and the Butter-creamers are shown white washing a fence (Tom Sawyer fooled them, ha!) While Mrs. Whoever brings out lemonade.

Oooooh Pete and his gang are shown writing bad words on the school door. We’re not shown WHAT the bad words ARE, mind you, because this is a children’s movie made my Mormons.

I’m sure we can all figure out the rest…

Ugh. I have the drunchies. I’m gonna go munch on a carrot.

Scott and the Buttercreamers are shown harvesting the same orchard Pete and his friends were running through earlier. In other words, being a goody two shoes.

Pete and his friends definitely look like they’re having more fun. I don’t blame him at all for not wanting to be working. In his eyes, he’s probably done enough. It’s time to spend his youth having some fun.

The 4th item on the list is the only thing that is remotely dangerous. It could be argued that the fire won’t spread, but I don’t know, It looks pretty wet to me…. it could spread…. but honestly, with proper precautions, this is something I could see myself doing. I am, after all, a pyromaniac, as was my grandfather before me. I miss my grandpa… another post.

I don’t know why Pete and his gang are running away from the fire; did they use gasoline? In that case, they’d better run. Even *I* don’t use gasoline,  unless we have a way to contain it, because it kind of explodes out ward, and if you’re not far away enough it can hurt you. So, it can be argued that Pete and his friends are being cautious. If they do have a way to contain the fire, it’s not dangerous. I’m assuming they have water somewhere nearby.

Something I would totally do… minus the running away with no way to put out the fire part.

I really tried to get a good screenshot of this, but this was the best I could do. It looks to me like the boys are stealing sugar. In Which case, if I was Mr. Graff, I’d let them, what with sugar being a staple in baking and all, I’d assume they needed it for their mammas’.

won’t you please tell me where to find him?
And that life with a story book end?

Plays in the background. I…. does it mean like…. he’s trying to find the part of him that’s perfect, and he feels like it is found in a storybook? Sorry, drunk is the only way that halfway makes sense, otherwise this whole entire song is just fuckin’ nonsense.

Longing for his childhood self?

Pete’s Gang run past two girls shouting… I can’t make it out, and I’ve gone over it five times. It sounds like, “free baby!” but is probably more like… free food? I don’t know, I give up. There’s no subtitles in this. Either way, they’re being obnoxious about it, and Mr. Graff has to know what’s going on, if he’s got ears.

And…. that’s….the end of the LSD song…

I can kinda relate… this guy is trying to find his younger self, the self that was more innocent… and he now thinks that that part of himself is a fairy tale which,  yeah, it is, beyond a certain age….

But see, the thing is, this isn’t just the result of Pete “becoming bad.” This is the result of growing up. I did not become a more jaded person because I left God, I became a very jaded individual because I grew up.

And…. This is the part where I go pass out because I have had waaaaay too much alcohol. But honestly, even without the alcohol it wouldn’t make much sense. I have tried to listen to this song sober and it just doesn’t work. If it works for you, that’s great, please explain it to me. The song is officially called Shadows of a Better Day on youtube, but you can also get to it by searching for Pete’s Song. The song itself (and possibly the scenes of the movie as it plays) are not under copyright, so it shouldn’t magically disappear.

Tomorrow there will be both another Buttercream and Hook post. At least there will be a Hook post, we’ll see if I can stomach the alcohol needed to do the Buttercream Gang post.

And I’m going to try to figure out what is going on and why it won’t publish my edits and why it’s deleting my pictures.

The Buttercream Gang Part 8

I’m sitting in the children’s section of the library. Partly because the chairs are small enough for me here (I am very short) and partly because I love watching the small children run around screaming. No, that’s not sarcasm, I really do love to just sit there and watch the kiddos play. When I’m not busy with my own stuff, that is. Kids make me smile.

Also, I cut my finger this morning and have a thick bandaid on. I’ll try to correct things before I hit post, but if I have a lot of typos, for once, it’s not the booze. It’s my clumsy finger.

