In Which I am Beyond Furious

So, I had my computer plugged in, and I had to go to the bathroom. I took the laptop and iPod with me, of course. I come back, and my power cord is gone. The power cord. WHO STEALS A FUCKIN POWER CORD???!!!! And, more importantly, why cuoldn’t they steal from someone who had a fuckin JOB so they wouldn’t have to go whine to their daddy (who of course thinks it’s my fault for leaving it out in the first place, which maybe it is, but I REALLY didn’t think anyone would steal a stupid POWER CORD.)

At least it wasn’t the iPod. Or the computer.

What kind of an asshole god does this? what kind of an asshole god burdens me wtih a bladder that needs to be emptied 60 times an hour? (For those of you who think this is an exaggeration, ok, you’re right. It’s probably closer to 40-50 times an hour.) and what kind of a dumbass god doesn’t give someone a job so they can’t pay it back? god it’s enough to make me want to take those fuckin pills I ahve, just in case.

life gets better? whatever. Fuck that.


Help Me


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