In Which I watch The Buttercream Gang, Part 6 (the second half)

Now that I am a bit more sober… or at least, not as drunk as I was last night, I will continue.

I apologize for the tone of yesterday’s post. I was incredibly fucked up.

I don’t think wordpress is a shitty site, I just think they change around the user controls too often and then i can’t remember how to do anything.


We last left Pete and the Butterboys in the grocery store. Scott watches Pete suspiciously for…. reasons. Probably just to move the plot forward. Unless he is suspicious because Pete looks like this:

Yup, this is totally a hardened gang member. And totally Hispanic looking….

Hey look everybody, product placement! Uh huh! Uh huh!

Even Pete is rolling his eyes at the obvious product placement. That explains the tie in with the pepsi commercials, at least!

Pete asks Mr. Graff for the shoelaces. Upon finding that they are “back where they always are, at the end of the aisle,” Pete declares “That’s wonderful, thank you!” Like, wonderful? Really? Who….

Anyway, Scott watches Pete with this expression on his face:

I’m watching Pete suspiciously. He looks different, so I think he’s in a gang. I’m going to watch him to see if he shoplifts. Because gang members always shoplift.

His face is very punchable, don’t you think?

Elton opens a drink in the store, but Mr. Graff tells him he should know the rules; drinks must be drank outside. Elton claims he forgot. Bullshit, but Mr. Graff doesn’t call him out on it, which….ok, he’s being nice about it.

Pete tells Mr. Graff he didn’t find the shoe laces he wanted, that he was looking for some neon ones.

Pete is clearly holding merchandise under his shirt/pants

He’s just doubled over holding his mid section because he had a sudden cramp.

Actually, no one seems to notice that Pete is clearly holding merchandise under his clothes. The audience appears to be the only ones to notice. He tells Mr. Graff he didn’t find the colors he wanted for shoe laces, and slinks out the door.

Once outside, Pete empties his pockets and tosses stuff to his friends; one “treat” (beggin’ strip, hehe) for each of them.

Pete asks if they want to go swimming, but the gang has to go mow Mrs. Jenkins’ lawn. They’re thrilled that Pete is back, because he can help them get it done much faster. However, Pete says he’s late, and he’s gotta head back home. Of course, he had time to go swimming 5 seconds ago, so this is clearly an excuse.

Pete specially tells Scotty he’ll see him later. This is probably supposed to establish that, of all the boys, Scott is his best and favorite friend.

We next see the boys doing something on Mrs. Jenkins’ lawn, but it’s not a lawnmower. The quality isn’t great, so I can’t tell what they’re actually carrying, but there is no lawn mower in site. Consistency people, it is important.

Scott calls a meeting to order:

Boy1: here?

Boy2: now?

Soooo this is unusual.

Scott(?): There’s something wrong with Pete

Boy1(2?): why, just because he shows up looking different?

I agree. At this time, the boys have no reason so suspect there’s anything wrong with Pete.

Boy 2(1?): he’s never bought us beggin’ strips before

boy 1(2?) I think it’s great

Scott: yeah well, where’d he get the money?

Um, his Aunt Bitch might’ve given it to him?

I mean, we’ve seen that Aunt Bitch either doesn’t have or won’t give him the money, but from what I’ve seen, there’s no reason for the boys to know that. For all they know, his aunt’s filthy rich. Just because she has bad cooking skills (spaghetti and ketchup, blech!) doesn’t mean she’s poor, it just means she’s a bad cook. The 2 do not go hand in hand, people.

Boy1(2?) His grandpa could’ve given it to him

Scotty: that’s just it; his grandpa doesn’t have the money for that. And what’s he doing back so early anyway?

Really? I know some poor families, but even they have the money to buy candy bars and chips for their kids and their friends on occasion. And with Pete back in town, I’d consider it a special occasion.

Boy 2 (1?) Give me a break, maybe schools get out early in Chicago. Just because he shows up looking different doesn’t mean there’s something wrong.