Anyway, today there will be The Buttercream Gang. Tomorrow there might be as well, but I might do a post about a Robin Williams movie instead, in memory. Probably Mrs. Doubtfire, although Hook and Flubber also come to mind. Not Aladdin, though. I never liked Aladdin. Besides, in order to observe Mr. Williams’ acting style, I can’t be looking at a CARTOON character.

Huh, why are there 2 part sevens to this? I don’t know… I think I just accidentally posted it twice. Or didn’t notice I’d saved a draft… or something. Sometimes wordpress gives me a headache because things have changed so much since I started this blog, which wordpress has informed me, was 2 years ago. Thank you for that wordpress.

We last left Our Two Lovers Pete and Scott in Scott’s room, which Pete has snuck into, which doesn’t seem to bother Scott in the slightest.

Scott’s sister is clearly shown in the background listening. I’m too lazy to go back and grab screenshots, but she’s there, ok?

Pete: and then what, take it back to Chicago?It’d be stolen in two days.

Pete’s right… it would be stolen in 2 days. In fact, maybe that’s what happened to his old bike? We didn’t see him take it to Chicago, though, so I can’t be sure. But this isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Pete: insert screenshot of pete listen Scott, thanks for not saying anything back there, about me stealing the stuff from Graff’s.

Regina The Spy

Soooo Pete knows Scott has seen him. He’s being real slick. I’m not sure if it’s because he cares about what Scott thinks of him (possible, I mean, they were once best friends) or if he’s just trying to get Scott not to tell on him. If it’s the  latter, he’s playing the game really well. And…. at this time, I think he still cares what Scott thinks of him. He wants to be friend with scoot, he just doesn’t want Scott knowing what Pete does. This does not strike me as implausible at all. He’s trying to straddle both worlds; his private world where he apparently steals stuff, and the world he used to share with Scott, where he was good. Maybe he wants both at the same time and doesn’t want to admit he can’t have it. I can relate to that, I totally can.

Pete: I’ll apologize and pay for it

Scott: nods



It’s hard to tell if Pete means it. I can’t tell if it’s just bad acting, or if he’s faking it, but the actor looks stoic and cold to me. Which… this is a low budget movie, this could just be bad acting. I don’t think Pete is sincere, but he could be. Either way, Scott has no reason to think Pete is lying at this time.

Pete: I picked up a lot of bad habits back in Chicago


Did you Pete? Like what? Did you really steal things with your gang? Cuz I’m not seeing that you did.

Pete: hanging out with you’s helping out

I could see this. When I was with my Adventist friends, it did help me not want to steal stuff or drink. Ok, I’m lying about the drinking. But not about the rest of it.


Pete: it’s helping out a lot. So listen, I heard a lot of new commercials back there.


He then proceeds to talk about commercials… I don’t care. Scott laughs. Pete laughs. A rooster crows.


Scene change!

My first 5 watchthroughs, Regina was just “girl” because it took me that long to catch her name, and I am faceblind, so recognizing faces is had for me. Actually, the only way I found out it was Regina is… the wikipedia. Wiki actually has a very good summary of this movie, if you don’t want to wade through all my snark, you should head over there.

In any case:

Regina: Hi, can I talk to you about something:

Other girl (Margaret? I think so. The movie is blurry, but it sounds like Margaret): well sure, what is it?

Regina: I think the boys might be in some kind of troubel


Me: what boys? Are there only 4 boys in this town? Really? There could be a zillion boys you could mean…. how is Maragret suppose to know?


Regina:I heard my dad talking to Scott, about Pete being in a gang

Aaaaand this is how rumors get started, folks. Scott suspected Pete was in a gang, his father was all like, “well, you don’t’ know that for sure? And Scott was all “I guess you’re right.”

Regina interprets that as “Pete was in a gang!!!11!!11;1!!!”

Misinformation being passed along second hand.

I’m thinking our next review should be Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed…. or…. not.

At this point I decide I can type better without a doll and teddy bear in my hands.Yes I hold a teddy bear while writing, deal with it.


Regina: and I heard Pete say that he stole some stuff form Mr. Graff.


