The Buttercream Gang, The Ultimate Ending

Sorry this has taken me so…. long. Depression hit really hard. Kudos to you who are still checking/reading. Thank you.

Scott tries to hang out with Pete and his gang on the playground, but Pete’s gang get up and move away.

I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to hang out with Scott either.

At least Scott is trying to be friendly with them, though I’m going to argue that it’s too little too late. And he’s doing it in such a way that really does come across as stalking.

The LSD song starts playing again, because we’ll forget it if it’s been too long, I guess. People really like this song, for some reason. Youtube comments are all very positive, and asking where they can buy a recording. Anyway, instead of

Life on the streets has taught ME to see the world through different eyes, we get: Life on the streets has taught HIM to see the world through different eyes.

The change is perhaps because Scott is (supposedly) beginning to understand Pete? Nah, sorry, see no evidence of that.

When Pete’s gang ditches Scott on the playground, Instead of going back to his other friends, Scott eats alone. We’re probably supposed to feel sorry for him, but, I don’t, because he could just go eat with Flower Child and Whatshisname.

A girl throws a football at Pete. He catches it and chases her only to be confronted with this

It’s an Ambush!

because that’s not at all creepy and intimidating, jeez! I’d run too if I were Pete… in the opposite direction! Which, unsurprisingly, he does.

Pete and his friends hound Scott and his friends in front of the store.. payback for trying to force him to play football with them I guess.

Pete’s gang trashes the treehouse as Scott and his goons plant flowers (by which I mean real flowers, not Elton Flowers, tee heee hee), through which Pete and his friends then ride their bikes

Scott sends Pete a present. It’s nothing exciting though, just a picture of the old Buttercreamers before Pete left. I’d be disappointed too. By the shape of the package, I thought it was a book. I love books. Seriously, if I thought someone gave me a present and it was just a stupid picture of me and them, I’d be pissed, especially if, like Pete, I was poor and unused to presents.

The song continues as Pete and Scott bump heads.

Finally Margaret puts in an appearance. Scott talks to Margaret about how hard it is to love Pete, because Pete’s doing things to Scott. Margaret teases him about feeling sorry for himself. Scott asks if she could blame her.

Yes, yes I really could, because SCOTT YOU ARE A GODDAM PRICK. Frankly if I knew you, I’d be doing the same things Pete does.

I should probably step outside the I hate Scott box for 5 seconds and comment about Pete pushing Scott away, because he knows Scott doesn’t love him the way he is. And Scott has been the one following Pete around, for the most part. Even if Scott wasn’t such a prick, I’d still push him away, because having him around hurts too much. And he wants to push away his “friend” before his friend is going to do it to him, because Pete knows that’s coming. In fact, for the first part of the whole movie, we mostly see Scott not interacting with Pete, because of Pete’s “bad choices.” I don’t blame Pete at all for his actions, either way you look at it.

Margaret thinks Scott’s made a difference. Pete might not have changed, but Scott has. Hmm. I might have to watch this movie another 4 times (Which would bump the total up to 7 or 8) to see it… maybe? I mean, his approach has gotten (slightly) better, (if you can pretend for 5 minutes that it’s not a tad creepy)  but… his attitude hasn’t. He’s still the same old prick who won’t listen to Pete, and he’s only grudgingly trying to pursue Pete, on the unspoken condition that it change him.

Just listen to Scott complain about how hard it is to love Pete. I have people in my life (certain relatives) who I don’t particularly like. I struggle to like these relatives. But love? That choice to stand by them no matter what, in a non threatening manner and back off when they clearly indicate it? That feeling that I will always have a connection to them? No. I don’t struggle to love my family. If you have to struggle to love someone, chances are, you probably don’t.

And then finally someone besides Mr. Graff in this movie speaks some SENSE. I really like Margaret. Why couldn’t she be the main character? Oh right, because GIRLS HAVE COOTIES.

Margaret: I kinda feel sorry for Pete. I mean, he can’t go anywhere in this town without someone reminding him of who he used to be.

Yup. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. And in case anyone wanted to know, IT HURTS.

Margaret and Scott have been enjoying themselves, and talk about wanting to do it again, when Buttercreamer A comes up on his bike and tells them someone has broken into Pete’s house.

Scott says something…. I can’t make out.

Buttercreamer (So, Lanny): No, but I left Elton there to watch.

Margaret and Scott: Elton?!

