In Which I Read Books

And get bored enough to blog about them. Actually, I’m not bored, I’m procrastinating: I’m supposed to be taking a shower.


So, here are the books I’ve been reading lately:

The Ringmaster’s Daughter by Jostein Gaarder
I thought this book was ok. Coulda done without the sex scenes. The book was engaging enough to keep me reading it. It’s about this kid/adult named Petter who has an overactive imagination. He then uses this overimagination by creating plots for writers that need ideas. I don’t get the thing at the end where he feels his life is threatened, because I do not see at all how this could be life threatening, and didn’t feel like the book did a good job of explaining it.

I’m still not sure what the point of the book is. Lemme give you the basic overview: Petter meets Maria. Petter and Maria have child. Maria leaves. Years pass. Petter meets another woman who seems like his soul mate. They have sex. Afterwards, he finds out that this woman is his DAUGHTER. And that’s the end of the book.  The other stuff, like Petter’s business of selling stories to authors, had potential, but this particular storyline kind of… majorly sucked.

Freedom Crossing by Margaret Goff Clark— I liked this book. It’s about a 15 year old  girl (though we don’t find out that she is 15 until the end of the book, which is super stupidly annoying, as these are things I like to know right off the bat. I had to keep revising her age the whole way through.) who spent the last 4 years living in the south, because her mother died. Her father, however, is very much alive and well, and it was never quite explained why she had to go live with an aunt and uncle in the south when her father was alive and well. There was a one sentence explanation that didn’t make much sense, however, there was NO explanation at ALL why she suddenly returned to the North to live with her father, especially since she seems to have enjoyed the south so much.

Anyway, when the girl (whose name I’ve already forgotten, and Amazon is devoid of plot descriptions or reviews to get it from.) comes back to the North to find that her house is a stop on the underground railroad. Her father is away for a few days,s o she and her brother have to help 12 year old Marcus cross the river to Canada.

I personally thought the main character came across as a 12 year old rather than 15, however, if you’re appealing to the 12 year old audience, I could definitely understand that. I think that the character should have then BEEN 12, but whatever. I thought that the narration talked down to the audience a lot, but again, 12 year olds might need that, especially 12 year olds not familiar with slavery.

I also thought that the main character switches way too quickly from being pro to anti slavery, but could excuse that because it’s possible the author only had a limited number of pages to work with.

I’d highly recommend this book for the 8-12 crowd. At that age, this is something I would have been all over.
The Time Machine, by HG Wells.
This is an excellent book that everybody needs to go out and read RIGHT NOW. It’s awesome. A man goes forward in time to the future, and talks about the humans he meets in the future, which have regressed a lot since their time, which is 1860 something. One part of the human race grew very simple and childlike, and another race of human beings went to live under ground. The man (his name is never mentioned) is afraid of the humans who live underground, and spends most of the book trying to get his time machine back from them. He then travels forward until the end of time, then comes back. The people he tells the story to aren’t sure whether to believe him or not. In the end, the time traveler goes away on his time machine and never comes back. The end.

Surfing for God by Michael John Cusik

While I personally do not struggle with pornography, I do struggle with other addictions. Unless what he was saying was specifically related to sex, I could still pull out the principles and apply them. My major complaint with this book is that it is very masculine oriented. It is not acknowledged that women struggle with porn too, perhaps not AS much as men, but a LOT of women struggle with it, and I’d say it’s a pretty big issue. I think to ignore this and go on and on about porn making you feel more masculine, and finding true masculinity, bla bla bla, is very sexist. This is not even an issue of wishing the author would interchange pronouns “he” and “she.” What I’m talking about is an author who completely ignores the fact that he may very well have a huge female audience, and addresses his remarks only to men.

Aside from that, there are some VERY good principles in there, though some of his theology is off. He makes a lot of good points, offers a lot of good suggestions, and even tells us his testimony.

I actually got this book for free, because, for a time, it was available for free downloading on the website. I’m not sure if it still is, but I figured that if it was free, I’d take it. If I had to pay actual money for it, though, I’m sure I would’ve been disappointed. This is a great book for men, but if you’re a woman, I’d recommend finding a different book.

