In Which I watch The Buttercream Gang, Part 11

I’m still super pissed off that my veggietales1 post somehow didn’t get posted at all. I’ll do my best to get to it when I get back from Con. For those who don’t know, I will be going to Kingdom of Loathing convention in Arizona. I will later blog about both the game and the convention.

For those who don’t know, Kingdom of Loathing is an AWESOME online game that you all should play.

Now, on to the Buttercream Gang!

We last left our heroes at the dance, while Pete and his gang stand off to the side and light something on fire. This turns out to be a firecracker, and he throws it at Scott and Margaret on the dance floor.

it goes off with a bang. Kids scream.

This is the first truly dangerous thing we see Pete and the gang do. The other fires he started weren’t anywhere near other people, and you could argue that they wouldn’t spread, or that they could’ve been put out before they spread. But a firework? Thrown into a room full of crowded people? Sorry, that’s just dangerous. I don’t blame Scott for being pissed. He runs after Pete and the gang. Which, by the way, is a really bad idea.

Scott: what’s the matter with you!

I agree. For once.

Pete: I told you I’d get even I always do! You and your two buddies better watch out you understand?

Scott screams at Pete that he’d better stop what he’s doing. Otherwise, Scott himself will stop Pete.

Pete: tomorrow 3 o’clock Swanson’s field, you’d better be there.

There is more testosterone spraying, then the fight is over.

Cut to Sunday morning (because this film is not Seventh Day Adventist. I actually looked it up, it’s made by a Mormon company) at church. The congregation is singing…. a song I don’t recognize. The church sign just says welcome. I have no idea of the denomination. Or at least, I wouldn’t if I hadn’t looked it up on google. If I was just watching for the first time, however, I would have no idea the people who made it were Mormon.

I’m not saying that this is a good or a bad thing, mind. I am just noting that this is how it is done. I’m guessing it has less to do with a desire to hide their Mormonism and more to do with the fact that the film makers wanted this movie to appeal to as many audiences as possible, so they made the religious stuff as non denominational as possible.

I went back and tried to make out the lyrics of the song. Without the help of subtitles it took a few tries, but I finally heard one line, googled, and came up with the following hymn:

Somebody did a golden deed,
Proving himself a friend in need;
Somebody sang a cheerful song,
Bright’ning the sky the whole day long.


Was that somebody you?
Was that somebody you?

Somebody tho’t ’tis sweet to live,
Willingly said, ?I’m glad to give?;
Somebody fought a valiant fight,
Bravely he lived to shield the right.


Somebody made a loving gift,
Cheerfully tried a load to lift;
Somebody told the love of Christ,
Told how His will was sacrificed.


Somebody idled all the hours,
Carelessly crushed life’s fairest flow’rs,
Somebody made life loss, not gain,
Tho’tlessly seemed to live in vain.


Somebody filled the days with light,
Constantly chased away the night;
Somebody’s work bore joy and peace,
Surely his life will never cease.


The sermon makes so much more sense now, with that context. I’m also not coming up with anything particularly special about the song. Seems like one of your general run of the mill Christian hymns… odd I’ve never heard it before, then. It was written by the same guy who wrote “I Surrender All.” A much more popular hymn at least in my circles.

Also, the inside of this church is very undecorated… I find that extremely odd. Most churches have more than just white walls, a light fixture, and a stained glass window with a not particularly interesting pattern. More non denominationalizing, or low budget film?

The pastor/priest/whatever you call a Mormon Person in charge of a church, gets up and talks. This is the only Non Pete scene that holds any interest for me, because the facial expressions of the kids are hilarious. 

Pastor: Somebody did a golden deed. Somebody willfully said “I’m glad to give.”

 somebody tried to lighten the load. Was that somebody you? Is our spiritual progression based on our ability to love and care for one another?

As he speaks, the camera pans out over the audience. Even the children are paying rapt attention. Seriously, at their age, I was too busy drawing pictures on the back of the bulletin with pens stolen from mommy’s purse.