Clearly, they both agree with me that this is a bad idea, but not for the same reason. The reason I’m thinking of is because Elton could get hurt. Margaret and Scott just think Elton is sorta flaky, which, ok, maybe, but that’s a topic for the next movie. Scott rushes to a phone and calls the police– JUST KIDDING! They all run back to Pete’s house.

Seriously, both boys should’ve hightailed it out of there and called the police AS SOON AS they knew what was happening.

I thought about doing a whole rant about the danger they could be in, but do I really need to do that? No, my readers are probably smarter than that.

None of these boys, or girls, are good at dealing with emergency situations, are they?

Seriously, did a little kid write this story? I would give a little kid a lot more leeway than I am the adult writers of this series.

Scott thinks Elton should’ve gone for help instead. Lanny agrees, but he said he thought it would be ok because he promised him a giant milkshake if he stayed there. Eegad.

Margaret: maybe we should call the police!

Seriously, get this girl into a better movie because she clearly has more sense than all the boys in this town put together and multiplied.

Scott: nah, we better go check it out for ourselves.

In real life, Scott would not live to be 30.

Flower Child: Pete and Mr. turner just went in there

Scott: you didn’t tell him the place had been broken into?

FlowerChild: you told me not to move, where’s my milkshake?

Ladies and gentleman: the protagonist of the next sequel: How the Buttercream Gang members all died!

I’m not kidding, there really is a sequel, and he really is the protagonist. I am kidding about the title, of course… And I just googled, I did not hear wrong, his last name really IS flowers. SNORT. So, should I nickname him daffodil, or Lilly? Rose? Petunia? Oooooh the possibilities! I originally wrote that I wouldn’t be doing that movie because Pete’s not in it and he’s the only interesting character in this whole movie, but, you know what? I’m curious. So, if I can find a place to watch the sequel, I’ll buy more booze. Because the tagline in the movie is “Elton sees himself how others see him.” Frankly, I want to watch that happen. I don’t imagine it will be pretty.

Scott says something I don’t catch, (Why does this movie have no subtitles?!) and then a little girl comes up.

Scott: what are you doing here?

Little Girl: watching Pete

She leads the Buttercream gang plus Margaret around the corner to the window. According to the wiki, the little girl is Regina, and I probably would’ve know that if I wasn’t face blind.

We look through the window and are shown

The man is saying to Pete’s grandpa that he;d better hand over the gold coins now or Pete is gonna get hurt.

At this point, one of those kids should really call the police. This is not something that children should be handling on their own. Actually, it’s not something untrained adults should be handling on their own either, unless there’s a damn good reason not to call the cops. Which, in this situation, there isn’t, as far as we know.

I’m not saying this can’t work. I have read books and seen movies where the kids do handle it themselves. But there’s a difference between those movies and these: in those movies, there is an established reason as to why they can’t call the police. Ie, we can’t call the police! They’d never believe Mr. Turner is an alien in disguise! or “The police would never believe the kidnapper has magic powers!” In this movie, the kids have just decided not to call the police because nah. Literally, that’s the only objection Scott gave Margaret.

So this doesn’t work here because the entire time the audience is going to be screaming JUST CALL THE POLICE YOU DUMBASS. Or at least, the audience that is above the age of, I dunno, 13.

Pete is not a convincing actor. Juuuuust saying.

Finally, Scott tells Margaret to get the sheriff for him. Maybe the kid does have some sense after all–

And the next scene just proved me wrong.

The bad guy takes Pete outside of the house. The kids attack. Margaret yells that the sheriff is here. Wow that was fast. Elton does an “earthquake” on the “bad guy’s” stomach, and the bad guy is clearly a terrible actor. Juuuust saying.

Also, in case we have forgotten, earthquake is when Elton jumps really really hard, in this case, onto the bad guy’s stomach.

Sigh. What if the bad guy had had a gun? A butcher knife? Elton could be dead right now. Are we supposed to view Elton’s actions as bravery?Because I can’t. Because they should’ve called the sheriff A LONG FRICKIN’ TIME AGO and Margaret called out that the sheriff just arrived. I would even tell adults “let the professionals handle it.” I could especially say that to a group of children, particularly a group of children who clearly failed First Responder Class 101. Actually, they never got that far, they failed the 98 course!

The bad guy goes up to Pete and yells “what kind of double cross are you trying to pull!” Pete is then thrown to the ground. Bad guy gets away. The boys sensibly don’t chase him.

In this scenario, Pete especially needs people them to call the police because he’s scaring people, and he needs to know that this is MAJORLY NOT OK. I’m reasonably sure Pete could get arrested for this, actually. Isn’t it a crime to fake a crime scene like this? I could be wrong. But at the same time, I could also see small town cops would be  likely to sit the kid down and give him a warning rather than lock him up. I still think this is arrest worthy, and I’d rather he be prosecuted for this than any burglary.

