In Which I Make A Comparison

November 11, 2012

This post is gonna get a little… geeky. But don’t get too excited, because my closet geek self is still, well, closeted. Perhaps she’ll suffocate to death and die. We’ll see.

Many of you (actually, all of you, at least that I talk to in real life) remember that I lost my iPod touch to the monster that is a thief on a city bus. The first few days afterwards were hell. I would be walking around thinking, and want to read a bible verse to confirm my thought. I’d reach into my pocket –oh. No iPod.

I’d be in a meeting, and we’d be singing without hymnals. I’d reach into my pocket and pull out –a dirty tissue. No iPod touch.

I’d be lying in bed reading one of my non English textbooks, come across an unfamiliar word (or 5) that was hindering my understanding of the passage. I’d reach over to the space beside my pillow –No silicon case met my fingertips.

I’d wake up in the morning, reach over for my device to check my email –oh. I have to get out of bed now.

I’d want to text someone, but I’m running low on texting on my limited texting plan. I’d reach for the Secondary Communications Device –and discover that it would now be necessary to find out if Pinger offers their services on the web as well, which fortunately they do.

I was in a spot, folks. I’ve had an iPod touch so long I don’t know how to live without it. It carries my books, my book lists, my to do lists, my planner, my calendar, my bible, hymnal, all the EGW books ever written in English and Spanish, some games I like, an english/spanish dictionary, a Spanish/spanish dictionary, an english/german dictionary, webster’s dictionary, and, most importantly, an alarm reminding me to take my daily medication. I am NOTORIOUSLY bad at remembering to take pills. When I voiced this difficulty, Grace and Jinsil offered to call me at 8pm if they needed to every night to remind me to take my pill.

I felt like I had lost a tooth. And so I turned to my super special geeky friend. I know that my friend is a geek, and geeks often have random bits of technology lying around unused. I would know; after all, I am a closet geek, and I have lots of random bits of technology lying around waiting for my inner geek to burst out of the closet and play.

He offered to let me use one of his random smartphones that he had lying around. He was going to use it as a hack phone (that is, a phone you mess around and do geeky things with, my non geek readers), but he’s getting a new phone anyway and can use his current phone for that. Plus he said he didn’t have time to hack it anyway, and it was just lying around gathering dust, so it may as well see the light of day. I think he was worried I was going to lose it, though. That was why I was surprised he agreed. After all, I was careless with my iPod, even though I’m normally quite careful wit it. I guess 5 seconds of carelessness cancels out months and years of carefulness…

Getting used to an Android after having become quite attached and accustomed to an iPod has not been easy. In fact, I’d say I’m still going through it. Especially after this sabbath where it was acting up on me in church and being a general distraction. That’s my fault though; I shouldn’t have let it.

For Spanish class we had to write an essay comparing and contrasting something. I don’t have the energy to translate the essay yet (though I’ll have to since our Spanish teacher requires it for class) so I’m just going to post the main points: some observations on both devices.

This is not a post to say, “the iPod is so much better because *starts singing praises of Apple, inc.” Neither is it a post to say, “the Android is so much better than apple because *starts singing the praises of Google.” Rather, this is a post to say, “here are the benefits and downsides of both, and here is what I think is best for ME.”

Yes, there is a lot of, “well the Android does this (bad thing) and the iPod doesn’t” and “well the iPod does this (good thing) but the Android doesn’t.”

This is because, um, rough adjustment period. I really, at this point, think they’re about equal.

1. The Android has 6 buttons, whereas the iPod only has one.  This was perpetually confusing to me at first. I had a hard time figuring out how to GET anywhere. On the iPod, the navigation is done mostly onscreen. On an Android, you use the buttons. This took a while to get used to, but I think I have it down.

Hilarity (or not, from my point of view) would ensue, however, when I tried to use the track button (this particular phone has a small track ball in the middle, no I was not including that in my 6 button count) for everything. I quickly found out that THAT didn’t work, so dumbo over here promptly went on to try using the “off” button for everything. I would frequently hit the off button expecting it to take me to the homescreen, then I’d swear at it when it didn’t work. Technology REALLY doesn’t like me!

2. Google play store has less free books than the iBook store does on the iPod. Enough said.

3. I don’t get the point of the track ball, but I enjoy playing with it. (I think the iPod needs one!)

4. I like the fact that, with the android, you can lock the screen into portrait or landscape. The iPod doesn’t have that. It rotates whether or not you want it to or not. This makes lying down in bed reading a book really awkward, because you either have to lie flat on your back, or hold it in awkward positions. With the Android I can’t read as many free books, but at least I can read them without having the screen flipping out on me.

5. In order to get free books, you must give a credit card number. I do not want google to have my credit card number. The iPod does not make you deal with such silliness.

6. Pinger refuses to work half the time on Android. Time to get a google voice number and now confuse everybody with the fact that I have THREE phone numbers!

7. Like the iPod, setting up international keyboards is easy. This was a huge relief. (Though not so easy when I installed Swype, but we’re getting to that.)

8. There is very little memory for applications on the Android. Justin says this has something to do with storing apps on the phone verses the SD card. He said the SD card is only 8 gigs, which is smaller than what I’m used to but whatever. Space on the phone itself fills up pretty quickly. On the iPod, I had loads and loads of lovely download space. This I see as a huge downside.

9. Uninstalling is harder on the Android, unless you download an uninstaller, which is one of the first things Justin did for me because he said I would need it. Heh. He has foresight.

10. Android has a SUPER hard time bringing up the EMU internet login screen.

11. A lot of games that I played on iPod aren’t available, which I guess isn’t such a big deal because I was beginning to get bored with those games anyway.

12. On the Android, if you put the keyboard on caps lock, then go to the numbers menu, then go back to the alphabet keyboard, it will stay caps locked. Not so with the iPod. This caused confusion with passwords at first, because when I go from numbers to letters, it’s automatic to hit the caps lock button again if I need to. Once I figured out what was going on, I really really liked this feature.

13. The web browser automatically logs me into the wrong gmail account, and the signout button is super hidden.

14. I love that the Android is supposed to have the voice to text feature. I wish that it actually worked. Here are some attempts at getting the thing to work:

me: I’m sorry hun, I wish they could find a way to help you

phone: I’m sorry honey roasted I do it help you

me: (enunciating more clearly) “I’m sorry hun, I wish they could find a way to help you.”

phone: I’m sorry hun stick can I have you

me: groans and gives up.

15. The Android phone is smaller and the screen is more cramped

16. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY am in love with the Swype (what I call “scribble”) feature. It makes on screen typing 10 times easier! I wish they had this for the iPod. If I was ever to purchase an Android phone, this would be the reason. (Now if I can just get the blasted thing to work in Spanish…)

That is all I can think of for now. I am extremely tired, but still have a lot to do. I wish “napping” was on my to do list.

I will be in possession of an Android for at least another 2 months, and then possibly longer as I wait for my father to come through on his promise to buy  a new battery for my new iPod, which I might or might not be getting on time for Christmas. So, stay tuned folks, watch as Abby struggles to get used to new technology!

I used to be really good at technology: where did I go wrong? Oh whatever.

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