Pastor (continuing): I think that we’d all admit that there is a direct correlation between our ability to love and care for one another, and the quality of our own lives.

Me: errrrrrrrrrm maybe?

Pastor: (continuing): something something I didn’t catch…. we agree that those abilities affect the lives of those around us

He looks like that because he suddenly realized he had a very full bladder.

I’m kidding, it’s because he’s being affected by the sermon, of course.

Pastor(continuing): When we really take the time to learn how to love ALL men. Will we take the time to learn to love not just our friends, but our enemies?

Margaret, giving Scott “The Look.” I think. We don’t actually get to see her do it. This is the only shot we get, because only the male’s reaction matters. When she turns around, she makes the expression in the photo, then smiles smugly. I actually don’t really need to include this image, but I did anyway because that dress… SNERK! This is 1992, not 1895. Or 1985. Or something.

Yes, the coach is preaching. He says no good deed goes unrewarded, which we all know is BULLSHIT.

He says we shouldn’t just offer love and help to people when it is convenient. He starts talking about the old Mosaic law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and then Lanny? Gives us this reaction.

To which Elton gives this reaction.

He looks REALLY pissed about the fact he doesn’t get to punch Pete.

And when Coach says “that law has been replaced by ‘turn the other cheek,'” Scotty Boy looks like this.

After the service, The boys argue about whether or not “coach” (it’s not just me being faceblind, the coach really IS the pastor) heard about the fight. One boy says that’s not true, cuz he heard him practicing the sermon last week. Another boy says, “my mom tells me god knows everything.”

Seriously? You’re 13 and you’re relying on what yo mamma tells you? Boy, you 13-15ish, give or take, you outta know that by now from DA BIBLE. What a sissy, jeez.

So now Scott is conflicted. Will he go, or not go? The drama folks, it is unbearable.

Scott and boy1 eventually do show up. Pete and his gang are waiting for him. The Buttercreamers are waving a white flag. Actually, not Scott. These are Lanny and Elton. They tell Pete that Scott wants to meet him alone (finally, jeez!) at the old truck in the olive grove.

Pete goes. Asks what this is all about. Honestly, Scott getting Pete alone is… what was needed before, actually. For once he’s going about things the not so stupid way.

Scott thinks there’s a better way than fighting. Pete thinks that’s an excuse. I’m with pete actually. Pete says Scott should be afraid of him because he learned a lot back in Chicago. I believe it, if he really was in a gang, he’d have learned a lot about fighting.

Testosterone spraying…. I don’t care. Scott finally challenges Pete to spend a day with him. Wow, finally, Scott is giving Pete some individual attention! Pete is a different person than I am, but personally if someone offered to do that with me, I’d be thrilled. I wouldn’t admit it, but Id be THRILLED that someone wanted me around that long.

 I’m not really too thrilled about the tone of voice Scott in which Scott delivers this challenge. “I challenge you to spend a day with me like you did last summer, if you’ve got the guts.” Actually, I wouldn’t allow myself to show how thrilled I was either, what with the tone of voice and all. Scott is really being a prick about it, isn’t he?

Pete’s reaction is thusly:

There’s a montage of Pete and Scott doing fun things set to background music with no lyrics. It’s all very…. boring, actually. We’re skipping ahead.

Actually, back up a bit. Pete has a bike in this shot… when it is later talked about that he doesn’t have one… consistency people, it is a thing these days.

Seriously, this montage goes on too long though. If I was my teacher, I’d have been hitting the fast forward button.

Scott says that Pete has “done it again,” made him relax and forget all his worries. And that’s nice, actually. He’s telling Pete good things above him. That’s… actually, I like that. It’s one of the few times Scott has said something positive about Pete since he discovered the gang related activity.

Pete: what worries?

I don’t blame him. Scott doesn’t seem to have any real worries. Not like Pete, who as to worry about things like people blaming him for stealing items from lockers.

Scott is worried about the championship game tomorrow. Just like old times.

Pete: except it’s not like old times, it is?

Maybe not for you Pete, but for Scott, nothing’s different. He’s still the naïve little kid you left behind, and really, that’s as things should be. 13-15 year olds ideally SHOULD be a little ignorant of how things could be.

