In Which I Have A Dangerous Idea

First, I would like to know why the HELL wordpress constantly eats my posts everytime I hit apple and arrow key (this is the “end” key on a mac.) So fuckin annoying.

Anyway, I’ve read 12 books this whole month. That in and of itself is a dangerous idea, because it means that I’ve sacrificed sleep, homework, and, well, not much else to read these books. And they are decent sized books, not little thin things.

One book I just finished reading last night was called, What’s Your Dangerous Idea? This book is a collection about, well, dangerous ideas. By “dangerous idea” the book does not mean, “nuclear bombs.” It means things like, for example, pansychism.

panpsychism is the view that all matter has a mental aspect, or, alternatively, all objects have a unified center of experience or point of view


In other words, every single object has a mind, a conscious, thinking, feeling mind, just like you and me. The chair I’m sitting on, the toilet I pooped in this morning –oh no! The toilet! I defecated in that poor thing! It is a sentient being? I must never use the toilet again. I shall go outside and poop on the ground…

Oh wait, I can’t do that either: the ground has a mind/consciousness too! Oh no! I can never poop again! What am I going to do?

And the food I ate this morning, that had a mind too? And I tore into it like… like… a big giant person who EATS THINGS?!

I can never eat again. Well, at least that solves the problem of where to poop, seeing as I can’t poop if I don’t eat. Or drink. Or… Or…

People actually believe this stuff?

This, folks, is why THAT is a dangerous idea.

Actually, the book irked me. Ever 3rd or 5th essay in the book was about how the idea of Christianity was somehow dangerous. And, to an extent, I would agree. Some forms of Christianity are dangerous. The types, for example, that deny women any rights and decree that they must remain in the home and be submissive to the hubbsy and not have any careers outside of wife and mother. And the types that ban any forms of birth control. There are even types of “Christianity” that endorse eugenics. 

I firmly believe in separation of Church and state. I don’t believe religion has any place in the making of laws.

My dangerous idea, rather, is this: What if committed Christian young people were to step up and get involved in ministry? It wouldn’t even have to be a total full time commitment:* just one or 2 bible studies a week. If giving bible studies or going door to door isn’t your thing, I’m sure there are other ways. There’s behind the scenes work a person could do for things like church and evangelistic series. The person who plays the piano at church is just as involved in ministry as the person who gives bible studies. If one cannot preach, one can still sow seed.

What if every single Christ like person on this planet were to do that? I don’t mean those who CALL themselves Christians: I mean those who truly desire to follow Christ. The very few Christians I know who are loving, caring, and would sacrifice themselves not just for a fellow religious person, but for a total enemy.

What if we were to show this love to the world, all at once? What could happen? Could we end the world in our generation? Could Jesus come in our lifetime?

I believe this COULD happen. Do I believe it will?

Help Me



*Random side note: why does “committed” have two “t’s” but “commitment” only have one? Argh! English!