In Which I Post What I Really Want For Christmas

And no, it’s not a hippopotamus. Or my two front teeth.

Since Santa only delivers toys (even toys for adults) that’s mainly what I put on my wishlist. But, even with all the things I forgot to add, there are some things I just didn’t add, because, no one can get these things for me. So, here’s what my wishlist would look like if people could get me what I REALLY wanted:

1. Mental health and stability (for me)

1. Freedom from issue #2 (Yes, I know there are two number ones, for explanation, please see number 9.)

2. For Rachael to get better

3. For my ears to stop itching

4. A cure for hyperhidrosis

5. A cure for overactive bladder

6. A super special magic bank account full of lots of lovely money that I could use for one purpose and one purpose only: unselfish giving, including but not limited to charities like ADRA, Compassion International, and Worldvision. (this also includes gifts for friends… basically anything I don’t spend on myself.)

7. A cure for allergies

8. Something to make my nose stop running a marathon at all times

9. The ability to believe things like, “I love you,” (from Callie, Kiana, other people) “I love you,” (from Jesus) “you are perfectly safe aboard this aircraft” and “you too can be free from issue #2.” Actually, now that I think about it, that should be number 1 on the list. Hold on. K, fixed.

10. I crave hugging and cuddling like some people crave chocolate and potato chips. Speaking of which, I am craving chocolate and popcorn. Sigh.

11. To know what I want to do with my life and be able to support myself as an adult.

12. A cure for grandpa’s cancer

13. For my grandma to be magically cured of Dementia (similar to Alzheimers).

14. To be 5’10” (or is that 5″10′? Punctuation was never my strong point.)

Looking at that list, it still looks long and selfish. I don’t know what the point of posting this is, because now all I want is a chocolate pop tart, or chocolate cereal and chocolate soymilk…

Even just one item on this list would make me the happiest woman in the world. Much as I do want a Nexus 7, or a Kindle, or my iPod back, I’d trade in every item of technology I’ve owned, possibly every item of technology I’ve EVER owned, for even just one item on this list. Actually, maybe there are a few items that are an exception, and I’d classify the laptop I have currently as a need rather than a want, because it’s really inconvenient without it, I’ve tried.

So, not that it matters, but those are the things I REALLY want for Christmas. Oh, and for that poor forgotten holiday called thanksgiving to get some media attention before all the christmas decorations go up. That’s another thing I’d like for Christmas…


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