Wacky White Wednesday #12: Prohibition Will Totally Work

Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene p.29

So long as the sale of liquor is sanctioned by law, the victims of appetite can receive but little benefit through inebriate asylums. They cannot remain there always; they must again take their place in society. The appetite for intoxicating drinks, though it may be subdued, is not wholly destroyed; and when temptation assails them, as it must on every hand, they too often fall an easy prey.


What can be done to press back the in-flowing tide of evil? Let laws be enacted and rigidly enforced prohibiting the sale and use of ardent spirits as a beverage. Let every effort be made to encourage the inebriate’s return to temperance and virtue. but even more than this is needed to banish the curse of inebriety from our land. Let the appetite for intoxicating liquors be removed, and the demand for them is at an end.


If this were written by any other author, I would dismiss it. But this is a woman who claims to have had visions from God, telling her the future.

Ellen did not live to see prohibition. She did not live to see that it did not work, that people wanted their booze, legality be damned.

When the sale and use of liquor was prohibited, the demand did not go away.

You’d think that God would have shown her all that?

Ellen White may have gotten a lot of things right. Nevertheless, she was a product of her time. Nothing more, nothing less.

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