Pete yells at the gang to mind their own business because they weren’t saving him. Apparently he set the whole thing up to get money to go back to Chicago.

Scott has this look on his face:

I don’t believe that, why?!

Scott has every right to be angry here. This is the first thing Pete has done that I can’t even get behind and excuse because faking that you are in danger is not cool. So I don’t actually blame Scott for not wanting to sit down and listen to him here. Though it doesn’t make him look all pious as he’s been trying to appear for the whole movie.

Instead of answering, Pete runs. Scott runs after him. Pete runs to the grocery store and… without a weapon, tries to hold up Mr. Graff. He yells at him to “give me all your money!”

Mr. Graff: Calm down Pete, if you need some money I’ll give you some

Pete: don’t you get it old man, you’re being robbed here!

I appreciate Mr. Graff so much. Pete comes to him upset and says he needs money. My first reaction would… probably not be too dissimilar to Mr. Graff’s, though I’d want to know why he wanted the money and I’d want to talk to him about it first. Especially since there is no weapon, Graff has no reason not to try and calm Pete down and reason with him.

Heck, Mr. Graff seems like the type who would put Pete back on a bus to Chicago himself, if that was what made Pete truly happy.

I vote that Mr. Graff, Pete, and Margaret all run away together to a better movie. Graff can raise Pete like his own son, and they can take Margaret with them so she can be her own person instead of a supporting character in an awful movie.

Pete: you’re as crazy as Scott! This whole town is crazy!

Actually, I agree, this whole town is crazy.

Pete goes off on a rant. He doesn’t want the money, he wants people to try and stop him. He starts trashing the store. He gets out a baseball bat and starts bashing things.

This scene doesn’t make narrative sense, but I’ll try to make sense out of it anyway. Pete is flipping out because he doesn’t want to go back to Chicago, he wants to be stopped. He feels out of control and wants someone to stop him. I can relate to that. Sort of.

At the same time, I can’t help but feel like it doesn’t fit in with Pete’s established character. I can’t help but think this movie just took a turn for the downright weird. I get the feeling the producer was just tired of the story and wanted to end it. Or…something.

Scott shows up to try and talk to Pete. Pete has a broom handle (not a baseball bat as I originally thought) and threatens to crack Scott upside the head. I wish he would, frankly. Unfortunately for Pete, he’s not the hero of this story.

Scott: I just wanna know what you really want! I’ve done everything I can to show you that I accept you for who you are–

No, Scott, you haven’t. You’ve continued to be a goody goody prick who acts like he is better than Pete. You never once asked him about what really happened in Chicago, or done anything to show Pete that you really care. All you’ve done is turn into a doormat and let him walk all over you. Oh, and you’ve stalked him. That’s hardly showing him that you care.

At least Scott here admits that Pete was right about Scott being selfish, but then he goes on to say “and I’ve tried to show you that.”

Too little too late? I mean, I haven’t seen Scott change much at all, really. I’ve just seen him get a little more sneaky.

Scott: I’m confused Pete, what do you want?

Pete: I want you to hate me!

Scott: why?

Pete: because I hate myself!

Scott: Pete you’re my friend

(no he’s not!)

Scott: I can’t hate you, can’t you accept that?

Pete: NO!

He throws down the broom handle and runs away, never to be seen again. Which is unfortunate because he really is the most interesting character in the whole movie.

Afterwards Mr. Graff gives Scott a hug. Scott apologizes, though it’s not clear what he’s apologizing for.

The police show up. They are looking for Pete. We’re made to understand he’s run away. Margaret found out that he’s back in Chicago, living with a member of the old gang instead of Aunt Bitch. But Aunt Bitch knows where he lives, apparently, because she gives Margaret Pete’s address to give to Scott. Odd that Pete even let her know?

Time passes. Scott writes Pete lots of letters. Time passes. Pete never writes back, but this time Scott doesn’t stop when he does, and keeps writing.

Props, I guess, for keeping on writing?

Scott writes “you should see Margaret in her new contacts.” right, like she couldn’t be pretty with glasses you stupid bitch.

At the end of the montage, Scott walks into his house, to find an ambush.

Scott’s reaction:

Has someone died?

Everyone looks very solemn.

I’m sure people are wondering who died?

Scott: What’s going on, what happened?

