Posting Schedule

It occurs to me that I should probably have some sort of schedule for posting. My work schedule is going to change in September, but until then, here is what I have planned:

Wednesday: Older Christian movie/tv show post. For now this is The Buttercream Gang, but after that, I am planning as many episodes of The Donut Repair Club as my liver can stand. After that I plan to track down episodes of McGee and me, and then I’ll follow the rabbit trail from there. Maybe I’ll even get around to doing the sequel to Buttercream Gang, but Pete’s not in it, so it’s probably not as interesting. 

Anyway, unless anybody has any other suggestions, that is my plan for Wednesday blogging.


Saturday (or Sunday, depending on which day I party most on): I will be doing a newer Christian movie, something people 5 years younger than me will remember having been subjected to. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to fill this slot with, and am open to suggestions.

Places to make suggestions are the comments section, but I am also Trynn on freejinger if people wish to contact me there.


Also, next time I hit the actual POST button, I’ll wait till all the alcohol is out of my system. Because that Last Buttercream Gang post was an editing disaster. I guess I should’ve paid attention when I was told, “write drunk, edit sober.”

So, today I plan to be doing a lot of editing, both on future Buttercream posts, and on newer movies I plan to watch. So, stay tuned, new content is coming, I promise. Just not every day since I do, fortunately, have a life outside the internet.


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