VeggieTales Where is God When I’m Scared Part 1

This is the missing part, the part wordpress ate.

Again, the disclaimer I always give: I watch movies with subtitles turned on, because I have minor hearing issues. This means that sometimes, the screenshots might have words over them that doesn’t seem to fit with the actual image. These are the subtitles, not me. Thank you for understanding.

It appears photobucket at my pictures in the last few posts. no worries, they will reappear after a few weeks or so. Apparently photobucket does that because of something called band width limits, which I don’t understand, but nevermind. I’ll figure something out. In any case, I have a partial backup of this post, so here we go!

This episode is labeled under “VeggieTales Classics” on Netflix. Wow, Something I remember coming out is old enough to be labeled as a “classic.”

I remember the main song on this from my VeggieTunes tape: God is Bigger Than The Boogeyman. Great song, btw, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We start with the theme song, which is a nice change from the Esther movie. However, this is not the Intro that I remember from childhood. It’s a minor complaint, really, but…. I swear they changed the theme song when they uploaded this to Netflix on purpose.

We open with Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber on the kitchen counter

Bob announces that they are here to answer our questions.

Bob: Today we got a letter from Lucy Anderson oh Phoenix

In one week, I will be in Pheonix…. and I am terrified of that plane ride.

Little Girl Voice: Dear Bob and Larry, I am 6 years old. Sometimes I think there are monsters in the closet. That makes me real scared. Can you help me?

Huh. I remember the vegetables getting questions emailed… yes, we had email in 1995, and it was getting to be something you couldn’t live without out. Children 6 years old back then did not tend to have accounts, but with their parents permission they were allowed to use the parents’ accounts. I just don’t remember Bob reading an actual letter. Then again, it has been over 10 years since I last watched this, so I don’t expect my memory to be even halfway to perfect.

Anyway, because this was filmed back when children still wrote letters, Bob has read Lucy’s actual, physical letter.

Larry: Oooh! I remember when I thought there were monsters in my closet

Bob: Yeah Larry? What happened?

Larry: Well, it turned out there weren’t any monsters. Just my fuzzy bunny slippers, and they’re not so scary, just kind of squishy.

I can see why Larry, back in the day, was one of the favorite characters. Once, when I was going through a rough time, my friend M loaned me her stuffed Larry the Cucumber, and I carried that thing around all over the place. At the age of 14. No, no I was 15…. 16? Whatever. I know I was technically way too old for that sort of thing, but DON’T JUDGE. (If I went out to like, the store or something, Larry did have to hide in my purse, though.)

Bob: I see. Well Lucy, first check to see if it’s just your bunny slippers, and then watch this story about when Junior Asparagus got a little bit scared.

The screenshot I took of Bob was…. a bit weird. Why is Bob making this face?

The screen fades to black.

Big Idea presents: Tales from the Crisper!

Offscreen, we hear:

Character: It can’t be done, I tell you

Character 2: It can! Just watch as I throw this switch. Look, it’s alive! It’s alive!

Character 2: Frankencelery, where are you going? Don’t go through that door!

Frankencelery…. yes, this is meant to be a vegetebalized story of Frankenstein.

Actually, wait. In the story, wasn’t Frankenstein the doctor, not the creation with the scary lightening bolts? *googles* Yup, I’m right. The doctor’s name was Victor Frankenstein. So having the creation rather than the creator called Frankencelery is off. I’m sure we’re not supposed to get hung up on that tiny little detail, but there you have it, kids.

We then zoom out to see that this is all taking place on a television screen, in front of which sits little Junior Asparagus.

Just then, Mamma Asparagus calls out to tell Junior that it is time for bed

Junior: Just 4 more minutes

Mamma Asparagus: That’s what you said 4 minutes ago, now go upstairs. Besides, I think this show might be a little too scary for you

Junior: It’s not too scary. I… I like it.

I remember having similar conversions with my mom. Reading the Harry Potter books was (grudgingly) permitted, but watching the movies? Oh no! Those are too scary! (At this point, the movies were only on number 3. I watched them in secret, not scary at all.)

A certain Veggietales episode I was allowed to watch? Gave me nightmares for weeks. Harry Potter and the realistic Scooby Doo movie I wasn’t allowed to watch either? Yeah, nothing. Every child is different. I don’t think you can decide something is too scary before you see your kid watch a few min of it.

Junior continues to try to convince himself (unconvincingly) that the movie did not scare him as he hops up the stairs. No one in the audience is fooled.

On his way up the stairs, Junior sees a nice picture of his family

Which then turns into….

I actually kind of like this, because it shows, in a rather exaggerated way, how, when we are scared, even things that seem ordinary in real life can suddenly seem scary to us. Even as an adult, sometimes things seem out of proportion when I am scared. For example, when I met my boss for the first time, he came across as very scary to me, not because he was scary (though he has his moments) but because I was scared. And so, even as adults, when we’re scared, we can still have this distortion of perception. I think the movie did a great job of showcasing this, without as many words as I just used.

Junior runs up the stairs and slams the door. The screen fades to black. In the next scene, Junior is lying in bed.

