In Which I Discuss New Year’s Resolutions

I just read last year’s new year’s post… and realized I never made any resolutions. That’s not really such a huge deal, since I’ve never taken the practice seriously. To me, New Year’s resolutions were just another list you made for fun, but weren’t expected to stick to. I believe the ones from 2011 were downright silly, I just picked some of the top ones people always make. You know, stop smoking, lose weight, dumb shit that, with me, some of it  isn’t even possible. (It’s impossible for me to stop smoking, for example, because then I would need to start, which kind of screws up the whole stop smoking thing…)

I once had a teacher who was vehement about not making new year’s resolutions, because of this very mindset. Or… something, I really don’t remember. All I got from the talk was, “what are new year’s resolutions? People make those? That sounds like fun.” Ah, the 11 year old brain!

As soon as I finish the list of books I’ve read this year, I’ll post that. I think it’ll be interesting to print the 2 lists and look at them side by side. I did that last year and it might be interesting for people to see too.

This year I have just one new year’s resolution. It’s less of a “new year’s” one and more of “a resolution I happened to make at around January 1st, so what the heck.” It is to not buy a new doll for an entire year, and focus on collecting for/developing stories for the dolls that I *do* have. Appreciating what I have instead of constantly wanting more.

Do I think I’ll be able to stick to that? It depends on whether or not American Girl retires more dolls on my list. I’ll probably end up getting at least 2 or 3 dolls before the end of the year, but just because I buy them doesn’t mean I need to display them. So, if I DO buy more dolls, they are hiding in the closet until January of 2014. But, I really need to not buy any at all…

I didn’t intend to buy as many as I did this year, only, I kept getting good deals and honestly I felt I deserved a reward for getting a job in this wretched economy. So I bought approximately one new doll per new job I got.

To the best of my memory, the dolls I got in 2013 are:

1. Vannah (Vannuzza Vanange) (This one might’ve actually been purchased in 2012… hell if I can remember.)

2. Emily, American Girl Molly’s friend

3. Kathleen McKenzie (A life of Faith)

4. Saila (Maplelea)

5. Felicity (American Girl)

6. Kirsten (Americna Girl)

7. Saige Mini doll (American Girl

The other 2 dolls are gifts, so they don’t count, but for kicks and giggles they are

8. Toni (1950 Ideal Toy Company, grandma’s childhood doll purchased circa 1948/1949)

9. Molly, American Girl who’s character is supposed to be from the 40s, so, Toni’s era. Hmm. I wonder if there’s an American Girl sized Toni doll? (Gift from Mommy 🙂 )

Wow. now that I list it out, that is a lot of dolls, at least 7. Well, 8 if we’re not counting mini Saige, since she hardly cost anything in comparison and takes up much less room than her 18″ counterparts.

So, now that I’ve listed all of mine (all 1 of them lol) what are your new year’s resolutions?


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