And now I’ve procrastinated to the point where I REALLY must go shower. I hope the water got warmer since I last checked though. Lukewarm showers in the middle of winter? Ugh! I’ll spongebathe in the sink if they don’t fix this!

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In Which I Make The Thanksgiving Post

This is the annual thanksgiving post. Well, most of you don’t really know it’s annual, because usually I email it out to everybody on my address list, but since I have a blog, I’m skipping that part. I really need to plug in the computer. Anyway…

For thanksgiving we went to my cousin Ashley’s house. To my great surprise, grandpa was there. He’s been sick lately. And I don’t mean with a cold. It was really good to see him. He said it was one of his good nights…

Aunt Lynn had to go to work before we got there, but her kids, my cousins and Ashley’s sisters, Kim and Amanda were there (Tony was missing… wonder where he was?)

Becky cooked for me, and it was wonderful. Becky is Aunt Lynn’s friend. I lacked for mostly nothing.

My grandma’s dog is small. Her mother was a pomeranian and her father was a long haired chihuahua, so Lady is a pomahuahua. Ashley’s dog, Hopper, is… what I would call a medium sized dog: Not small enough you could mistake it for a cat, but not really the size of a great dane either. So, somewhere between that. Lady barked and chased Hopper. It was so funny to see this… this… he’s not a BIG dog, but he’s big compared to Lady, being chased by a tiny little ball of blonde fur! Hilarious.

Ashley’s kids, Kayleigh 8, Zandria 6, and Xzavier 4, were there too, of course. I wish I got to see them more often. Xzavier kept jumping on my legs and stomach. “You know something kid? You’re the most effective form of birth control I know.” He just kind of smiled at me. Then we went on a “monster hunt.” Then the girls wanted to watch My Little Pony, and I insisted on doing that instead of continuing the Monster Hunt. They were starting in on an avatar when I had to leave. They wanted me to stay the night. I love them. And I’m so glad I went on birth control.

And now, that moment you’ve all been waiting for: in the spirit of thanksgiving, here are all the things I’m grateful for in the past year:

1. The iPod touch. I know I don’t have it anymore, but I spent so much time being grateful for it before I lost it that I feel it would be strange not to put it down. I’m thankful for it when I had it, anyway. Which makes it even more unfair  that god took it from me because I was properly grateful…

2. That Justin is loaning me the Android phone, which I neeed to make another post about…

3. That I know how to read, and can do it well. I don’t know how I would’ve survived these past 23 years without books. Thanks mom for working to develop in me a love of reading.

4. Birth control. Best. Thing. Ever. I bleed less, I have no period cramps, and, as a bonus, my acne is almost completely gone!

5. That I can get my birth control for only $10 a pop. At the small town drugstore in my parents’ home town, it cost $40 a pop. Soon, I hope I can be grateful that the proposal went through and I can get it for free 🙂

6. I’m thankful for my cousins, even though half of them don’t like me anymore. I am especially thankful for my little cousins once removed. They are awesome.

7. I am thankful for my grandma, and that I can still stay with her, at least for a little while, though I can no longer live with her.

8.  That vegan food has gotten more sophisticated over the years.

9. I am thankful for Callie, and that I got to visit her this month. Even though I’m a wicked horrible friend, she puts up with me. Don’t get why, but ok whatever. Someday I hope to be as good a friend to her as she is to me.

10. I GOT TO SEE DOLPHINS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!! They were wonderful. I can die happy now.

11. Rachael. If I didn’t have her, I would go crazy. I’m also thankful for the gift she said she’d give me the last time we skyped… it wasn’t on my christmas list, and it’s nothing expensive, and it might not work, but if it does, it could really really help.

12. Mom Ann. Her support while I was canvassing was immeasurable.

13. That I got a second chance to be friends with Kaitlynn. She really is a nice girl and I should’ve given her a chance before.

