The Buttercream Gang Part 8

I’m sitting in the children’s section of the library. Partly because the chairs are small enough for me here (I am very short) and partly because I love watching the small children run around screaming. No, that’s not sarcasm, I really do love to just sit there and watch the kiddos play. When I’m not busy with my own stuff, that is. Kids make me smile.

Also, I cut my finger this morning and have a thick bandaid on. I’ll try to correct things before I hit post, but if I have a lot of typos, for once, it’s not the booze. It’s my clumsy finger.

Anyway, today there will be The Buttercream Gang. Tomorrow there might be as well, but I might do a post about a Robin Williams movie instead, in memory. Probably Mrs. Doubtfire, although Hook and Flubber also come to mind. Not Aladdin, though. I never liked Aladdin. Besides, in order to observe Mr. Williams’ acting style, I can’t be looking at a CARTOON character.

Huh, why are there 2 part sevens to this? I don’t know… I think I just accidentally posted it twice. Or didn’t notice I’d saved a draft… or something. Sometimes wordpress gives me a headache because things have changed so much since I started this blog, which wordpress has informed me, was 2 years ago. Thank you for that wordpress.

We last left Our Two Lovers Pete and Scott in Scott’s room, which Pete has snuck into, which doesn’t seem to bother Scott in the slightest.

Scott’s sister is clearly shown in the background listening. I’m too lazy to go back and grab screenshots, but she’s there, ok?

Pete: and then what, take it back to Chicago?It’d be stolen in two days.

Pete’s right… it would be stolen in 2 days. In fact, maybe that’s what happened to his old bike? We didn’t see him take it to Chicago, though, so I can’t be sure. But this isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Pete: insert screenshot of pete listen Scott, thanks for not saying anything back there, about me stealing the stuff from Graff’s.

Regina The Spy

Soooo Pete knows Scott has seen him. He’s being real slick. I’m not sure if it’s because he cares about what Scott thinks of him (possible, I mean, they were once best friends) or if he’s just trying to get Scott not to tell on him. If it’s the  latter, he’s playing the game really well. And…. at this time, I think he still cares what Scott thinks of him. He wants to be friend with scoot, he just doesn’t want Scott knowing what Pete does. This does not strike me as implausible at all. He’s trying to straddle both worlds; his private world where he apparently steals stuff, and the world he used to share with Scott, where he was good. Maybe he wants both at the same time and doesn’t want to admit he can’t have it. I can relate to that, I totally can.

Pete: I’ll apologize and pay for it

Scott: nods



It’s hard to tell if Pete means it. I can’t tell if it’s just bad acting, or if he’s faking it, but the actor looks stoic and cold to me. Which… this is a low budget movie, this could just be bad acting. I don’t think Pete is sincere, but he could be. Either way, Scott has no reason to think Pete is lying at this time.

Pete: I picked up a lot of bad habits back in Chicago


Did you Pete? Like what? Did you really steal things with your gang? Cuz I’m not seeing that you did.

Pete: hanging out with you’s helping out

I could see this. When I was with my Adventist friends, it did help me not want to steal stuff or drink. Ok, I’m lying about the drinking. But not about the rest of it.


Pete: it’s helping out a lot. So listen, I heard a lot of new commercials back there.


He then proceeds to talk about commercials… I don’t care. Scott laughs. Pete laughs. A rooster crows.


Scene change!

My first 5 watchthroughs, Regina was just “girl” because it took me that long to catch her name, and I am faceblind, so recognizing faces is had for me. Actually, the only way I found out it was Regina is… the wikipedia. Wiki actually has a very good summary of this movie, if you don’t want to wade through all my snark, you should head over there.

In any case:

Regina: Hi, can I talk to you about something:

Other girl (Margaret? I think so. The movie is blurry, but it sounds like Margaret): well sure, what is it?

Regina: I think the boys might be in some kind of troubel


Me: what boys? Are there only 4 boys in this town? Really? There could be a zillion boys you could mean…. how is Maragret suppose to know?


Regina:I heard my dad talking to Scott, about Pete being in a gang

Aaaaand this is how rumors get started, folks. Scott suspected Pete was in a gang, his father was all like, “well, you don’t’ know that for sure? And Scott was all “I guess you’re right.”

Regina interprets that as “Pete was in a gang!!!11!!11;1!!!”

Misinformation being passed along second hand.

I’m thinking our next review should be Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed…. or…. not.

At this point I decide I can type better without a doll and teddy bear in my hands.Yes I hold a teddy bear while writing, deal with it.


Regina: and I heard Pete say that he stole some stuff form Mr. Graff.


Putting together a rumor (Pete was in a gang) with a fact (Pete said he stole some stuff from Mr. Graff) is also a good way to start a rumor. Combining a possibility with a fact…. reeeeeaaaal reliable there Regina. I give you a pass because you’re a kid, but Margaret is in…. 8th or 9th grade at this point, depending on what junior high encompassed in this area/decade? Margaret should know better. At least, I would have at that age. Instead Maraget says

Margaret: oh, that’s why he wanted to borrow my report.

