In Which I Make The Thanksgiving Post

This is the annual thanksgiving post. Well, most of you don’t really know it’s annual, because usually I email it out to everybody on my address list, but since I have a blog, I’m skipping that part. I really need to plug in the computer. Anyway…

For thanksgiving we went to my cousin Ashley’s house. To my great surprise, grandpa was there. He’s been sick lately. And I don’t mean with a cold. It was really good to see him. He said it was one of his good nights…

Aunt Lynn had to go to work before we got there, but her kids, my cousins and Ashley’s sisters, Kim and Amanda were there (Tony was missing… wonder where he was?)

Becky cooked for me, and it was wonderful. Becky is Aunt Lynn’s friend. I lacked for mostly nothing.

My grandma’s dog is small. Her mother was a pomeranian and her father was a long haired chihuahua, so Lady is a pomahuahua. Ashley’s dog, Hopper, is… what I would call a medium sized dog: Not small enough you could mistake it for a cat, but not really the size of a great dane either. So, somewhere between that. Lady barked and chased Hopper. It was so funny to see this… this… he’s not a BIG dog, but he’s big compared to Lady, being chased by a tiny little ball of blonde fur! Hilarious.

Ashley’s kids, Kayleigh 8, Zandria 6, and Xzavier 4, were there too, of course. I wish I got to see them more often. Xzavier kept jumping on my legs and stomach. “You know something kid? You’re the most effective form of birth control I know.” He just kind of smiled at me. Then we went on a “monster hunt.” Then the girls wanted to watch My Little Pony, and I insisted on doing that instead of continuing the Monster Hunt. They were starting in on an avatar when I had to leave. They wanted me to stay the night. I love them. And I’m so glad I went on birth control.

And now, that moment you’ve all been waiting for: in the spirit of thanksgiving, here are all the things I’m grateful for in the past year:

1. The iPod touch. I know I don’t have it anymore, but I spent so much time being grateful for it before I lost it that I feel it would be strange not to put it down. I’m thankful for it when I had it, anyway. Which makes it even more unfair  that god took it from me because I was properly grateful…

2. That Justin is loaning me the Android phone, which I neeed to make another post about…

3. That I know how to read, and can do it well. I don’t know how I would’ve survived these past 23 years without books. Thanks mom for working to develop in me a love of reading.

4. Birth control. Best. Thing. Ever. I bleed less, I have no period cramps, and, as a bonus, my acne is almost completely gone!

5. That I can get my birth control for only $10 a pop. At the small town drugstore in my parents’ home town, it cost $40 a pop. Soon, I hope I can be grateful that the proposal went through and I can get it for free 🙂

6. I’m thankful for my cousins, even though half of them don’t like me anymore. I am especially thankful for my little cousins once removed. They are awesome.

7. I am thankful for my grandma, and that I can still stay with her, at least for a little while, though I can no longer live with her.

8.  That vegan food has gotten more sophisticated over the years.

9. I am thankful for Callie, and that I got to visit her this month. Even though I’m a wicked horrible friend, she puts up with me. Don’t get why, but ok whatever. Someday I hope to be as good a friend to her as she is to me.

10. I GOT TO SEE DOLPHINS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!! They were wonderful. I can die happy now.

11. Rachael. If I didn’t have her, I would go crazy. I’m also thankful for the gift she said she’d give me the last time we skyped… it wasn’t on my christmas list, and it’s nothing expensive, and it might not work, but if it does, it could really really help.

12. Mom Ann. Her support while I was canvassing was immeasurable.

13. That I got a second chance to be friends with Kaitlynn. She really is a nice girl and I should’ve given her a chance before.

14. Justin. I never thought I’d put HIM on the thankful list. When I first met him, I thought he was an obnoxious jerk. And he still is on occasion, but he’s also a really cool friend, and, honestly, he’s probably the only person around here who keeps me sane.

15. Accountability partners.

16. Jacq and Jacob. Even though I miss them sorely, I am still glad they found happiness.

17. Leggings. If I didn’t have them to wear beneath the skirts and dresses I was forced to wear last summer, I’d have died.

18. That I never have to canvass again if I do’nt want to

19. Libraries, even though I can’t have access to them half the time.

20. That Romney lost the election

21. That Apple repaired my laptop for free the last time I needed it.

22. That I’m not living under a bridge in a tent

23. Dogs. They make me smile.

24. Cats. They make me go “awww!!!”

25. The internet –I’d die without it

26. The color purple

27. My New Life Group. Each and every Tuesday I thank God for these lovely young women who are to encourage, support, and lift up each other. I truly do not know how I got through last year without a life group.

28. Spring break trip to Florida. Even though I didn’t get to see dolphins, I got to swim in the ocean for the first time. Priceless. And, just after I threw away my shell collection, I was finally able to pick up some sea shells that aren’t lake shells! Now I wish I had my collection back….

29. July 31st and what it represents Nuff said

30.  CAMPUS Hope

31. Food. I always say this every year, so I wasn’t going to say it this year because it’s repetitive, but I am thankful that I get to eat every day.

32. I am thankful for my small group of friends (it’s a small group, ok, NOT a clique!) Marenda, Grace, and Jinsil. I don’t understand why they put up with me.

33. Marina spending Thursdays in my dorm. It’s always gone better than I expected.

34. Trees. I LOVE tree climbing.

35. Indoor plumbing. No, really, that sounds stupid but think about how things would be if I had to use an outhouse? Or worse, nothing.

36. Toilet paper

37. I am thankful that medical science, though it has super far to go, has still made leaps and bounds since the dark ages.

38. Water. Best beverage God ever created. I honestly believe that.

39. That I have healthy (except for a few cavities) teeth.

40. The Starbucks card my daddy keeps refilling.


I know I’m forgetting about everything, but I do have to end this post eventually. Happy thanksgiving to all, and to all….


A Merry Christmas. Now that it’s the OFFICIAL start of the Christmas season.

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