14. Justin. I never thought I’d put HIM on the thankful list. When I first met him, I thought he was an obnoxious jerk. And he still is on occasion, but he’s also a really cool friend, and, honestly, he’s probably the only person around here who keeps me sane.

15. Accountability partners.

16. Jacq and Jacob. Even though I miss them sorely, I am still glad they found happiness.

17. Leggings. If I didn’t have them to wear beneath the skirts and dresses I was forced to wear last summer, I’d have died.

18. That I never have to canvass again if I do’nt want to

19. Libraries, even though I can’t have access to them half the time.

20. That Romney lost the election

21. That Apple repaired my laptop for free the last time I needed it.

22. That I’m not living under a bridge in a tent

23. Dogs. They make me smile.

24. Cats. They make me go “awww!!!”

25. The internet –I’d die without it

26. The color purple

27. My New Life Group. Each and every Tuesday I thank God for these lovely young women who are to encourage, support, and lift up each other. I truly do not know how I got through last year without a life group.

28. Spring break trip to Florida. Even though I didn’t get to see dolphins, I got to swim in the ocean for the first time. Priceless. And, just after I threw away my shell collection, I was finally able to pick up some sea shells that aren’t lake shells! Now I wish I had my collection back….

29. July 31st and what it represents Nuff said

30.  CAMPUS Hope

31. Food. I always say this every year, so I wasn’t going to say it this year because it’s repetitive, but I am thankful that I get to eat every day.

32. I am thankful for my small group of friends (it’s a small group, ok, NOT a clique!) Marenda, Grace, and Jinsil. I don’t understand why they put up with me.

33. Marina spending Thursdays in my dorm. It’s always gone better than I expected.

34. Trees. I LOVE tree climbing.

35. Indoor plumbing. No, really, that sounds stupid but think about how things would be if I had to use an outhouse? Or worse, nothing.

36. Toilet paper

37. I am thankful that medical science, though it has super far to go, has still made leaps and bounds since the dark ages.

38. Water. Best beverage God ever created. I honestly believe that.

39. That I have healthy (except for a few cavities) teeth.

40. The Starbucks card my daddy keeps refilling.


I know I’m forgetting about everything, but I do have to end this post eventually. Happy thanksgiving to all, and to all….


A Merry Christmas. Now that it’s the OFFICIAL start of the Christmas season.

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The Forgotten Holiday

It seems Christmas comes earlier every year. Sometimes in the past stores have put out the Christmas decorations a few days before Thanksgiving.

This year I haven’t seen any Thanksgiving decorations at all. Everyone, not just the stores, has gone straight from Halloween to Christmas. I feel sorry for poor little Thanksgiving. It seems like it has been completely overlooked and forgotten this year.

To remember Thanksgiving, I’m going to talk about our Thanksgiving traditions. Mostly the ones in the past, because anymore my family unit doesn’t really do anything except eat turkey. But Thanksgiving used to mean so much more to me than that.

For Thanksgiving, when I was younger, we had it with the extended family on my mom’s side. We would either go to grandma Karen’s house, or my step grandma and grandpa’s house. Step grandma (hereafter referred to as Grandma Alma) and grandpa had a pool in their backyard, but by Thanksgiving it was too cold to swim in, so I’m sure those memories I have of swimming did not occur in late November.

But I do have memories of being in the basement of Grandma Alma’s house, or the living room of Grandma Karen’s, and eating turkey. And of course, playing with the cousins. The guest list included (but was certainly not limited to, as I paid no attention to anyone significantly older or younger than I):


Ashley (the oldest, but she got too old to play with us very quickly)





More would join later on, as more were born. These are who I remember being the main group, and, when Joe was born, he joined, though things kind of got divided after that, but those are bad memories, so I won’t write them down.

