In Which I Have A Merry Little Christmas

This year was my first Christmas without Grandpa (and Grandma Alma.) It was…. strange. And not in a good way.

I still had a good time. I got to see and spend time with my 9 year old cousin Kayleigh. It turns out she is a lot like me; a voracious bookworm and an introvert. Almost all Todd women are huge readers, so it came as a surprise to me that her younger sister, Zanny, doesn’t like to read. In our family, that’s an anomaly. Oh well.

The kids were allowed to play with the toys. There was an American Girl Doll (Saige), so guess what one of us ended up playing with. Despite the fact that I have had all year to buy Saige, I suddenly wanted her after seeing the doll. Of course she’s sold out by now, go figure. It’s probably a good thing. I do NOT need another doll. In fact, I’ve kind of resolved not to buy another new one for a whole year…

Aunt Becky cooked for me, as usual, and as usual it was amazing. I ate too much. So did Kayleigh, and afterward we went somewhere private and passed out in a food coma. My presents involved a dolphin figurine and some candy. Grandma also gave me the one doll she saved from childhood, a Toni doll. I wanted to post pictures, but photobucket’s not cooperating. Oh well. In the future I’ll devote a whole post to Toni dolls.

Kayleigh got a La La Loopsy doll, and afterward it was the one we snuck off to play with.

On our way home, we sort of got into an accident, but we didn’t hit anything. We just got out of control and did a 180, stopping just short of hitting the exit sign. The weather hadn’t even been that bad, it just wasn’t the type of weather you did the speed limit in. After that grandma went a lot slower, and I was relived.

I wish I got to see these people more often than once a year.

My birthday is coming up. I will be 25 this year. I just got my new driver’s license. Not that I have a car with which to use it, but, details.

Over the break I worked on knitting a doll cardigan. I wasn’t able to finish it because I had neither circular nor double pointed needles. Now that I’m home I hope to be able to finish it, but tomorrow I have to work. I hope I get enough work hours for next semester. I had a bad dream last night that I only got 4 hours a week. It felt so real that when I woke up, I didn’t know where I was.

All in all, I had a good Christmas with my family. I have to admit, it was a lot more peaceful without grandma Alma around, though I wish grandpa had been there. Alma, though still alive, has gone to live with her family in Georgia. It will be interesting to see someone who has been a part of my life all of my life, for better or for worse, leave.


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