The Forgotten Holiday

It seems Christmas comes earlier every year. Sometimes in the past stores have put out the Christmas decorations a few days before Thanksgiving.

This year I haven’t seen any Thanksgiving decorations at all. Everyone, not just the stores, has gone straight from Halloween to Christmas. I feel sorry for poor little Thanksgiving. It seems like it has been completely overlooked and forgotten this year.

To remember Thanksgiving, I’m going to talk about our Thanksgiving traditions. Mostly the ones in the past, because anymore my family unit doesn’t really do anything except eat turkey. But Thanksgiving used to mean so much more to me than that.

For Thanksgiving, when I was younger, we had it with the extended family on my mom’s side. We would either go to grandma Karen’s house, or my step grandma and grandpa’s house. Step grandma (hereafter referred to as Grandma Alma) and grandpa had a pool in their backyard, but by Thanksgiving it was too cold to swim in, so I’m sure those memories I have of swimming did not occur in late November.

But I do have memories of being in the basement of Grandma Alma’s house, or the living room of Grandma Karen’s, and eating turkey. And of course, playing with the cousins. The guest list included (but was certainly not limited to, as I paid no attention to anyone significantly older or younger than I):


Ashley (the oldest, but she got too old to play with us very quickly)





More would join later on, as more were born. These are who I remember being the main group, and, when Joe was born, he joined, though things kind of got divided after that, but those are bad memories, so I won’t write them down.

If we were at grandma Karen’s house, we would go upstairs, drag out the old guitars with missing strings, the old accordion, a child’s toy piano, a ukelele, a pair of child’s drums, and whatever else we could find, and we’d play Band. I don’t know how the adults ever put up with that one, looking back. We must have made quite the racket. Some of us even tried to sing! Except, like the campus missionaries in the car on the way home from church, none of us ever quite agreed on what we were singing…

I miss that. My cousins and I used to be relatively close knit, and I really miss that. I like to think we’d be closer today if all that family drama hadn’t occurred that split us up. If Aunt Lynn hadn’t married Dan, if Bob never hit Laurie, if Laurie had never married Jeff. And then, distance: If my dad had never moved us up north… though I think family drama did more damage on that front than distance, personally, because I wasn’t in the UP for very long, considering. And then Lynn moved, but she only moved about an hour away from… well, not posting my location on a public blog.

Nevermind. I guess I have Thanksgiving and Christmas fused together in my mind. After all, they all involved family, fun, and, even though some of us might have hated each other, love.

And now I’m wishing I appreciated it more at the time, because I want it back. So very very much. Except the bad parts.

What sort of traditions are usual for you at Thanksgiving? Mine are kinda lame, so I want to hear about yours. I want to hear about how you ate turkey (or tofurkey or whatever it is vegetarian Adventists ate for Thanksgiving before the invention thereof.)

Tomorrow I’ll make a Thanksgiving post. If Ashley gives me her wifi password, I might even be able to post it. I don’t have internet at my grandma’s house, so I’m currently at the library.

So, even though Christmas things are all around us, try to find something special to just remember thanksgiving. Go read up on the history, make a list of what you’re thankful for, find a thanksgiving special on TV, or color a turkey in a coloring book. Whatever you do, just remember: before Christmas, we have this other holiday that’s not very well known. It’s called: Thanksgiving.


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