If we were at grandma Karen’s house, we would go upstairs, drag out the old guitars with missing strings, the old accordion, a child’s toy piano, a ukelele, a pair of child’s drums, and whatever else we could find, and we’d play Band. I don’t know how the adults ever put up with that one, looking back. We must have made quite the racket. Some of us even tried to sing! Except, like the campus missionaries in the car on the way home from church, none of us ever quite agreed on what we were singing…

I miss that. My cousins and I used to be relatively close knit, and I really miss that. I like to think we’d be closer today if all that family drama hadn’t occurred that split us up. If Aunt Lynn hadn’t married Dan, if Bob never hit Laurie, if Laurie had never married Jeff. And then, distance: If my dad had never moved us up north… though I think family drama did more damage on that front than distance, personally, because I wasn’t in the UP for very long, considering. And then Lynn moved, but she only moved about an hour away from… well, not posting my location on a public blog.

Nevermind. I guess I have Thanksgiving and Christmas fused together in my mind. After all, they all involved family, fun, and, even though some of us might have hated each other, love.

And now I’m wishing I appreciated it more at the time, because I want it back. So very very much. Except the bad parts.

What sort of traditions are usual for you at Thanksgiving? Mine are kinda lame, so I want to hear about yours. I want to hear about how you ate turkey (or tofurkey or whatever it is vegetarian Adventists ate for Thanksgiving before the invention thereof.)

Tomorrow I’ll make a Thanksgiving post. If Ashley gives me her wifi password, I might even be able to post it. I don’t have internet at my grandma’s house, so I’m currently at the library.

So, even though Christmas things are all around us, try to find something special to just remember thanksgiving. Go read up on the history, make a list of what you’re thankful for, find a thanksgiving special on TV, or color a turkey in a coloring book. Whatever you do, just remember: before Christmas, we have this other holiday that’s not very well known. It’s called: Thanksgiving.


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In Which I Post What I Really Want For Christmas

And no, it’s not a hippopotamus. Or my two front teeth.

Since Santa only delivers toys (even toys for adults) that’s mainly what I put on my wishlist. But, even with all the things I forgot to add, there are some things I just didn’t add, because, no one can get these things for me. So, here’s what my wishlist would look like if people could get me what I REALLY wanted:

1. Mental health and stability (for me)

1. Freedom from issue #2 (Yes, I know there are two number ones, for explanation, please see number 9.)

2. For Rachael to get better

3. For my ears to stop itching

4. A cure for hyperhidrosis

5. A cure for overactive bladder

6. A super special magic bank account full of lots of lovely money that I could use for one purpose and one purpose only: unselfish giving, including but not limited to charities like ADRA, Compassion International, and Worldvision. (this also includes gifts for friends… basically anything I don’t spend on myself.)

7. A cure for allergies

8. Something to make my nose stop running a marathon at all times

9. The ability to believe things like, “I love you,” (from Callie, Kiana, other people) “I love you,” (from Jesus) “you are perfectly safe aboard this aircraft” and “you too can be free from issue #2.” Actually, now that I think about it, that should be number 1 on the list. Hold on. K, fixed.

10. I crave hugging and cuddling like some people crave chocolate and potato chips. Speaking of which, I am craving chocolate and popcorn. Sigh.

11. To know what I want to do with my life and be able to support myself as an adult.

12. A cure for grandpa’s cancer

13. For my grandma to be magically cured of Dementia (similar to Alzheimers).

14. To be 5’10” (or is that 5″10′? Punctuation was never my strong point.)

Looking at that list, it still looks long and selfish. I don’t know what the point of posting this is, because now all I want is a chocolate pop tart, or chocolate cereal and chocolate soymilk…

Even just one item on this list would make me the happiest woman in the world. Much as I do want a Nexus 7, or a Kindle, or my iPod back, I’d trade in every item of technology I’ve owned, possibly every item of technology I’ve EVER owned, for even just one item on this list. Actually, maybe there are a few items that are an exception, and I’d classify the laptop I have currently as a need rather than a want, because it’s really inconvenient without it, I’ve tried.

So, not that it matters, but those are the things I REALLY want for Christmas. Oh, and for that poor forgotten holiday called thanksgiving to get some media attention before all the christmas decorations go up. That’s another thing I’d like for Christmas…


Help Me

In Which It’s That Time of Year Again!

