Canvassing Experiences

From back when I was still a Christian, with no idea the end was near. I tried to post these in order, but it was actually kind of difficult, so I’ll try and clean it up at a later date.

In Which I Create A New Blog

In Which I Begin to Panic

In Which I Recount A Dream

In Which I Reconsider

In Which I Stroll Down Memory Lane

In Which I Practice The Canvass

In Which I Am Frustrated

In Which The REal Work Begins

In Which I Correct Errors

In Which I Am Relieved

In Which I Post Canvassing Experiences l

In Which I Make My Decision Public

In Which I Realize That I Am Developing Bad Habits

IN Which Many Tears are Shed

In Which Many Tears are Shed 2

In Which Someone Besides Me Throws A Fit

In Which I Am Internet Deprived

In Which I Impart That Which I Have Learned

In Which I Finish

In Which I realize that I Am Depressed

Canvassing Experiences lll

In Which God Answers A Prayer I Forgot To Ask

In Which God Speaks–I think