Scott argues that it could be the same. Pete argues that things and people change. Pete is right. Scott continues to argue that it’s just like old times then Pete says this:

Pete: except you’re trying to save me from myself except hey, I already know it’s too late.

I’ve felt like this before, I really have. And in a way, Pete is right. He can not go back to being his old self, because he is not his old self. If Pete does go back to the way of all things Good and Righteous, that is very doable. However, he will still be a different Person. Pete has experienced things, and done things… and those things, they change us. Because we can never go back to our old pre-evil selves, we often feel like it is too late for us. It is only when we accept the fact that we will never be who we once were that we can begin the healing process, and stop trying to go back to the old life. Instead, we make ourselves into a new person.

Scott: it is not! Today proves it!

Moron. Being able to have fun swimming does not prove it’s not too late. Pete here needs real reassurance, real proof, that it is not too late for him. And I’m sorry, but he’s not going to get it. He’s going to get more of Scotty acting like a complete douchebag.

Pete: the only thing today proves is that we were friends.

Meh, it also proves that Scotty’s trying to hold onto that friendship, but ok I can see where he’s coming from. He and Scott were good friends who used to go around swimming and fishing, but Pete is different now. The friendship is probably going to have to go in a new direction. Pete has a whole part of his life he can’t really share with Scott, because Scott has not been there.

Pete: sometimes I want so bad for things to be the way they were but…. they can’t!

Even my conservative Christian friends understood this. When I got into… er, stuff, they knew I could come out again BUT they knew that things would never be the same as they were before I got into….er, ungodly stuff. They understood. I feel like Scott could understand, too. If he’d take a minute to empathize instead of straight up arguing the entire time.

Scott: sure they can

Me: Ah, the innocence of youth.

Pete: not they can’t, it’s like riding your bike someplace and getting lost you try to go back and find out where you made the wrong turn, but you don’t know where you made the wrong turn and every turn you make after that, it just gets you more lost.

Scott: so you stop and ask someone for directions.

Who, Scott? Who is he supposed to ask? What if you’re riding your bike in the middle of the woods and the only living things you can find are squirrels? Are you supposed to ask them for directions? I don’t think so.

I kinda get where Scott is coming from on this, because I feel like Pete isn’t explaining it well. But he’s what, 15? 16? When I was that age, I had trouble explaining things too, especially to people who were still Naive and sheltered as Scotty Boy.

Pete: I ask you for directions?

Scott: tell you not to be so selfish

Um, what? Excuse me? Pete is opening up to you, here. You could…. not accuse him of being selfish? Because ok yeah, arguably he has been, a little, but this is hardly the time to bring it up. It also doesn’t actually fit in with what Pete just said to him.

And no, Scott, he can’t ask you for directions. You’re younger than he is, for one, and have experienced a lot less of life. Also, you’ve never been lost. If I were Pete, I’d much rather ask someone who’s actually been where I’m at, or at least, been close to where I’m at, and then I’d take him seriously. You’re just a little prick who thinks things can go back to the way they were before and they can’t. They’re not. Admit it you douchebag and stop being…. well, a douche bag.

Pete: what makes you think I’m being selfish?

Scott: because you take things, you only think of yourself

Hello stupid? He’s been stealing SUGAR. Maybe he steals that BECAUSE HIS GRANDMA NEEDS IT YOU SONNUFA BITCH!

Also, I’m going to repeat something I’ve often said to my conservative Christian friends when they told me the same thing: Of course I only think of myself! Wanna know why? Because somebody has to.

I have not seen anyone in this movie care about Pete. Pete’s aunt only wanted him around because of what he could do for her. His grandpa just seems to barely tolerate him, Margaret only spied on Pete because “it was the right thing to do” (it wasn’t, but we already went over that) and Scott’s only interested in Pete because they used to be friends and do fun kid things together, and he’s been nothing but a prick to Pete in this movie since he changed.

