Adventist Girl

An Adventist version of American Girl. Whether it was intended to replace American Girl or supplement it is up for Debate.

Explanation of the Series and intro to the characters



Book One: Secrets and Friends

Chapter 1: The Moana

Chapter 2: Arriving In Cooranbong

Chapter 3: Tears in the Schoolroom

Chapter 4: The Secret Place

Chapter 5: Sabbath:

Chapter 6: A new Friend

Book 2: A New Life Down Under

Chapter 1: A Trip To The Doctor

Chapter 2: Meeting A New Friend

Chapter 3: The Visitor

Chapter 4: Newcastle Campmeeting

Chapter 5: An Australian Christmas

Chapter 6: New Beginnings

Book 3: A Wedding In Avondale

Chapter 1: Back To School

Chapter 2: Uncle John

Chapter 3: The Train To Melbourne

Chapter 4: The Announcement

Chapter 5: Wedding Preparations

Chapter 6: A Surprise Guest

Chapter 7: An Australian Wedding

This critique is ongoing. Those chapters will become links when I actually write the posts.

Book 4

Going Home

Chapter 1: The Picnic

Chapter 2: No Time For Goodbyes

Chapter 3: A New Mission

Chapter 4: The Surprise Visit

Chapter 5: The Sick Boy

Chapter 6: Sad Goodbyes