In Which I Watch A Movie

We had to watch When Harry Met Sally for our communications class. We are supposed to analyze their relationship, the steps they took, the turning points, etc.

OMG this movie was the LONGEST and most BORING movie EVER. Well not really, I’ve seen boringer, but still. Very few parts were actually funny, and this is supposed to be a comedy. I don’t get why the overwhelming majority of people liked this film. Nothing happens!

Actually, that’s not true, it just takes 12 YEARS for anything to happen. Not to mention: Harry is a JERK. It really annoys me when I watch movies in which the lead male is a jerk, but the female is SUPPOSED to fall in love with him because “destiny” or something. I believe tropes like this encourage the behavior in real life, both on the part of men and women, At least at the subconscious level.

The movie also has a lot of kissing, which is rather obnoxious. It’s like, ok, I get it, you love each other, now GET A ROOM.

Oh wait. They did. See the couple naked in bed together. Oiy! I do not have a problem with premarital sex in movies, but I DO have a problem with them showing scenes like this because I believe sex should be a private act between 2 consenting individuals, preferably of the married variety.

Basically, I don’t get the big deal about this movie. It’s boring. The most interesting part was noticing all the 80s stuff. Those godawful hairstyles, the horrid clothes, the New York City skyline with the World Trade Centers (that last one was more startling than anything else) and the karaoke machine with TAPES.

Yeah, basically a rant about a movie, and now I have to analyze it. Sigh. Why couldn’t he have picked a shorter, funnier, movie with likeable protagonists?

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