In Which I Apply For A Job

In the performing arts, casting (or casting call) is a pre-production process for selecting a cast (a meaning of the word recorded since 1631 [citation needed]) of actors, dancers, singers, models and other talent for a live or recorded performance.


Saturday evening my friend Sam texts me and asks if I want to go to a casting call for the new Batman movie. My answer was, yes, of course! I’m still a tad bitter about missing out on the Star Wars casting call Sam forgot to take me to.

Sam then informed me that I needed to be ready by 5:30am, as we needed to be on the road at that time, but absolutely no later than 6. Well, so much for that all night movie marathon Sawiki and I had planned.

So, this morning at shoot-me-in-the-head o’clock, Sam and Nickle showed up on my doorstep expecting me to be somewhat functional. Yeah, right. We drove to the city, which was an hour away, in which the casting call would be held. We arrived at about 8ish, and had time to get breakfast at Micky-D’s before staking out our campsite.


(I told them to get out of the way if they didn’t want to be on my blog, and none of the moved, so I took that as consent.)

We spent the next 3 hours playing Uno. One game went on for one whole hour, it was soooooo boring. They finally opened upt he doors at 10:40am (I almost didn’t make it because I was madly dashing back from the bathroom, I wasn’t expecting them to open the doors till 11!)

Fortunately I had no trouble getting in, though I got separated from Sam. Nickle wasn’t applying, he was just there to be the pack mule for the chairs, which we were not allowed to take inside.

Once inside, they had us sit at long rows of tables, about 100-200 people at a time. (Sam said it was 100, but I was number 146, so I have some doubts).

A woman stood up to give a short talk about how this was a job, and that once they called back and we accepted, we were not to call back and say, “I can’t do this, I have to go to work.” If you can’t commit to the days we ask you to come, don’t come. Pay would be $64 a day, not hour. Lunch would be provided. Then they asked us to fill out a short application with our name, phone number, and clothing size. Women’s clothes sizes are all over the map, so I didn’t know mine.

Once we had that filled out, we had to file in a long line up to the table at the front of the room.


Someone would read over our application to make sure it was legible and then direct us over to photography, where they took our pictures. No, I do not have a copy.

And that was it. I was expecting it to be a bit more exciting, honestly. For the Star Wars one, Sam said he actually had someone pull him over for a sword fight.


When I got out, the first words out of my mouth were, “Holy Shit!” I tried really hard to get a picture of this, but it was impossible. This is the best picture I have of that ridiculously long line, which extended down the main street, then looped back in a wide square all the way back. I’d say it was 1/4 of a mile long, and that might be a conservative estimate.


So then I was really glad that Sam dragged us out of bed at ridiculous o’clock. Sure we sat there playing Uno for 3 hours, but at least we weren’t halfway down main street!

It would be wonderful if I got called back, but…. that’s highly unlikely. And there are other obstacles that might prevent me from working on the movie, which I won’t explain here. Still, it would be really cool, even to just be an extra…


Help Me


PS anyone have any helpful info on the way wordpress does photos? It changed it so I can’t use photbucket and for some reason the last two pictures are cut off… the last pic looks better than it really is but I’m way too pissed off to try and fix it right now. I think I might write wordpress a very angry email saying not to fix what ain’t broke.


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