Junior is still trying to convince himself that he is not scared, but he keeps thinking there are monsters all around him. His bed is definitely shaking, and I can’t figure out why.

And then, something genuinely frightening happens:

*pulls headphones out*

Ok, so, first off, Bob and Larry actually crash through the roof of Junior’s room. Yes, Larry is there, you can’t really see him drop (I really tried to get a good shot of it but it’s too fast), but when the lid closes on the toybox, that’s when he arrives.

I feel like if this movie was going for “things that seem frightening really are not,” they are going in the wrong direction, because if a talking tomato and cucumber –ok, forget the talking tomato part, actually– if 2 men suddenly jumped through my roof and appeared in my room, I would be TERRIFIED. Actually, that was a huge fear of mine as a child, men coming into my room at night and kidnapping me.

Junior has a real, legitimate reason to be absolutely terrified here. Even if he hadn’t just been watching a scary movie, he still would’ve been terrified, because strange men just jumped through the roof into my room.

I am actually surprised Junior did not scream louder. If that happened to me, my parents would’ve heard me scream and they’d know it was for real this time.

And yes, I do know that these people are strangers, at least in this story, because the very next words out of Junior’s mouth are “Who are you?!”

I feel like this is a very shitty thing to do to someone, scary movie aside.

But, these are the screenwriters, who think that if people are harmless, no one will care if they bust into your room.

Puts headphones back in.

Bob: I’m Bob. I’m a Tomato, and I’m here to help you.

I might not post it, because this post has way too many images anyway, but I took a screenshot of that just because I thought it was hilarious. What are you gonna do, Bob, feed my hungry stomach? somehow, without me having to eat you, fill my blood with levels of lycopene and vitamin C?

Oh right, Bob’s intention was to scare Junior into repentance.

I’m kidding I’m kidding, VeggieTales isn’t that bad, sheesh.

Just then, Larry begins trying to get out of the toychest. Junior believes that a monster is in his toychest.

And again, he has every reason to believe this. I mean, if I didn’t see Larry drop, I doubt Junior did either. Junior has no idea that a “harmless” cucumber just fell into his toychest. Besides, these guys just appeared in his room. Which is kind of on the same “I don’t believe this is real” level as actual monsters.

Junior speculates about what kind of monster it could be, but when Larry pops out of the toychest…

Bob: It’s a cucumber

Junior does not look too relieved.

I feel like I’m posting a lot of screenshots, but honestly, this episode is only 30 minutes long, so things happen fast. It’s not like The Buttercream Gang where whole stretches go by without a plot. It’s even shorter than the Queen Esther episode, which was about 45 minutes long. And it felt even longer.

Bob: We couldn’t help but notice that you were a little bit frightened, so we thought we’d drop in and help

Me: By giving him the scare of his life?! Also, wait, what? You noticed he was a little bit frightened? What are you, stalking him? Jeez!

It’s official: Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are more terrifying than Frankencelery. I mean, Frankencelery was just a movie. Bob and Larry, at least to Junior, are real.

Larry: Yeah, um, fear not, for behold I bring you glad tidings of great joy which shall be to all people for unto you

Well, that line made me laugh, anyway, so I kind of forgive them for scaring the crap out of Junior in an attempt to make him not scared anymore. Which seems very counterproductive, but this line at least is funny.

Bob: Wrong story Larry

Larry: Oh.

Junior: Well, I wasn’t really scared you know

Until you guys totally jumped into my room through the roof instead of, you know, KNOCKING. And then told me you’d been spying on me enough to see I was scared, what the heck!

Oh wait, that’s my response. Junior’s is to pretend that all this is totally normal.

Junior: I’m 5 years old, so I can handle it.

Huh. It never really occurred to me to wonder how old Junior was. I always just assumed he was…. young. So, there’s that bit of trivia I never knew for like, 20 whole years of my life.

I’ve never actually seen the real Frankenstein movie, by the which I mean the one this movie is trying to emulate, which I’m guessing was circa 1950s/early 1960s before color tv became popular (1964-1966ish, I think). Would you let a 5 year old watch it? Without seeing it for myself, I have no idea. I’m going to guess that 5 years old is probably a little young, depending, of course, on said 5 year old, because every child is different. I mean, there are 5 year olds out there who can handle Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, so I’m pretty sure there are 5 year olds out there who can tolerate Frankenstein.

Bob and Larry finally get Junior to admit that maybe he was just a little bit scared, but only a little bit. But if Junior was scared, how could Bob and Larry help him?

Well, for starters, they could have COME TO HIS DOOR AND KNOCKED. Do not tell me that vegetables can’t knock because they don’t have hands, because multiple shows will later prove otherwise. Also, they can do everything else that requires hands, including clap. Do not tell me that they couldn’t have just knocked on his door. They still might have startled him a little, but it would have been way less terrifying than busting in on him all ninja style.

I promised there’d be a post today, so this is part 1. I really just don’t fell well at all tonight. Tomorrow there will be a Buttercream Gang post, and I hope to have the rest of this episode up on Saturday.

Tune in next time to hear all about how Junior got over his fear by the creepy spying dudes who ninja’d their way into his bedroom!


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