Reverend: It’s about Pete

Pete’s grandpa (do we ever learn his name?): I just got a letter from his aunt today

Scott’s dad: I want you to know it doesn’t always turn out this way

I’m sure we’re supposed to get the impression that Pete has died. Which isn’t actually an impossibility here, since we are talking about gang activity.

Margaret: I’m really proud of you

Well jee, if THAT didn’t just give it away….

Scott: someone please tell me what’s going on:?

He looks angry/upset. I don’t blame him, in this situation, so would I. For once, I sympathize with Scott.

Tom: Mr. turner, we oughta have the mumble reverend? Read the letter, he’s had experience dealing with this type of thing.

Rev: dear Mr. turner, I know I haven’t written you since last year when I told you that Pete had come back to town and was staying with some of the other members of the gang. I was reading the paper the other day when I saw his name in the article that I was reading.

The reverend then hands the article over to Scott, Scott’s mother gives him a kind look.

Scott reads aloud; today at 2 o’clock, the mayor Chicago honored the first gang in the city’s history…. the gang’s leader was Pete turner

Note that he is Pete Turner and not Pete Valdez. He has therefore given up on connecting with his Hispanic roots (because Hispanics are bad, mmmkay? cuz they’re all gangs!)

Newspaper article(continuing): Mr. Turner’s gang is most unusual. Mr. Turner tells his gang, if you accept yourself for who you are, and truly love others, a lot of good will happen. This gang, which only a few months ago, was typical of those often found in the area, refuses to fight, or participate in any kind of illegal activity. Instead they devote much of their time to helping and serving the community around them.

End of article. Hydrangea Boy starts singing, “you got the right one baby, uh huh, uh huh!”

Everybody comes up and hugs Scott. They give him a high five, like he is somehow responsible. Why? Scott was not the one who turned Pete around. In fact, given the timeline, there is no reason to think Scott had any influecne on Pete’s life…. it could’ve been someone else.

But even if it was… PETE turned Pete’s life around, not Scott. Because, even if Scott had some influence (and there was no reason to think this is so) Scott is not the one responsible for getting Pete back on the straight and narrow. Because in the end. we alone are responsible for our own actions.

I like the fact that he never came back to Elkridge, but instead chose a life in Chicago. Because Pete is not his “bad” self, but no longer is he his “old” self. I’m going to quote Dr. Who On this, because I think he said it best:

The Doctor: We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.

This is what I’ve been trying to say in all the weeks I’ve been reviewing The Buttercream Gang. Pete can never be the same person he was. He must become a new person. But that’s ok, because, we all change.

The scene switches to the treehouse, because we’ve got one more thing to wrap up.

Scott: hey guys, I forgot to tell you I got a letter from Pete today

Unseen boy: really? What did he say?

Scott: well, just some stuff about his new gang. Oh he wants to make sure that we tell Mr. graff he’s sorry. He even sent him $20.

Even for 1992, I don’t remember that being a heck of a lot. But back in the 1990s, I was rich, so $20 was one week’s allowance. By the time I saw this movie, $20 wasn’t a big deal. Someone can tell me whetheror not in the late 1980s when this was definitely shot, $20 was a big deal, but to me it’s not. And even in the late 90s when I saw this movie, it wasn’t. Heh.

Margaret: guys, I’ve been thinking

Scott: about what?

Hint: NOT PETE! For some stupid reason this movie is continuing even though the main plot point has been resolved.

Margaret: Well now there’s a Chicago chapter of the Buttercream gang

Buttercream boy (Scott?): well yeah, so?

Buttercream boy 2: well I think it’s cool

Margaret: well there’s another change the Buttercreamers need to make

The Buttercream Boys all look confused.

Margaret: I think it’s time for the Buttercreamers to have a girl member

Go Margaret!I actually think that time would’ve been 20 years ago but whatever, better late than never, right? Heh.

The boys all roll their eyes. They don’t seem to to be too happy about this idea, but Margaret thinks they’d be able to help with a lot of things. I agree, I don’t see why this has remained an all boys club for so long. Feminism has been a thing since AT LEAST the 1970s. So really, there should’ve been at least ONE female Buttercreamer before now. Especially since women and girls are socialized to be the “helpers” of society.

I swear I had a screenshot of Scott kissing Margaret but I can’t find it and suddenly, ever since I downloaded Mavericks, the link to The Buttercream Gang movie doesn’t work. So, kissing him (chastely, on the cheek, of course)….this is how she convinces him.

“Just think about it,” she says.

Wow, what an…. I don’t…. I don’t even know how to react to that. Holy shit, like she can only convince him by…. by kissing/arousing him? WHAT?!

