In Which I Review The Buttercream Gang Part 1 of Part 6

This was all supposed to be part of part 5, and I am caps lock ragey at firefox right now. Firefox kept shutting down unexpectedly, so I decided to publish part 5 before anything else got lost. Anyway, let’s see where firefox cut me off.


Ah, yes. I believe firefox cut me off on a booze break. Actually, a booze break may be required to get through the entire month leading up to my flight.


HAHAHAHAHA only MY DOG refers to them as treats. (I’d include the cat in there, but she refuses to eat kitty treats, and she’s my brother’s cat anyway, and he took her away to college the little snipe.) having humans refer to them as treats is….. HAHAHAHA THEY’RE EATING BEGGIN’ STRIPS Y’ALL.



Scott: sure it’s ok with your grandpa? [in reference to going to the store for beggin’ strips)

Pete: yeah, don’t worry about it!

Seriously? These kids are teenagers. Back in 1992, any kid over the age of about… I dunno, say… 10 or so, could walk the short distance it was to the local grocery store. I think my parents trusted me to go to the gas station at…. 10 or 11, ish, and this would’ve been in 1999/2000. Granted I was going with another friend, but still, she was younger than me by a year. I’m not sure I would’ve been allowed to go alone, but with a friend, I could go at 10/11. And this was in the big city of Lansing, MI. Once my parents moved to a smaller town, I was pretty much allowed free reign at 11 or 12. And I didn’t even need to say where I was going, because in a town that size, there were only about 3-5 places I could be, and they knew I knew how to work a pay phone if I needed to.

And no, we did not have cell phones. Those were still a ways off yet, at least for the under 15 crowd. Sometime I oughta tell you about my dad’s carphone he had that decade that got stolen….

So the fact that Scott wonders if it is ok is completely out of the ordinary here. It’s just…. weird.

1992 was much more relaxed than 1999, soooo the fact that a 13-15 year old Pete is going to the store without his grandfather’s permission…. really shouldn’t be a big deal. They live in a small town, and by that age,even after my reputation had been destroyed, I still had that kind of freedom.

Pete says they had to walk because his bike hasn’t been fixed yet.

We are now told the store owner’s name is Mr. Graff. Took them long enough, jeez. This movie is not good at introducing characters by their names. And that’s infuriating.

Mr. Graff calls him “Pete Turner,” but Pete says he’s thinking he’s thinking of changing his last name to Pete Valdez, which is his mom’s name. I have no idea what the significance of this is. His parents are both dead…. does he just not want the same last name as Aunt Bitch? I hope you weren’t curious, Dear Reader, because We Don’t Get To Know.

Actually, after having watched the movie 6 times, it’s probably supposed to indicate that he is of Hispanic origin. Probably I’m reading too much into it. We’re probably just supposed to hear that he’s in a gang because he has a Hispanic name. Problem solved, I figured out why Pete’s in a gang! He’s HISPANIC!

Mr. Graff says it doesn’t matter, as long as he’s “still the same Pete,” which is… ok, I guess? I mean, it sort of says that Mr. Graff doesn’t’ care what his name is, as long as he’s still Pete. Though I can see why Pete wouldn’t like being called “the same old Pete,” because he’s not. Mr. Graff has no way of knowing this though, so I give him a pass.

Pete asks for the shoe laces. They are still “at the end of the aisle.”

We see Scott watching Pete suscpiciously as Pete goes to th eback of the store. I do not know why, as Scott has no reason to be suspicous. I like Scott less and less as this movie goes on.

Elton opens a drink in the store, but mr. Graff tells him he should know the rules; drinks must be drank outside. Elton claims he forgot. Bullshit, but MR. Graff doesn’t call him out on it, which….ok, he’s being nice about it.

Pete tells Mr. Graff he didn’t find the shoe laces he wanted, that he was looking for some neon ones.


And I’m drunk and going to pass out. This is where part 5 should have ended if firefox was cooperating. night everyone.




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