The Buttercream Gang PArt 10.2

So, I found a power cord, yay! I just wanted to finish up a little section, but I hate going back and editing posts that have already been published.

In any case, we last left off on Margaret telling Scott that dancing is easy, and there isn’t anything to know.

Sigh. There is a LOT to know. I can do two forms of dancing: Bastardized Ballet (I taught myself from a book, so it’s not proper ballet), and the awkward prom. Oh, and I can also the sprinkler. One guess as to which one Scott and Margaret will be doing all night!

I’m actually jealous that the Christians in this movie get to dance. I certainly was not allowed that “nonsense.” I thought Mormons agreed with Seventh Day Adventism about the dancing thing. Maybe this particular Mormon company isn’t very conservative. In fact, strike that; the women are wearing pants, the company therefore isn’t that conservative.

And, here we are at the prom:

Most of the ladies, who, btw, look older than junior high, are doing this:

Their feet are tapping. Are these supposed to be chaperones, or students? I legitimately can’t tell.


Everyone is doing the awkward prom dance. This is booooooring. The Australian sounding DJ announces they’re going to play a slow song. Boooorig. Are we going to have a plot soon?

Scott says he doesn’t know how to dance. Margaret argues there’s nothing to know. I agree with Scott.

I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Scott.

Pete and his friends are watching….. maybe things are about to get interesting…. wait, what are they doing?

Come on guys, I’ve got a plan!

The DJ announces a slow dance…. I don’t care. Scott and Margaret slow dance…. I’m more interested in what Pete and his friends are up to.

This is Scott and Margaret’s reaction to the news that this willl be a slow dance. No, I don’t know what Lanny and Elton are saying in the background.

I’m having to watch this on silent, so I can’t grab what she’s saying. It’s probably a lot more interesting if we just guess.

I actually can’t blame myself to be too hard on Scott for this. He’s… what, 13? 14? Most boys I know of at that age are AWKWARD, and don’t tend to get excited about anything terribly romantic. I do think it means Margaret needs to put off trying to develop a relationship with Scott until he’s ready, but, she wants to have fun at the dance with her date, and I can totally understand that, too.

It really is a pity girls develop these feelings a good 2-4 years earlier than boys, isn’t it? You’d think that if there was a god, he would’ve fixed this?

Anyway, Margaret pulls a reluctant Scott onto the dance floor. Lanny and Elton also get pulled aside by 2 other girls. I might or might not post the screenshots, because they never come up again.

We are shown Scott and Margaret slow dancing:

There’s a lot of slow dancing, a lot of couples shown…. yawn.

Are they lighting a candle? Tune in next time to find out what happens to Scott and Margaret as they have a lovey dovey pukey teenage prom dance!

If it involves Pete, it WILL be interesting.



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