Putting together a rumor (Pete was in a gang) with a fact (Pete said he stole some stuff from Mr. Graff) is also a good way to start a rumor. Combining a possibility with a fact…. reeeeeaaaal reliable there Regina. I give you a pass because you’re a kid, but Margaret is in…. 8th or 9th grade at this point, depending on what junior high encompassed in this area/decade? Margaret should know better. At least, I would have at that age. Instead Maraget says

Margaret: oh, that’s why he wanted to borrow my report.

Well no dip, dipshit. Did you seriously think Scott just randomly took an interest in (Hispanic!) inner city gangs? Please. You know better.

(Regina on left, Margaret on right)


Regina: what should I do?

Margaret: Talk to your parents, to see if the evidence that Pete is in a gang actually holds water, then tell them your concerns, and let the grown ups handle it. Because inner city gangs are dangerous.

Juuuuuuust kidding! Margaret gives no sensible advice. Instead she says:

Margaret: well what you need now is more proof what Pete’s doing

Right track!

Margaret: Maybe some of your little friends could help you follow him


First off, she really does say “little friends.” In what circumstance would that not come across as condescending? None, that’s what.


Second, if Pete really was in a gang, gangs do dangerous stuff, ok? Having a bunch of little kids follow him? Bad Idea. Majorly bad idea, and Margaret, who has done research into gangs, should know that.

I don’t so much like her in this scene. Margaret should know better. But maybe she doesn’t think Pete was really in a gang. That’s the only reason I can come up with here to justify her actions. Either that or it’s the script forcing her to say it and meta-margaret is screaming on the inside no! Dooooooon’t!

Regina: why should we do that?

Regina is right. Why should they do that? Why should they put themselves in real literal danger just to see if Pete’s involved in a gang?

Margaret: hey the Buttercreamers can’t do everything


Sigh. Oh Margaret, so close, yet… no, no you’re really not.

Margaret’s right, the Buttercreamers can’t do everything, but…. is Margaret just trying to get Regina out of her hair? Seriously, why is Margaret not trying to tell Regina to go talk to a grown up who is more able to deal with these things? I feel like I am repeating myself a lot when I say GANGS ARE FUCKIN DANGEROUS, OK?!

Margaret should know this. Is she TRYING to get Regina killed? That is the ONLY explanation I am coming up with.

Seriously, if they wanted to make Pete a rebel, there are better ways to do it thank sticking him in a gang.

I had in my notes that I should elaborate here when I was sober enough to type straight. Which I am now. So, Pete and his friends could still be doing half the stuff they are, and mainly be into shoplifting and pyromania (the latter is something I am actually fond of,) And or, they could have:

1. Had Pete and his friends get into drugs. Or “drugs,” like alcohol and cigarettes. Drugs were a very popular topic in the 1980s and 1990s, so I feel like they even could have had them doing the “hard” stuff, like Marijuana, without ruining the whole “this movie is for kids,” effect.

2. They could have Pete and his friends (or just Pete) breaking into houses

3. They could have him be a computer genius who hacks into the FBI website for shits and giggles. Yes, computers did exist in 1992, and so did computer hackers who hacked into the FBI website.

I feel like the writers could have gotten a helluva lot more creative with this movie.



Some girls climb the treehouse.

I had a REALLY hard time getting a picture of this sign.


Girl1: are you sure it’s ok to be in the tree house?

Well, that depends, is it public property? I’ve kind of come to understand that the Buttercream treehouse headquarters is on random property, that it belongs to no one. If, however, it is on private property, whether that be Scott’s or Elton’s, then no, no it’s NOT ok for you to be there, you must get the permission of the owner of the property.

Can I just say that Scotty boy and his friends are DOUCHEBAGS for this sign? I mean, why are there no female Buttercreamers anyway? This was the late ’80s/early 90s, feminism had made inroads by then, surely.

Not all boys hated being around girls. Some boys happen to have liked girls as friends, which appears to be a novel fuckin’ concept to some people.


Either she’s ignorant, or the treehouse is pubic property. Not sure which.

