I was born into an SDA family in the late 1980s, raised Adventist, and then left for good in the early tens. This blog begins as a young college student in the canvassing program, and kind of shows me slowly leaving Adventism, though most of the process was private.

Now I mostly snark on the godawful books and movies we Adventists watched as children. Because, like it or not, they all sucked.

One thought on “About

  1. I was led to your blogs when I researched the catchy tune of Dreams of a better day, aka Pete’s song… And then I started reading your blogs and I find you to be intriguing and interesting. I see we share many thoughts and feelings. I will continue to read all of your blogs and comment on each of them. I am drawn to your mind at this point of my life and through my struggles. Thank you for your blogs, hope to become friends.

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