In Which I Read The Roswell Books, by Melinda Metz

My friend D an I have been watching Roswell together, and he happens to have all the books. The first ten books were written before the TV series, and then there’s another set of books written during the series, then a set of ten books meant to take place after the series.

Now, first off, I really liked Roswell the TV series. I mean, I have my issues with it (I really hate Max, and I dislike the soap opera aspect) but aside from those, I still enjoy watching the show. Even if I do have to throw popcorn at the TV every time Max is on screen, constantly am yelling at Isabelle, and wishing that either Tess or Michael were the protagonists because they are way more interesting and frankly, the only ones in this series likely to actually survive to adulthood.

The books, however, that the series was based off are… um, well, the story has potential, but the writing, oh the writing! It’s just godawful. D and I are both having a hard time getting through them, and I’m the one allowed enough booze to theoretically cope with it. So, I’ll start at the beginning, soon as I’ve had my…. er, “breakfast.”


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