This is actually very plausible. I’ve moved around a lot, and I can personally attest to the fact that different school districts get out at different times. In fact, this was especially so with Adventist schools. Adventist Schools used to always start earlier than public schools, but they got out earlier as well. Now Michigan has laws about When schools can start, but back in the 1990s/early 2000s, this wasn’t the case. Schools could start when they wanted. In fact, I was always afraid the police would come bother me because I was running around while other children were still in school. For a long time I was afraid to go out before 3pm, just in case.

But Scott doesn’t like it. Not one little bit.


The scene changes.


The girls play hide and seek. A girl counts to ten. Scott walks up to the porch. I think the girls playing hide and seek are much more interesting, but we’re supposed to be interested in Scott and Margaret.

Scott: Excuse me Margaret, can I talk to you for a second?

Margaret, has her nose in a book. I don’t know about you, but when I get interrupted while reading, I get PISSED. If I were Margaret, I’d be PISSED too.

This had BETTER be good, because you TOTALLY interrupted me at the crucial juncture.


Margaret(closing the book): are you sure you can see me?

Scott: give me a break

No, Scott, why should be? We’ve already been over why you’ve been a complete douche to her.

Scott: I just want to borrow one of your reports

Margaret: well, which one do you want? I’ve tortured you with so many.

In fairness to Scott, I think it was one of the other Butterboys who said that. Scott didn’t contradict, though, so he must agree on some level.

Actually, if a student in a class I was in was doing way more extra credit reports than she needed, I’d probably roll my eyes a bit too, especially since it seems she has to present these reports to the rest of the class.

Still, the class should be grateful because time spent listening to Margaret is less time they have to spend on actual classwork.

Can I just say that I love Margaret? Scott completely ignores her and then, when he needs something, he finally deigns to pay attention to her. Yeah, I’d be pissed.

Regina is hiding in the background. Not hiding from Scott, I mean she’s playing hide and seek with her friends. Either way, she is clearly overhearing everything Scott and Margaret say. It’s actually a little weird to have her in the shot.

I’m pretending to be playing hide and seek, but I’m really eavesdropping. This innocent little girl act is the PERFECT disguise.


Scott: the one you gave this morning on gangs

Margaret: why, you didn’t seem that interested when I gave it

I love this girl. She is totally handing him his ass now that he has finally deigned to notice her existence. Pity she’ll eventually be taken in by his “charming” ways.

Scott: well I liked it

Margaret (sitting back and folidng her arms): ok what were the main points then?

Prove to me that you really liked my report and aren’t just BSing me right now.

Haha! I love this girl

Scott: I said I liked it, I didn’t say I memorized it.

Sorry, not good enough. If he really liked it and was paying attention, he should at least know some of the main points. I’d be ok if he could give only 2 out of 3, or even 2 out of 4 and summarizing badly the latter 2, or something to prove he was paying attention and not staring out the window.

Margaret (relenting): ok I’ll get it for you, it’s over at the school.

Now, I don’t remember if there was Google in 1992, but there was internet. Scott could have gone to his local library to use a computer. Or, maybe in the middle of nowhere they didn’t have computers… I don’t know it still strikes me as odd that Scott has no internet access in 19992. The internet might not have been in every home at that point, but it seems that someone would have had access that Scott could use.

Even if I’m wrong, he could still go to his local library. Libraries back then (and even now?) had newspaper articles on Chicago gangs. He could do all this research himself instead of going to Margaret for a favor.

But then we couldn’t have the romantic tangent now, could we? Because every movie needs one of those.

Scott: great, I owe you one

Yes. Yes he does. Big time.

Scot goes to sit down on the porch swing.


Margaret, turning around: I’m not a delivery service, you know. If you want it now, you’re going to have to walk over with me.


Good for you, Margaret! Don’t let that boy treat you like that! I like this, I really really do. I like Margaret. She competes with Mr. Graff for my favorite character. I can totally see her and Mr. Graff getting together over drinks and commiserating on how hard they have it getting stuck in this horrible movie and having to put up with Scott.

Scott rolls his eyes. Women, Amiright? They insist on not being treated like slaves. This girl, as my romantic love interest, needs to learn her place! He trudges after Margaret, looking not very happy.

The scene changes, and that is where I will end for now.


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