What does everybody want for CHRISTMAS?!

My birthday is in December, so you guys get to buy me TWO WHOLE PRESENTS! (Do NOT just buy me one gift and try and tell me it covers both occasions. I will cheerfully kill you in the worst way possible and as you die you’ll be thinking of me and thinking about how horrible it is to have everyone forget your birthday because they’re too busy celebrating that PAGAN holiday that falls around the same time of yeart. That’s right folks, Jesus is NOT the reason we have Christmas: emporer Constantine is.) The exception is that, if the gift is expensive, I’ll let you get away with it.

So, to help you all out, here’s my wish list of presents. I’ve showed you mine, now I want you to show me yours 🙂


  1. American girl dolls (I currently have Samantha, Felicity, Addy, and Josefina. But any other American Girl Historical dolls, and I’ll love them to pieces J) You can get American Girl dolls relatively cheap on evilbay (ebay) and
  2. American Girl historical outfits. You can get these cheap on evilbay too. I don’t have a whole lot, so pretty much any outfit you want to get me will make me happy. And if I have duplicates, that’ll make me happy too.
  3. Kindle (what kind? Um…. The kind that holds books.)
  4. Nexus 7 (or an iPad)
  5. Brand name uggs, bright colors, size…. I’ll get back to you.
  6. Books. I love books. However, I do not love Romance books. I also do not love books in which there are sex scenes. I don’t mind sex being part of the plot, but I do not want to read about characters stripping off their clothes, fondling, petting, excessive descriptions of excessive kissing, etc.
  7. I do have specific books I would like, but I’m afraid that if I put them down I’d have ten copies of the same book. I don’t know if I could evoke true feelings of gratitude after the 6th or so copy of the same book, so, come see me if you want to get specific.
  9. Hand sanitizer, preferably from bath and body works. Strong smelling, holiday scents.
  10. Lotion, especially from B&B, strong smelling, holiday scents.
  11. Plate ticket to someplace interesting
  12. pretty letter paper
  13. pajamas. One can never have too many pajamas.
    1. Adult—size small
    2. Juniors—size medium
    3. Children’s—size 14/16
    4. With pajamas, you have some leeway on size. If in doubt, go a size up. Pajamas don’t need to fit properly, and something a bit bigger can be shrunk, but something too small can’t be made bigger. Though with pajamas, I might not even bother.
  14. I love these things!

That’s all I can think of for now. Happy Shopping! 🙂

In Which I Ponder Something…

So, last week, actually, a….er, well, someone from the SDA group, was complaining about a friend who was suicidal. Said friend was trying to get help, but was placed on a waiting list. So, in the meantime, said aforementioned friend is calling my…er, well, ok fine it’s Joana.

I feel like I should mention here that, since canvassing, our relationship has slightly improved. Slightly. It’s more like, we don’t talk about it. Secretly, I distrust her, but that’s as far as that goes at this point. Canvassing Joana is almost a separate person from not canvassing Joana.

Anyway, so Joana’s complaining to me about how her suicidal friend calls her when she feels suicidal because she can’t get help right now. She was complaining about an hour and 7 minute phone call which, to me, is nothing to complain about. I mean, for me personally that’s a decent phone conversation.

Joana: and she called me yesterday too! And talked a lot! And she’s really clingy and won’t leave me alone and it’s so draining and bla bla bla….

You know how dramatic Joana can get.

White hot rage surged through my veins. Outwardly I was calm, offering Joana support if she needed it. But inside I was screaming at her: how dare you. How dare you talk this way about your friend! If a friend of mine was calling me instead of killing themselves (which, yes, has happened) I might feel a bit drained, but that would be NOTHING compared to how RELIEVED I would be that the person decided to CALL ME rather than kill themselves. I’d be so relieved, in fact, that I might not even mention it. How dare this woman feel anything but relieved that her friend is safe? How dare she talk about how “drained” she feels and talk about how “she can’t take it anymore.”

