The Thanksgiving Post 2017

A little late this year, but oh well.


November 22, 2017

The Thanksgiving Post

It’s been a rough year. 2017 has brought us a lot to be afraid of. Will I lose the right to not have babies I don’t want? Will those under a certain income bracket lose our health care? Will the supreme court decision over gay marriage be overturned? Will Trump provoke North Korea into nuking us into oblivion?

There’s a lot to be afraid of just now, but there is also a lot to be thankful for.

1. My readers. Even though I haven’t been posting much anymore, thank you. I swear to god I will write more posts this year.

2. My sweet kitty, Karla.

3. I am even thankful for B’s new kitten, even though she is tap dancing on they keyboard and trying to bite off my fingers as I write this. Excuse minor errors, I am more concerned with editing out the major ones. She’s lucky she’s cute.

4. My new car. I haven’t had one in 5 years, and I’m still nervous about driving it, especially given what happened that one time I drove the car. Which which brings me to my next point

5. My 2 best friends, D and S. They have put up with so much bullshit from me, I don’t even know why they’re still my friends. There’s not a whole lot of people who would forgive that, and I am grateful.

6. Right now I am thankful that the kitten has stopped biting my toes. Jeez those are some sharp teeth.

7. My new room mate, A. Sure she drives me up the wall sometimes, but she’s also got my back when I need it.

8. Full spectrum light bulbs. Because regular light bulbs drive me crazy.

9. That I know how to read.

10. Fountain pens.

11. The Kingdom of Loathing. Without which, I would not have some of my best friends. Next year, I am totally going to KOLumbus.

12. That I got to go to the health food store and buy lots and lots of fri-chic.


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