Well no dip, dipshit. Did you seriously think Scott just randomly took an interest in (Hispanic!) inner city gangs? Please. You know better.

(Regina on left, Margaret on right)


Regina: what should I do?

Margaret: Talk to your parents, to see if the evidence that Pete is in a gang actually holds water, then tell them your concerns, and let the grown ups handle it. Because inner city gangs are dangerous.

Juuuuuuust kidding! Margaret gives no sensible advice. Instead she says:

Margaret: well what you need now is more proof what Pete’s doing

Right track!

Margaret: Maybe some of your little friends could help you follow him


First off, she really does say “little friends.” In what circumstance would that not come across as condescending? None, that’s what.


Second, if Pete really was in a gang, gangs do dangerous stuff, ok? Having a bunch of little kids follow him? Bad Idea. Majorly bad idea, and Margaret, who has done research into gangs, should know that.

I don’t so much like her in this scene. Margaret should know better. But maybe she doesn’t think Pete was really in a gang. That’s the only reason I can come up with here to justify her actions. Either that or it’s the script forcing her to say it and meta-margaret is screaming on the inside no! Dooooooon’t!

Regina: why should we do that?

Regina is right. Why should they do that? Why should they put themselves in real literal danger just to see if Pete’s involved in a gang?

Margaret: hey the Buttercreamers can’t do everything


Sigh. Oh Margaret, so close, yet… no, no you’re really not.

Margaret’s right, the Buttercreamers can’t do everything, but…. is Margaret just trying to get Regina out of her hair? Seriously, why is Margaret not trying to tell Regina to go talk to a grown up who is more able to deal with these things? I feel like I am repeating myself a lot when I say GANGS ARE FUCKIN DANGEROUS, OK?!

Margaret should know this. Is she TRYING to get Regina killed? That is the ONLY explanation I am coming up with.

Seriously, if they wanted to make Pete a rebel, there are better ways to do it thank sticking him in a gang.

I had in my notes that I should elaborate here when I was sober enough to type straight. Which I am now. So, Pete and his friends could still be doing half the stuff they are, and mainly be into shoplifting and pyromania (the latter is something I am actually fond of,) And or, they could have:

1. Had Pete and his friends get into drugs. Or “drugs,” like alcohol and cigarettes. Drugs were a very popular topic in the 1980s and 1990s, so I feel like they even could have had them doing the “hard” stuff, like Marijuana, without ruining the whole “this movie is for kids,” effect.

2. They could have Pete and his friends (or just Pete) breaking into houses

3. They could have him be a computer genius who hacks into the FBI website for shits and giggles. Yes, computers did exist in 1992, and so did computer hackers who hacked into the FBI website.

I feel like the writers could have gotten a helluva lot more creative with this movie.



Some girls climb the treehouse.

I had a REALLY hard time getting a picture of this sign.


Girl1: are you sure it’s ok to be in the tree house?

Well, that depends, is it public property? I’ve kind of come to understand that the Buttercream treehouse headquarters is on random property, that it belongs to no one. If, however, it is on private property, whether that be Scott’s or Elton’s, then no, no it’s NOT ok for you to be there, you must get the permission of the owner of the property.

Can I just say that Scotty boy and his friends are DOUCHEBAGS for this sign? I mean, why are there no female Buttercreamers anyway? This was the late ’80s/early 90s, feminism had made inroads by then, surely.

Not all boys hated being around girls. Some boys happen to have liked girls as friends, which appears to be a novel fuckin’ concept to some people.


Either she’s ignorant, or the treehouse is pubic property. Not sure which.

Girl 3: what are we doing here?

Girl 4: I think Scotty, Lanny, and Elton need our help

Girl 5: what kind of help?

Actually at this point I have no idea how many girls there are, and I’m not sure I’lll be able to keep them straight, anyway.

Girl 6: I think we oughta watch Pete, something’s wrong

Girl 7: why are we going to do that?

Seriously, they all sound alike too. How are we supposed to keep track of them? Is this seriously easy for other people? I’m about to get jealous here. I wish I weren’t face blind. Do you know how it feels to meet people for the first time the 10th time in a row? No? Good, you should feel special.

Regina (I think) because the Buttercream gang can’t do everything

Ok, they finally show the girls in the treehouse. I’m only counting 5.

The “Buttercreamettes.”

They decide to call themselves “the Buttercreamettes.”

They all giggle and repeat “ok : in unison. Ugh. My friends and I never did that.

The name, though, is kinda cute. I can see my friends and I coming up with it, though we’d never have giggled like maniacs on marijuana.

Regina: now here’s what we’ll do

4 other girls chorus: what?

And then we segway into the song that I remember form childhood. Officially it’s called” dreams of a better day,” but it’s also called “Pete’s song.” And….it was seriously written by someone on LSD. The lyrics don’t make any damn sense, at least, now that I’m sober.

I’ve been wanting to do a separate post on that song alone, so I think I will leave that for tomorrow. Or Friday, if I can find a Robin Williams movie to do tomorrow. Most have been checked out of the library already but we’ll see what Netflix has.

Tune in next time for when we analyze what I’ve been calling “The LSD Song.”



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