Because the truth is, I’ve been on both ends of those kinds of phone calls. I know what it’s like from the other end too.

And then it hits me, so much so that afterward I have to go cry: Is that what people think of me? I haven’t been suicidal lately (and if I was, I would lie about it on a public blog, but I’m not lying now, and if I was, I wouldn’t tell you) but I have been heavily depressed, lonely, and a member of the Frequent Crier Club.

When I can’t handle things sometimes, I call people.

Am I just a burden to these people? Do these people say behind my back, “ugh! This is the second hour long phone call I’ve had with her this week where she won’t stop crying!” When I have my bad moments in front of people, are they drained by me? Repulsed? Do they feel burdened? Am I just a burden to people?

Tell me. And tell me the truth. I promise I won’t start crying, and I’ll go away and not bother you anymore.

Help Me

In Which I Make A Comparison

November 11, 2012

This post is gonna get a little… geeky. But don’t get too excited, because my closet geek self is still, well, closeted. Perhaps she’ll suffocate to death and die. We’ll see.

Many of you (actually, all of you, at least that I talk to in real life) remember that I lost my iPod touch to the monster that is a thief on a city bus. The first few days afterwards were hell. I would be walking around thinking, and want to read a bible verse to confirm my thought. I’d reach into my pocket –oh. No iPod.

I’d be in a meeting, and we’d be singing without hymnals. I’d reach into my pocket and pull out –a dirty tissue. No iPod touch.

I’d be lying in bed reading one of my non English textbooks, come across an unfamiliar word (or 5) that was hindering my understanding of the passage. I’d reach over to the space beside my pillow –No silicon case met my fingertips.

I’d wake up in the morning, reach over for my device to check my email –oh. I have to get out of bed now.

I’d want to text someone, but I’m running low on texting on my limited texting plan. I’d reach for the Secondary Communications Device –and discover that it would now be necessary to find out if Pinger offers their services on the web as well, which fortunately they do.

I was in a spot, folks. I’ve had an iPod touch so long I don’t know how to live without it. It carries my books, my book lists, my to do lists, my planner, my calendar, my bible, hymnal, all the EGW books ever written in English and Spanish, some games I like, an english/spanish dictionary, a Spanish/spanish dictionary, an english/german dictionary, webster’s dictionary, and, most importantly, an alarm reminding me to take my daily medication. I am NOTORIOUSLY bad at remembering to take pills. When I voiced this difficulty, Grace and Jinsil offered to call me at 8pm if they needed to every night to remind me to take my pill.

I felt like I had lost a tooth. And so I turned to my super special geeky friend. I know that my friend is a geek, and geeks often have random bits of technology lying around unused. I would know; after all, I am a closet geek, and I have lots of random bits of technology lying around waiting for my inner geek to burst out of the closet and play.

He offered to let me use one of his random smartphones that he had lying around. He was going to use it as a hack phone (that is, a phone you mess around and do geeky things with, my non geek readers), but he’s getting a new phone anyway and can use his current phone for that. Plus he said he didn’t have time to hack it anyway, and it was just lying around gathering dust, so it may as well see the light of day. I think he was worried I was going to lose it, though. That was why I was surprised he agreed. After all, I was careless with my iPod, even though I’m normally quite careful wit it. I guess 5 seconds of carelessness cancels out months and years of carefulness…

Getting used to an Android after having become quite attached and accustomed to an iPod has not been easy. In fact, I’d say I’m still going through it. Especially after this sabbath where it was acting up on me in church and being a general distraction. That’s my fault though; I shouldn’t have let it.

For Spanish class we had to write an essay comparing and contrasting something. I don’t have the energy to translate the essay yet (though I’ll have to since our Spanish teacher requires it for class) so I’m just going to post the main points: some observations on both devices.

This is not a post to say, “the iPod is so much better because *starts singing praises of Apple, inc.” Neither is it a post to say, “the Android is so much better than apple because *starts singing the praises of Google.” Rather, this is a post to say, “here are the benefits and downsides of both, and here is what I think is best for ME.”