Pete: I take only what I deserve, I spent hours helping people like Mr. Graff and never got anything for it. I’ve done plenty for this crummy little town and what did I get for it? Nothing! No Scott, I think you’re the one who’s being selfish

Scott: me?!

Pete: real friends accept each other for who they are, you’re only willing to be my friend if I change. I’m not who I was Scott I am who I am.

A truer thing hasn’t been said all movie! I agree 100% with Pete here.

I understand Pete’s anger. It doesn’t give him the right to steal things, but I understand where he’s coming from.

Second, he is right. Scott has clearly acted like a douchebag since Pete changed. He wants Pete back as his friend, but he wants the Pete who was, not the Pete who is. Pete sees that, and sees that that is selfish of Scott.

Pete is no different from you or me: he wants to be accepted for who he is, not in spite of it. Me and my sexual orientation, I’m accepted in spite of who I am by most Christians, not for who I am. Especially with my fun and sinful past, heh. Mine rivals Pete’s, actually, since the worst he’s ever done is… shoplift. I mean, come on, we could at least see him smoking a cigarette (they make fake ones for movies and they’re really cheap) or sipping from a beer bottle wherein the beer has been replaced with… tea or something. Pete can’t be a real gang member, he’s never even done drugs. Not that I’ve done drugs either…. whistles innocently.

Scott argues back that he’s trying to be Pete’s friend, so Pete shouldn’t accuse Scott of being selfish. Ummm ok Scott, but you didn’t disprove Pete’s point; you only want to be Pete’s friend if he changes who he is. And instead of just sitting there listening to Pete and maybe doing some self reflection, you’re acting like a complete and utter DOUCHEBAG.

Oh wait, that’s not out of character, nevermind.

Pete: who asked for you friendship anyway!

Scott: you did! That night at my house!

Ummm well…. actually, that’s kinda true.

Pete: well I guess it was pretty stupid of me, wasn’t it?

I agree, Pete. Scott’s a douche, you should seriously cut him out of your life because clearly he can’t love you for who you are. And if you can’t love someone for who they are now, even if it’s not ideal, you do not love them at all.

Scott: that’s right, why should I settle for second best in a friend?!

Um, ouch? Way to show you care for him Scott. NOT. Douchebag.

Pete: don’t worry Scott you won’t have to. Just remember, in my neck of the woods there are only two types of people your friends and your enemies.

I’d say this is an unnecessary measure of extreme, but ok whatever. I think even Chicago gangs would realize that there are people who are neither friend nor enemy but just, you know, are kind of trying to exist and don’t care about you one way or another? This movie does a great job of making Chicago seem like a scary and dangerous place full of gangs, crime, and drunken debauchery. Maybe some parts are, but honestly, Chicago isn’t that bad.

Scott stomps off in a huff.

Pete: While you’re walking off think of this: you never once asked me what happened in Chicago. You never once asked me. You’re just like all the rest; you think I want it this way.

Pete is right. We’re probably not supposed to notice, but no one, not aunt bitch, not his grandpa, not Scott, has ever asked him what really happened in Chicago. And frankly, I’d like to know as well. What did happen in Chicago, Pete? Were you really aware of what your gang members were doing? Were you really set up that time you got expelled? How did aunt Bitch treat you? Did you ever feel like you were part of a family? Have you ever had a chance to defend yourself without someone arguing with you that you just needed to take responsibility even though you might not have done it? That you’re going to have a hard time getting a job with an arrest record so why bother?

I hope you weren’t curious, Dear Reader, because We Don’t Get To Know. No one will ever ask. Ever.

And Scott continues to be a complete and utter douchebag.

Tune in next time for really exciting baseball shenanigans, a heart to heart with the coach, and of course, Pete shows up to liven things up. Because otherwise I’d personally die of boredom watching this movie.

I apologize for getting this post out so late. After the con, I needed an entire week off to recharge my batteries. Posting will now resume on its regular schedule starting wed. There might be a post on Saturday as I redo the veggie tales episode wordpress ate, but I might wait till Wed on that, depending on how my Saturday goes.

Have a good weekend everybody,





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