In Which I Read –A Lot

So, now that I’m done with canvassing… there’s not really a whole lot to talk about. I’m not really doing much except reading. Actually, right now I’m procrastinating: I should be packing, and I am so sick of reading. Don’t know if I want to mention why here. But anyway. I actually wanted someone to talk to, but in the chat room I frequent, they are all talking about sex.

Sigh. I don’t get it. What is so great about sex anyway?

Moving on.

This post will probably bore you all to tears. I’d apologize, but it’s my blog.

So, here’s the list of books I’ve either read or finished since James dropped me off on the 10th. (I wonder if he’s opened his present yet? It’s driving me nuts, but, he probably just rolled his eyes and chucked it in the garbage…)

1. The Judas Virus by David Best

Science fiction novel. It’s supposed to be about an epidemic, but only about 5 people get infected, so I don’t think that’s very… epidemical? Whatever. It does get exciting, but it’s just not about the topic I thought it would be about. The sexual assault scene may be triggering to some, though it is honestly the least detailed assault scene I’ve ever read. Started and finished after canvassing.

2. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Great book at first, gets boring when you can tell that the only thing the author is still writing for is so that all the girls can get married, except for Beth, whom the author kills off. Sigh.

3. Forgotten by Melody Carlson

I can see why this one is free on iBooks. It has been “forgotten” by the target audience. It is not one of her best works. Started and finished after canvassing.

4. The Bible Story Volume 1 by Arthur S Maxwell

Good, but I take issue with some of the stuff. This man needs to read a) Spirit of Prophecy and b) secrets of the lost races. Actually, every single person reading this blog needs to go read the latter. Because of this, I’d hesitate to get it for my future children, though5 I’ll likely inherit my mom’s anyway, so what’s it matter.

5.Christ’s Object Lessons by Ellen White

When she stays on topic, REALLY GOOD. But she tends to go off on tangents that have nothing whatsoever to do with the topic she’s theoretically writing about… I still think everyone reading this should immediately obtain a copy and read it, though.  When she does stay on topic, it is amazing what one learns. (One can learn stuff from the off topic parts too, it’s just, they’re off topic.)

6. The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D.

A fascinating book that all females should read. Which is probably why Kali gave it to Jacq. Who still hasn’t read it yet, because I have been. It is from a secular view point, so evolution is sometimes mentioned, however, if one can ignore those parts, it is still a fascinating book based firmly on science, which isn’t normally something you get out of religious “This is the way the famale brain is” books. Those books have SOME science, this has MORE science. Anyway, it’s a really good read, especially if you’re in a relationship, having or about to have a baby, or going through puberty or menopause.

7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

I was babysitting a small child, give me a break. Heh. After a while I changed it to “the very hungry babysitter.” It made him giggle. (NO I did NOT write the story in such a way that the very hungry babysitter ate the whinychild who didn’t want to let her eat lunch, no! What kind of a horrible person do you think I am? GET THAT IMAGE OF ME OUT OF YOUR HEAD.)

8. The Real Mother Goose Board Book published by Scholastic

He’s only a year old, ok, don’t judge.

9. The Great Controversy by Ellen G White

This book too me so many years to read. I tried to read it when I was 12, 14, and other times I can’t remember, but was hindered by the outdated langauge, plus, it gets boring, and I mean REALLY BORING in the middle. I actually started calling it The Awfully Boring Controversy. But, if you can get past the middle (the beginning is interesting) and get to the last 4 chapters, it’s really, really good. I still recommend it.

That’s only 9 books? Sheesh, I better get busy. I want to finish about… 10 more or so of them before I start school and won’t be able to.

Do you guys ever get seriously depressed because there are so many good books to read but you know you’ll never be able to get to them, and then you want to sit there and cry right in the middle of the library/bookstore/person’s bookcase?

I still could use somebody to talk to… but at least the people in the chat room have moved on from sex to shark attacks. This, at least, is a topic I can live with. And I do have an affection for sharks. Poor little midusnderstood fishies!

If you all made it through that, I will make you cookies.

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