Girl 3: what are we doing here?

Girl 4: I think Scotty, Lanny, and Elton need our help

Girl 5: what kind of help?

Actually at this point I have no idea how many girls there are, and I’m not sure I’lll be able to keep them straight, anyway.

Girl 6: I think we oughta watch Pete, something’s wrong

Girl 7: why are we going to do that?

Seriously, they all sound alike too. How are we supposed to keep track of them? Is this seriously easy for other people? I’m about to get jealous here. I wish I weren’t face blind. Do you know how it feels to meet people for the first time the 10th time in a row? No? Good, you should feel special.

Regina (I think) because the Buttercream gang can’t do everything

Ok, they finally show the girls in the treehouse. I’m only counting 5.

The “Buttercreamettes.”

They decide to call themselves “the Buttercreamettes.”

They all giggle and repeat “ok : in unison. Ugh. My friends and I never did that.

The name, though, is kinda cute. I can see my friends and I coming up with it, though we’d never have giggled like maniacs on marijuana.

Regina: now here’s what we’ll do

4 other girls chorus: what?

And then we segway into the song that I remember form childhood. Officially it’s called” dreams of a better day,” but it’s also called “Pete’s song.” And….it was seriously written by someone on LSD. The lyrics don’t make any damn sense, at least, now that I’m sober.

I’ve been wanting to do a separate post on that song alone, so I think I will leave that for tomorrow. Or Friday, if I can find a Robin Williams movie to do tomorrow. Most have been checked out of the library already but we’ll see what Netflix has.

Tune in next time for when we analyze what I’ve been calling “The LSD Song.”


In Which I Post the Buttercream Gang Part 7

I am a little tipsy, but not as drunk as I was for the last post. Now that the tickets have been bought, I am resigned to my fate, whatever that shall be. I just need to call the doctor about why the prescription didn’t go through, and find some airplane specialists to tell me that those big metal tubes are absolutely the safest form of travel.

Also, it’s almost the anniversary of grandpa’s death. I found a slideshow of pictures of him, and am not ashamed to admit I was crying. I may not have been close to the man, but he was still family, and I miss him. I even miss his wife, my step grandma, Alma. We never really got along, but she was still family. Was? She’s alive, she *is* still family.

We last left Scott trudging reluctantly after Margaret to the school to get Margaret’s report on “Hispanic” gangs in Chicago.

We next observe Scott at his house. There is a thunderstorm. I’m honestly not sure if this was in the script or if it just happened to be happening. No matter, anyone who loves to read knows that a thunderstorm is the best weather in which to read a book. Plus it adds drama to a scene where one is reading about big bad gangs in Chicago.

Scott’s father comes up onto the porch, where scott is reading Margaret’s report.

Scott’s father: Hey, why the long face?

Because I’m a horse dammit!

Juuuuust kidding!

Scott: I was hoping to figure out what happened to Pete

Scott’s dad takes a look at the report on “inner city gangs.” he makes remarks like, “underprivileged youth….interesting.” which doesn’t tell me much.

Then he says, “I heard Pete turned some heads in town with the way he was dressed and all.”

Ummmm what? Aside from the red bandanna round his forehead, I don’t see any difference between Pete and the rest of the town’s kids. Just the way he is dressed doesn’t ring any alarm bells for me. But I guess bandanna wearing kids are always in gangs. Always.

Scott’s dad: you’re not judging him by the way he looks are you?

Scott: no

me: YES

Scott: Pete’s always done crazy stuff to get attention

me: Really? This has not been established

Scott’s dad: and?

Me: Why is his mother not there for this conversation? Why are the only adults the kids look up to MALE?

Also, where are the black people in this movie? Seriously, all I’ve seen is white people. For a small town that might actually be accurate, as the small towns I’ve lived in have mostly had white people. However, in Chicago, there should be black people. Juuuuust sayin’.

( I know I’ve said this before, but this is where I first noted it on my first watch through, so I went ahead and left it in the post.)

Scott: Dad, I think he stole the beggin’ strips, treats, that he gave us today.

