I’m inright outright upright downright guilty all the time

I’m inright outright upright downright guilty all the time

Since Jesus Christ came in

Condemned me of my sin

I’m inright outright upright downright guilty all the time

(sung to the tune of guess which song, folks.)

In Which I Am Alone At The Campus House (Just the way I like it!)

So, James has my life all planned out for me. At the end of this year, I will be rebaptized. (I don’t know why he thinks I need it… I know why *I* think I need it, but James doesn’t know about that.) Then this summer I’m going to go canvassing. After that, I will be a missionary.

James: who would have thought that Abby Snow, would be a missionary!

Ok, aside from the wild inaccuracy of this statement (well, the entire paragraph, actually) this statement actually made me want to cry.
Am I really that bad? Am I really that bad a person that it would be a shock to people? I mean, really?

I do not want to be that type of person. I want to be the kind of person who, if I ever did decide to be a missionary (which I just recently decided I don’t want to, ever) people would say, “Yup. I knew it. That’s Abby.”

Once that could’ve been said of me. Not anymore. And I’ve tried to change, but apparently it hasn’t worked. If I were to tell James about Candyland, he’d either say, “yeah, I wondered.” or, “that explains SO MUCH.” Or some equally depressing thing that would leave me in tears.

Then later Bamji said the most encouraging thing anyone’s said to me all week (even though The Government has been trying). I’m not sure why… I think I said something like, “James, I’m going to murder you in the worst way possible.”

Bamji: Abby, you do not seem like you could murder someone.

I had a hard time convincing the people in the car I meant it when I said that that is the most encouraging thing… anyone from campus, actually, has said to me… ever.

I might not be able to be a missionary, but at least I’m not able to be a murderer.

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In Which I Make A Confession

So, This weekend I walked up to some people standing around a campfire roasting marshmallows. They also had chocolate bars and graham crackers.

I know absolutely none of these people….

Am I going to let that stop me from joining them?

I thought about it for a minute, then grabbed a stick.

My name is REDACTED, and I am a shameless Marshmallow and smores around a campfire addict.

I made friends. Can you believe it?

Now if only it were always this easy….

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In Which I Read: Stop Dressing Your 6 Year Old Like A Skank

I bought this book because of its title. I bought it while canvassing in Midland. We had gone to a goodwill to purchase beach gear for those of us too new to know we’d need it. It was a store Jacq and I had visited at least once before, and going through it, I missed her. I was browsing the book section, found this book, and immediately decided it belonged on my bookshelf.

The content has little to do with the title. It is basically a bunch of essays that are supposed to be comedic. And some of them were. Some of them made me laugh out loud. Other chapters made me go “huh?”

A lot of this might have to do with the generation gap: this woman is old enough to be my mother, so of course she knows a whole different set of pop culture, and I couldn’t relate.

It’s good for those times you want to read and just think, and especially if you want to be made to laugh. However, it’s probably better for the 30+ crowd…

Yeah. And I like my books to actually flow, not be a bunch of random stories. So it wasn’t my favorite, but I didn’t dislike it either. 3 1/2 stars.


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