In which I start reading the pilgrim’s progress

Question: if I start blogging regularly about the books I’m reading, are people going to get bored? Because I can stop and write something more interesting. Feedback would be nice. I know people out there are reading, but i don’t want to bore my audience.

I’m in the middle of about 5 books. Today I’m goin to talk about an old classic: The Pilgrim’s Progress (from this life to the next.) I’m reading a “bilingual” version: one side is king James English (it was published at about the same time, I think.)

I have been fascinated with the pilgrim’s Progress ever since I was 11. I was visiting my grandma’s church, going to sabbath school with my cousin Mary. I don’t remember why, but in our primary class we were given copies of a very abridged version for children. You might’ve see them: they’re he little green square ones. (Mary’s copy go so bent hat during the church service she tried to rip mine out of my hands! Grandma stopped her, and she is not like that today. I’m so over it. Anyways.)

When I read it, I could TELL it as an abridged copy because certain plot lines otherwise made no sense. I found a copy of he original, however, there was a problem: I could NOT understand 1611 English. I TRIED. I had tried all my life to understand the bible (king James and otherwise) and was unable to read for myself until I was given a simple enough children’s version. And even finding that took a few tries.

Now I feel like going off topic and telling you all how I was EXCITED that I could read the bible for myself and understand it! I immediately set out to plow through the gospels. You have no idea how good it felt to be able to read the bible “in my own language!”

Anyway, I never found a readable unabridged English version till very recently. Three months ago, actually. But by the time his happened, I had trained myself to read king James. (when I web through my very brief KJV only phase at about 14-16, give or take).

All this is a very Long way of saying that I will be reading both modern and old style, usin the one to supplement the other.

I’m quitting now.. Autocorrect hates me and typing on an iPod is HARD. I’ll write more about PP tomorrow, unless I get comments telling me you think it’ll be a snoozefest. Which I totally wouldn’t mind. I mean, this is a VISIBLE journal, so it’s up to you guys.

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2 thoughts on “In which I start reading the pilgrim’s progress

    • That’s the thing though… they wouldn’t really be reviews… more like deconstructions… if you don’t know what a book deconstruction is, google it. It is the Best Thing Ever. Heh. At least, I think so…. yeah if you get bored reading them let me know and I’ll switch books/topics. Occasionally books will be secular.

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