The Buttercream Gang, Part 10

I was going to post this on Wednesday (why did they make that so hard to spell? jeez), but then I got called in to work a double on Wed, and I already work a double on Thursday, so I figured I’d just put this up a day early. I know wordpress is supposed to have a feature where you can schedule a post to be published a day or 2 later, but the last few times I’ve tried to use it it hasn’t worked. It’s probably not wordpress this time, it’s probably just that I’m bad at technology.

We last left our intrepid hero Scotty boy having a confrontation with Pete. In front of all of Pete’s friends. I know I touched on it last time that this was a bad idea, so I’m only going to mention it briefly here, and state that I believe that if this confrontation had happened privately, Pete might not have responded so defensively.

Oh who am I kidding? It’s a sappy cheesy Christian movie, of course it would’ve gone the same way in private. Because on Planet Buttercream, everything is black and white.


Pete: Hey, I’ll make it unanimous, there, I’m out, Ok?

I get it; he doesn’t want to look dorky in front of his new friends. I bet if Scott had caught him privately Pete would’ve bee a bit more embarrassed. He still might have made the same decision, but at least he wouldn’t have been doing it under pressure of his other friends. Which….could make all the difference. Right now, I doubt that Pete is thinking clearly. If Scott had gotten Pete alone, Pete might’ve been able to think more of his love for Scott, and at least I would’ve thought he made a clearer decision.

Scott: don’t you want to talk about it?

Pete: Smarten up!

I agree with Pete. He might want to talk abut it if you’d confronted him alone you fuckin’ prick!

Pete: look around here this is my gang here I don’t want anything to do with your stupid club!

I agree, actually…. He doesn’t want to look like a dweeb in front of his friends. God Scott, you’re worse than my parents. Even my parents would’ve confronted me in private because they were more than willing to have me blame them so I wouldn’t lose face.

Pete: we can have anything we want by taking it, so you and you friends better just stay out of my way, ok?

Scott: I thought you were going to change?

Pete: that line worked on my aunt and would’ve kept working on you except for little miss nosy but we’ll take care of her


If Scott had done this in private, Pete might take the time to explain that, see, he wants to change, but at the same time, he doesn’t. Or that he doesn’t feel he can. Actually, now that I think about it, he does tell Scott that latter later, but Scott will just shoot him down and keep arguing with him.

Pete’s gang members nod in agreement about getting back at Margaret. 

Why would Pete even bother lying to Scott about wanting to change if he didn’t on some level still love him? Sorry, but this doesn’t ring true. I don’t believe for a minute Pete lied to Scott about wanting to change. get the feeling Pete wouldn’t be saying that if he didn’t want to lose face in front of his “cool” friends.

I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but confrontations with friends need to be done in private, ok?

Pete and his friends leave, and we’re clearly supposed to sympathize with Scott but…  I don’t. Scott has been a jerk. I don’t blame Pete for acting the way he is. I blame Scott for not dealing with this more tactfully. He’s seriously an ass.

In the next scene, Scott comes by to ask for Margaret. Margaret’s mother says, “I thought it was great when Margaret came by and told me you’d ask ed her to the dance.”

Poor Margaret. She can’t even tell her mother she invited HIM to the dance. Ya’all, and Margaret has to hide it. Stupid sexist society. Guy asking a girl to dance. Because a girl asking a guy to the dance is BAD ya’all, and Margaret has to hide it. Girl asking a guy to dance-=socially unacceptable.


That was where I pounded the keyboard in frustration. Yanno, who decided these rules anyway?

And then Margaret comes out and she’s knock down gorgeous

Hi Scott! Aren’t you glad you invited me now?

This is a common trope: geeky girl looks hot with some effort. I should hate it due to how common it is, and it’s problematic because not everybody who isn’t knock down pretty at first glance isn’t going to be able to fix that with makeup and a curling iron.

Also, who decides who is and isn’t beautiful? Why should Margaret have to change anything about herself in order for Scott to consider her pretty?

Aside from all this, I do love that Margaret is gorgeous, but only when she wants to be, because GEEKY GIRLS RULE.

I just still find it problematic.

Anyway, Scott looks like I just punched him in the face:

Oh my God… I think… I just hit puberty! I suddenly have an interest in GIRLS!

