The Thanksgiving Post 2016

Silly me, forgot some of my family is still Adventist. I forgot to bring coffee, and since I refuse to go shopping on major national holidays, I will be coffeeless this thanksgiving morning. But that is ok, because I still have a lot to be thankful for. Here’s a small list:

  1. The fact that (knock on wood) nobody has died yet
  2.  That I’m able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I’m unable to stay with grandma, but one of my family members has still taken me in, which, thank God.
  3. Cats. I’m extremely grateful for my own dear black cat this year, but I have also been appreciating cats more in general. There’s that black one the neighbor has that I talk to when I come home from work (Tilly), there’s the 2 black kittens my new neighbor has that are outside sometimes and rub against my ankles. There’s the cats at the house I’m staying at now, who are turning out to be very social when there’s not a crowd.
  4. My sweet cat. She sleeps on my face.
  5. I’m not sure how long I’ll have it, but for now, I have health care.
  6. Ditto college tuition, even if it is all loans at this point.
  7. My secular friends, all 3 of them. Maybe 4. That number is up from 2, so yay progress.
  8. My ex SDA Facebook groups. Seriously, I lived without support for way too fucking long.
  9. Books. I love books. Gimme all the books. ALL THE BOOKS.
  10. My job. Yeah, it’s a crappy job, but at least I have one. I am also increasingly thankful for the fact that, gasp, my fast food job isn’t open on major national holidays.
  11. Ariana, thank god she drove me home!
  12. Chocolate.
  13. My drinking meds (don’t ask)
  14. Food. Food food food food FOOD
  15. drinks. There will be minor amounts of alcohol. I shall consume very minor amounts.
  16. No seriously there are some wicked good smells coming out of the kitchen right now.
  17. I think if I were to continue this post it would just be about food and how amazing the cooks in my family are.
  18. That I have at least one family member who’s anti-Tump. I have one (only one, that I know of) pro-Trump family member and I am seriously hoping the two of them will balance each other out.

It’s good to be able to take time out and reflect on things I’m grateful for. While I still have them.

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