I don’t normally post work stories. Those are normally kept on a separate blog with most identifiers removed so that no one I don’t work with will read them. But I kinda liked this one, so I’m sticking it here. Critiques, suggestions, likes, dislikes, etc.

It’s ok if you hated it, but you can’t just tell me, “I hated it” without telling me why. That is the rule. The inverse is also true, if you like it, you can’t just say, “I like it.” I need evidence to back up your assertions.

Someone has made me aware that some of this is just lingo from where I work. It’s fine to point it out, but be aware that is a thing.




“I like your necklace,” Jane said. “I need a Vito.”

“Thanks,” said Rosie, who had forgotten to tuck her snowflake pendant into her shirt like she was supposed to. “It was a gift… Sort of.”

“Sort of?” Jane asked. “Pickle quartered.”

“Pickle quartered!” Echoed Ken.

“I am an Anthropomorphic Snowperson exiled by her people. My necklace contains my magic. And my memories.”

“Pull me a Turkey sandwich add turkey add cheese. Your memories?”

“Yup. I have no idea why I’m in exile, only that if something happens to my necklace, I get my memories back.”

“And your magic?”


“Why haven’t you destroyed it? You’re always trying to murder people. Your magic would help.”

“In the first place it’s made of diamonds. Very difficult to destroy. But I have to admit, I haven’t really tried. ”

“You don’t want to know?” Jane asked. “Pull me a tuna add sauce, Dijon, avocado and extra mayo.”

“Yuck!” Bob said loudly. Rosie handed him a breath mint.

“I’m not sure do,” Rosie answered Jane. “I must’ve done something really awful to get thrown out like that.”

Jane nodded.

Rosie looked out the window at the falling snow. She wondered if what she’d just told Jane was the truth.

She couldn’t remember.




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