The other boys look on in shock/horror.

A bike rider comes up to the treehouse. Apparently the widow Jenkins has fallen again.

Margaret: we’ll be right down Regina! Come on Scott let’s go! She begins to descend. The boys look rather reluctant, but they end up following her.

There’s some corny sounding “Buttercreamers, let’s ride!”

“Yahoo!” (yes, they do actually shout, yahoo!!!”

The last shot is of the Buttercreamers riding off into the sunset– I mean, to widow Jenkins to help her. The credits begin to flash on the screen.

Now, a few words about the main actors:

Pete: Michael D Weatheredd

Scott: Jason Johnson

Brandon Blaser: Wlton

Michale Scott, who is credited as the reverend/coach (I was right!)

Ivan A Crosland: Mr. Graff

This is interesting. The following article talks about 4 of the stars: Lanny, Eldon Scott, and Margaret. Why oh why does the article not talk about Michael Weatheredd? I don’t know. here’s the link: this article was published April 23, 1992.
Michael D Weatheredd is not that easy to find. However, he had a cameo in the modern Brady Bunch

He was Clifford on an episode of Family Matters entitled: Revenge of the Nerd

He has a twitter, in which it seems he outs himself as a gay Christian, and good for him! I am glad he can still retain his faith while also acknowledging his identity.

Here is his full videography:

Apparently he had an appearance in 1996 on A Very Brady Sequel (modern, 1990s) Along with The Stand, Family Matters as Cliff in Revenge of the Nerd, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t recognize. Of all the main characters he’s the only one who seems to have gone on to do other stuff.

Try as I might, I can NOT figure out when the actor was born. I originally guessed him at 17 or 18, but given that Scott and Elton and Lanny are around that age give or take, I could be very wrong, or he could just be lucky enough to look older than the rest, we don’t get to know.

Jason Johnson is a bit harder to track down, due to the popularity of his last name. However, I did find out that:

1. He was born in 1977 and therefore 15 at the time of this movie.

Wow. I never would have guessed that. My oldest guess had him at 14, with him starting out as and most likely remaining 13. Well, I should be the last person to criticize that since, at 25, I still look 12. So, at the age of 15, acting like you’re 13-14 ish isn’t bad. Which makes me REALLY wonder how old Mike was when he played Pete. Unfortunately I have yet to find his birth-date after eons of googling.

2. Jason Johnson makes an appearance in the sequel, which I will be reviewing (If I can find it for free on the internet) even though I said I wouldn’t. He also stars in Ski Patrol as Brat, whatever that means.

I had a hard time getting info on him, because Johnson is a common last name. It is unknown whether he is still A Christian to this day.

3. According to the article linked to above ( he was not supposed to get the part. But apparently they had trouble with their first choice, so they went with him.

3.Brandon Blaser,

you will all be pleased (or not) to note that the same actor is returning the sequel, The Buttercream Gang and something something treasure. That’s great cuz Elton was portrayed as somewhat of a buffoon in this movie, so I’m wondering how the sequel will be.

It doesn’t appear he has done any other movies.

He was born in 1975, making him…. *calculates* 17 years old at the time this movie was shot. wow. I never would have guessed that either. Did they purposely pick baby faced adult actors? (with the exception of Pete?)

4. Margaret– Played by Stephanie Dees. Was 14 at the time of this movie. Or 15, depending on her birthday. Here is the link to her filmography:

She was Jenny on a movie called “chase the slut” and Heather in Evil of Clear River. I’m guessing she didn’t stay a goody goody.

Aaaaand that’s it, we’re done, at least, with this movie. Next post will probably be The Donut Repair Club and then, MAYBE another veggie tales movie if depression doesn’t cripple me. If not, I’ll try to find a place to watch The Buttercream Gang 2 online for free.

Have a good week everyone!


2 thoughts on “The Buttercream Gang, The Ultimate Ending

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your Butter Creamer blogs. I was growing impatiant over the last few weeks waiting for your conclussion on this “classic”. Stupid Depression! I also saw this movie in the early 90s and thought is was pretty good. I now think otherwise.

    Can’t wait till Butter creamers 2: The Revenge of Elton.

    • Thanks Clint 🙂 Well, in your defense, compared to some other movies marketed for kids back then, The Buttercream Gang isn’t really all that bad. Definitely a lot less cornier than something I’ll be reviewing later, BibleMan.

      I’ll start reviewing the sequel when I find a place to watch it for free.

      Thanks for your kind words about the depression. It really is horribly crippling.

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