The Buttercream Gang Part 12

Today’s post is going to be a short one, on account of the fact that I feel very sick. Said sickness might or might not be a result of too much partying….

Anyway, I also didn’t take any screenshots during these scenes because I didn’t think I needed to. I’m debating going to get some just because the post feels incomplete without them, but no one wants to see Scotty Boy in his tight baseball pants.

It’s the day of the championship. The whole town turns out to cheer on “the boys.” seriously, why are there no girls on these teams?

Lots of baseball… I don’t care.

Even I can tell their team sucks. It’s announced that this one kid hasn’t had a hit in 8 games. Jeez, way to embarrass the kid. He’s really going to do well if you bring THAT up. Way to boost his confidence.

Scotty boy’s team starts cheering for him the minute he gets to the plate. Because they couldn’t have done that for the no hit in 8 games kid. Asses.

Anyway, more baseball, I don’t care.

Suddenly their team doesn’t suck. Suddenly they’re beating the other team 14 to nothing. I’m sorry, but I find games like that really boring. It’s no fun if one team is whooping everybody else.

Seriously this game drags on. And on. And on and on and on and on and….

Oh look, here’s Pete to make this more interesting for me. How thoughtful of him. He starts cheering for the opposite team as Scott’s on and I am kind of with him. I like to root for the underdog. And then we get this:

“You let your team down just like your friends!”

Go Pete, you tell ‘im!

More baseball… I don’t care.

Because of Pete, the entire team gets discouraged…. yanno, Pete’s only been yelling at Scott. So unless Scott’s been carrying the entire fuckin team, this doesn’t strike me as realistic at all. The rest of the team has no reason to be so discouraged all of a sudden.

Elton Flowers is up to bat, and very discouraged. Scott’s team mates are not helping. “Come on Elton, don’t freeze up NOW!” They scream at him.

And we’re supposed to think that Pete is bringing the team down with his words? I think poor Elton’s team is doing a good enough job of that for…

Wait… this kid’s last name is…. Flowers? SNORT that’s awesome. From now on, whenever I can catch his name, Elton is going to be known as The Flower Child.

Even the other team feels sorry for him. One of the pitcher’s team mates tells him to take it easy on the kid. Now that is sad. I actually feel really bad for Elton because he clearly sucks.

I think I hear Pete calling out something negative, which seems odd because so far his criticisms have only been directed at Scotty Boy, but Elton bats a double, whatever the hell that means.

Scott starts yelling at Pete that “he’s not just hurting him, he’s hurting the whole team!”

Why? Pete’s just yelling at Scott. He’s clearly not trying to bring the whole team down, he’s just trying to bring Scott down.

And frankly, it’s not Pete’s fault that they’re losing. Scott, in fact, is letting what Pete says get to him. I know how hard it is to ignore that crap, but frankly, Scott isn’t hearing this every single day of his life like I did. This is just an isolated incident, which is much easier to ignore. He really needs to just get over himself, try not to let it get to him, and play baseball.

Pete, responds to Scott’s accusation rather calmly, that Scott is not his friend, but rather his enemy.

Some guy comes and yells at Scott that the games not over yet, and he needs to get back in the game. Take that, Scotty boy!

And then Pete’s grandfather proves he is an ass.

Grandpa: I’m sorry Scott, I wish there was something I could do.

Um, what? Listen, my parents would not have been thrilled with me if I had displayed that kind of behavior but they never would’ve thrown me under the bus like that. They probably would’ve taken me home, or said something encouraging to the kid like, “Just concentrate on the game.” or “you can still take it back,” or… I don’t know. Grandpa apologizing for Pete’s behavior just totally rubs me the wrong way.

Scott continues to be a total ass.

Scott: you can send him back to Chicago where he belongs!

Our hero, folks. This is the guy who is lauded for sticking by Pete even though he makes bad decisions! This is the guy who is praised for sticking by his friend and loving him through it!

You know what Scott sounds like? Scott sounds like the friends I know who left me the minute I no longer seemed like a proper Christian. Actually, no, Scott sounds worse than that because, even during the teenage years, they never would’ve said anything like that. Out loud, anyway.

Poor Pete. Does anybody actually love him in this movie? Even his grandpa, instead of confronting him about his behavior in private, makes excuses and “apologizes” in front of everyone that Pete knows. Hell, if I was Pete, I’d be pissed off.

Scott’s coach pulls Scott away from the fence. Scott apologizes, but I can tell he doesn’t mean it. What an asshole.

Oh snap, he’s not going to play baseball, Scott got thrown out of the game. Good, because that game was getting to be “the baseball game that never ended,” plus Scotty Boy deserves it.

After the game the coach talks to him. Scott admits he “lost his cool” and that “Scott took a pretty good ribbing.” Really? Because I’ve heard sooooo much worse. I know it’s a kid’s movie, but I feel like Pete didn’t say anything that bad to him.

Scott and his coach have batting practice as Coach gives Scotty Boy a lesson in history, kindness, and turning the other cheek. “an eye for an eye makes the world blind.”

Probably, but yanno, I honestly think that if Scott just fought Pete, he’d gain his respect, and the boys would probably go back to being friends afterward. I can’t say why, it just seems the way these things work sometimes.

Anyway, after Scott bats a few good pitches, he and the coach take off.

Will Scott finally give in and fight Pete, or will be “do the right thing” and turn the other cheek? This particular plot line gets dragged out on and on and… and we’ve already seen part of it, haven’t we? When Pete and Scott spend the day together instead of fighting. Well folks, be prepared for more of Scotty boy attempting to do just that by doing what he and his friends do best: stalking people! Plus, romantic tension between Scott and Margaret! Oh the drama! The suspense!

Excuse me, I think I’m going to go vomit again.


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