Yes, there is a lot of, “well the Android does this (bad thing) and the iPod doesn’t” and “well the iPod does this (good thing) but the Android doesn’t.”

This is because, um, rough adjustment period. I really, at this point, think they’re about equal.

1. The Android has 6 buttons, whereas the iPod only has one.  This was perpetually confusing to me at first. I had a hard time figuring out how to GET anywhere. On the iPod, the navigation is done mostly onscreen. On an Android, you use the buttons. This took a while to get used to, but I think I have it down.

Hilarity (or not, from my point of view) would ensue, however, when I tried to use the track button (this particular phone has a small track ball in the middle, no I was not including that in my 6 button count) for everything. I quickly found out that THAT didn’t work, so dumbo over here promptly went on to try using the “off” button for everything. I would frequently hit the off button expecting it to take me to the homescreen, then I’d swear at it when it didn’t work. Technology REALLY doesn’t like me!

2. Google play store has less free books than the iBook store does on the iPod. Enough said.

3. I don’t get the point of the track ball, but I enjoy playing with it. (I think the iPod needs one!)

4. I like the fact that, with the android, you can lock the screen into portrait or landscape. The iPod doesn’t have that. It rotates whether or not you want it to or not. This makes lying down in bed reading a book really awkward, because you either have to lie flat on your back, or hold it in awkward positions. With the Android I can’t read as many free books, but at least I can read them without having the screen flipping out on me.

5. In order to get free books, you must give a credit card number. I do not want google to have my credit card number. The iPod does not make you deal with such silliness.

6. Pinger refuses to work half the time on Android. Time to get a google voice number and now confuse everybody with the fact that I have THREE phone numbers!

7. Like the iPod, setting up international keyboards is easy. This was a huge relief. (Though not so easy when I installed Swype, but we’re getting to that.)

8. There is very little memory for applications on the Android. Justin says this has something to do with storing apps on the phone verses the SD card. He said the SD card is only 8 gigs, which is smaller than what I’m used to but whatever. Space on the phone itself fills up pretty quickly. On the iPod, I had loads and loads of lovely download space. This I see as a huge downside.

9. Uninstalling is harder on the Android, unless you download an uninstaller, which is one of the first things Justin did for me because he said I would need it. Heh. He has foresight.

10. Android has a SUPER hard time bringing up the EMU internet login screen.

11. A lot of games that I played on iPod aren’t available, which I guess isn’t such a big deal because I was beginning to get bored with those games anyway.

12. On the Android, if you put the keyboard on caps lock, then go to the numbers menu, then go back to the alphabet keyboard, it will stay caps locked. Not so with the iPod. This caused confusion with passwords at first, because when I go from numbers to letters, it’s automatic to hit the caps lock button again if I need to. Once I figured out what was going on, I really really liked this feature.

13. The web browser automatically logs me into the wrong gmail account, and the signout button is super hidden.

14. I love that the Android is supposed to have the voice to text feature. I wish that it actually worked. Here are some attempts at getting the thing to work:

me: I’m sorry hun, I wish they could find a way to help you

phone: I’m sorry honey roasted I do it help you

me: (enunciating more clearly) “I’m sorry hun, I wish they could find a way to help you.”

phone: I’m sorry hun stick can I have you

me: groans and gives up.

15. The Android phone is smaller and the screen is more cramped

16. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY am in love with the Swype (what I call “scribble”) feature. It makes on screen typing 10 times easier! I wish they had this for the iPod. If I was ever to purchase an Android phone, this would be the reason. (Now if I can just get the blasted thing to work in Spanish…)

That is all I can think of for now. I am extremely tired, but still have a lot to do. I wish “napping” was on my to do list.

I will be in possession of an Android for at least another 2 months, and then possibly longer as I wait for my father to come through on his promise to buy  a new battery for my new iPod, which I might or might not be getting on time for Christmas. So, stay tuned folks, watch as Abby struggles to get used to new technology!

I used to be really good at technology: where did I go wrong? Oh whatever.

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