Well yeah, anyone with a brain could see that.

Scott’s dad: well I guess, you think he joined a gang back in Chicago

Scott: I don’t know

Scott’s dad: did you actually see him steal the treats?

Scott: well, not exactly– but I didn’t see him pay for them either. I don’t want to get him in trouble what should I do?

Scott’s dad: (I’m getting tired of typing that, does he have a name?) well son, If you think Pete stole it, you need to either return it or pay for it.

Good advice, good advice. So far I like Scott’s dad’s advice, I just…. I wish the mother could be a part of it too. Why isn’t Scott shown as having such a good relationship with his mother? Why are all the adults Scott trusts male?

Scott’s dad continues: if you think Pete stole you need to let Mr. Graff know. But before you go accusing him, make sure you know the truth. You oughta ask him about it

Go Scott’s dad! Go! You are giving truly good advice here.

Scott admits to his dad that he is probably right. And then Scott’s dad (seriously WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS NAME?!) gives him the only good piece of advice I will see all movie:

Scott’s dad: One more thing; real gangs are real dangerous. So if you think Pete was in a gang, be careful.

I still would give better advice than “be careful.” I’d say, “Stay away form him, but if you feel you can’t do that…. be prepared to run and/or call the cops.”

Because, seriously, gangs are dangerous. Very. Again, no one besides Scott’s dad tells Scott this, but he’s absolutely right. Real gangs are real dangerous. They are. If Scott goes against them, he could seriously get killed. I still find this conversation problematic, BUT, again, at this point, no one knows for sure if Pete’s even been in a gang. So, I can let it slide.

Scott and his dad are hungry and decide to go eat. Scott stupidly leaves the report on the table where the wind could blow it away. Instead, his littler sister finds it. I have no problem with this, as this story needs more girls who are not possible romantic love interests.

The following paragraph was in y notes after the 3rd watch through:

Wait, is Regina his sister? I’ve watched this movie several times and still have not picked up on that. So if that’s the case, there is a PROBLEM. This movie is TERRIBLE at introducing characters. Juuuuust sayin’.

Scott goes to his room. He turns on the light and…

Hi Scott! Surprise! I’m in your room!

There’s Pete, lying on his bed, waiting for Scott to get in.

Ummmmm ok. This is CREEPY. Like, legitimately creepy. Scott has every right to be freaked out here, and badly. I have never had a friend sneak into my room like that before. Ever. I’ve had a teacher sneak into my room before, but this was at a boarding school where she had the dean’s permission, and, well, she had a good reason, but that’s another story for another blog post. It’s quite a funny story, though. I should tell it sometime. She was an awesome teach, btw, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Anyway. Scott, understandably, freaks out.

Scott: what are you doing here?

Pete: I thought you said you were going to come over

Pete (continuing): I brought your bike back. It’s a great bike.

Scott shows no surprise at this, so clearly he has been nice in letting Pete borrow his bike. Ok, I can get behind that.

To get nit picky though… my father knows a thing or two about bikes, and he taught me a bit. Scott and Pete are not the same size at all. Soooo I doubt Pete could borrow Scott’s bike. At least, while being comfortable on it.

Pete: wish I could afford one

I sympathize with Pete here, I really do. About wanting to afford things, I mean. My father did get me a very good bike, and keeps threatening to give me a better one, but I won’t let him touch the $500 bike I do have that he did buy me.

But I sympathize in Pete wishing he could afford things. The list of things I want to afford is too long. It involves a car…. Anyway.

Scott: I bought one with my paper money. You could help me out and get one just like it.

Ummmm Scott?If he’s helping you out with your paper route, Pete still doesn’t get paid, you do. Unless you’re nice enough to share your money, which…. maybe?

Ugh. My internet suddenly decided it hates me. This will be finished in the morning, unless my computer wont’ even post it. rrrrrr.

For some reason, wordpress won’t save drafts. I had to save this one by copy and pasting.  why…. aoweifhtowehfow;ehfgowehgowehgweiorhg I wish wordpress wouldn’t constantly be changing things!