Margaret’s mother gushes, as do all mothers at times like this, and makes Scott and Margaret pose for pictures. Scott awkwardly hands Margaret a gift. I’m gonna take a small break from ragging on Scott here and say that this is a nice gesture.  I even forgive him for being awkward about it, because he’s a (young) teenager. In fact, I think that was one thing the writers and actors both got right. Because I can totally see this awkward awkwardness happening in real life.


I don’t remember what it is, and for reasons it would take too long to explain, I can’t play the movie right now to look it up. I think it’s a corsage, though. Still a nice gesture for him, and it’s clear from Margaret’s reaction that she wasn’t really expecting it. So, Scott is at least behaving decently. For the next 2 minutes, anyway.

Scott and Margaret start walking.

Margaret: thanks for saving me today

Scott: yeah I was hoping could count that as the favor….

Jee, who knew basic human decency had to be considered doing someone a favor? I mean, is that why it took Scott so long to react to the bullying? because he had to literally sit there and think about whether or not he wanted to help Margaret, then decided yes because he owed her a favor?

God I hope not.

Why are they walking to the dance through a field of really tall grasses? Shouldn’t here be like, a path or something?

Margaret: look if you don’t want to go to the dance with me that’s fine, don’t want you to feel obligated –crosses arms–

Um, yes Margaret, you clearly do, otherwise you wouldn’t have called in that favor. This is called a manipulation tactic; telling the person they don’t REALLY have to do what you’re trying to manipulate them to do, BUUUUUUT…..

I’ve done it before, I admit it. Not in a situation remotely similar to this (our school never had dances, dancing was Evil. And I wasn’t interested in finding a guy to take me anywhere, anyway. Actually, on that tangent, I’m actually kind of surprised to see a school dance in this otherwise conservatively Christian movie. This movie was made my a Mormon company… maybe Mormons are ok with dancing?)

Scott: let me finish!

No! shut up Scott! Shut the fuck up and don’t say it–

Scott:I wanna go to the dance with you….well, I’ve never seen you look so pretty before


You…. totally just ruined the moment.

Wait, so, NOW you want to take her to the dance, now that you know she’s pretty? Please. In real life, this would’ve gotten the guy slapped. Or yelled at. Oh, you care more about the outward appearance than the personality I have? SLAP you never cared about me as a person, but now that you see I’m PRETTY you want me? SLAP.I shouldn’t have to change myself for you SLAP.

Most women I know of would slap this guy HARD because he only deigned to notice her when she proved she was pretty.

Or at least, I’d want to slap him. And I know many others who would as well. YMMV* on this one I suppose.

Unfortunately, Margaret reveals she has a stupid and insecure side, and I like her a helluva lot less.

Margaret: You really think I look pretty?

WELL NO DIP DIPSTICK. Seriously, did you see the way he was looking at you? He probably had his first —

Seriously Margaret, Scott is a douche. You should dump him STAT.

Scott: offh and, yeah sure

Margaret: you’re not embarrassed to go to the dance with me?

Scott: well maybe a little


Seriously, if he cares that much about what people think that he is embarrassed to be seen with her, at least a little bit… that’s not the basis of a healthy relationship. Just because I’m an aromantic asexual doesn’t mean I don’t know what an unhealthy relationship looks like. I’m not really sure I’ve ever observed a very healthy one, but I at least know what looks unhealthy and this…. doesn’t strike me as terribly promising.

I have to give Scott half credit for at least being honest with her, but… I still think Margaret should dump his ass on the dance floor and go off with some other gentleman who likes her for her intellect, and even if she looked geeky, would never be embarrassed to dance with her.

If the school wasn’t so small, I’d insist that these men have to exist.

Why do women often go out with douches? I have NO IDEA.

Scott: I don’t know how to dance

Margaret: what’s to know? hurry up, we’ll be late.


My computer is going to put itself to sleep soon, because some idiot brought the wrong charger chord because some idiot company made the cords look alike even though they’re not interchangeable. We’ll pick up the narrative next week. I MIGHT have time to make another short post to deal with the dance later tonight, but probably not, and I wanted to get something up today or it won’t be up till Friday, and since I wanted to do another movie Saturday, that won’t work.


Enjoy the early post, folks. Or don’t, y our life, your choice.

*For the uninitiated, YMMV means your mileage may vary.