In Which I Cry…

Well, not really, but, I would if I was capable of shedding tears.

Sometimes, a really good day follows a really bad one. I’m scared to say anything too soon in case things fall through at the last minute, but… it doesn’t look like it will. It looks really positive.

Secrets have power. Sometimes this is a good power, in an “oooooh I have this really cool secret nobody knows about!!!!!” But sometimes it’s the bad kind of power. The power that holds you captive because you’re too ashamed to seek help.

And sometimes, all it takes is one person to break the secret. Sometimes, all it takes is for one person to say, “I have this problem,” for 4-5 other girls around the table to say, “me too.”

Sharing the secret is painful, but, it breaks power.  It brings power. The kind of power to break the power of the chains.

Help Me


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