In Which I Have A Good Day

Because we don’t have enough positivity around here, or so says the readership, I figured I’d write about a good day. (Well, technically it might not be, because I got almost no homework done and I’m still struggling with my essay. sigh.)
Ahem. So, it started…stupidly early. woke up at 7:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Texted someone for a ride to field school, finally got someone, then James called and said he was taking me… then I was confused, and sleep deprived. (Last night we were up late watching Scooby Doo –good times!)

So, with dark circles under my eyes, I went to field school. I quite enjoyed it, as well as seeing Alanna, whom I haven’t seen in FOREVER and who like, never ever calls me. She said she thinks about me, but that’s not the same thing.

Grace N (I can neither pronounce or spell her last name) met me after class (which was really good, though depressing: I will probably never learn to think like they do.) And we went to the mall. We traipsed around the mall for a good two hours. We discovered they had shut down the build a bear store (I wanted to throw a fit) and I found these really gorgeous rich blue Ugg boots that I really really wanted –and then I took a look at the price tag and said, “Ugh!” That’s why they’re called Ugg boots, you see. Because that’s what you say when you look at the price. (Not, as others have claimed, because they are UGly.) I wanted to scream, “but I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant them!” Like a 2 year old. But I didn’t. Out loud.

I hit up Vicky’s Not-s0-secret and get some secrets, bath and body works where I splurged on hand sanitizer (it’s a seasonal flavor…they’ll probably like, never have it again) and the cookie place. Yes, someone has a weakness. I forget what all Grace bought, but anyway.

So, we’re done shopping, we’re ready to find that bus…and then we discover that, on Sundays, no buses go back to eastern. So, I’m screwed. Fortunately the guys are having ABIDE at Geoffrey’s house, which is just down the road from the mall. Justin offers to drive me back, but it’ll be about an hour.

Anything beats walking.

Grace was kind enough to stay with me for an extra hour, but even if she had wanted to stay the whole time (and not have a life) buses stop running pretty early on Sundays. That was really sweet of her, so we were basically running around the mall for 3 hours total. It’s not a very big mall, and there’s no bookstore, so this took some getting creative.

Grace leaves. Justin picks me up and I end up going with the guys to red robin. I’m not terribly excited about this at first, because I just spent a ton of money and wanted to eat at Eastern, but hey, anything beats having to walk.

It turns out that, with the burgers they ordered, you get endless refills on your fries, So the guys just gave me one of their “refills” (yes, the server knew what we were doing and encouraged it.) And then, because 2 of the guys got their orders wrong, we practically got showered with fries. So, I basically got to eat a whole load of free french fries.

This makes today’s intake officially not healthy. Here it is, in it’s full glory:

Breakfast– a salad. No drink.

lunch– a cookie. No drink.

dinner– 1 1/2 orders of steak fries. Lots of water because at this point, I’m thirsty.

So even that turned out better than I thought. I’m happy.

Except now I have to go work on this stupid essay…. and I made an impulse purchase at Meijer (a doll outfit). And this stupid essay. I’m supposed to describe a person or place… I wonder if I’m allowed to write about my dog? She’s a person too, right? Or maybe I’ll just describe Callie. Maybe I’ll just write the essay about the dog, and if the prof complains, switch to Callie. Close friends always end up getting picked on for my language classes, so get used to it calmonster. At least you’re not like poor Jacqueline –I wrote HER obituary. (Hey, I had no DEAD family members or friends to write about, so I had to work with living ones.)

Anyways…. Essay…bed…essay…bed…should I work on my essay or go to bed? I have NO IDEA what to write. I’m having a hard time caring, because I’m so happy I don’t want to be bothered with not happy stuff.

Essa for 5 more minutes, then bed. I need my beauty sleep. Badly. Maybe I’ll actually get beautiful from sleep one of these days, haha.


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