In Which I Learn History

This is a back blog that’s been sitting there for… days. things got crazy, and I was doing more writing than posting because of 1. slow internet and 2. no internet.

August 3, 2012

In the basement of the house we’re staying in, in other words, MY room (my own private room with the personal toilet, hee hee!) I found old volumes of The Youth’s Instructor, starting from 1941. I was bitterly disappointed when I found out that Irene had them bound herself, and that I couldn’t get a copy. These old editions of the youth’s instructor are FASCINATING! Consider a quote from an article about the 44th session of the general conference.

….I am impressed that no detail of organization has been neglected. the wheels all turn so smoothly and noiselessly that you hardly realize they exist.
    do you wish to write a letter? there is a well equipped writing room. or send a telegram? a special operator is ready to speed it on its way. or get a message to a friend? an alphabetically arranged bulletin board is at hand: just write your message, address it, fasten it in the space under A or B or C or wherever it belongs–with a waiting thumbtack, and the friend will find it. or is conference in session and there is an urgent need for you to contact right now someone among the thousands in the meeting? send your message by an usher to TJ Michael, who sits at a table to the far right of the platform. he is the “official message censor,” and if your message merits his ok, watch the screen above the stage. within a few minutes you will see the message thrown there. or are you expecting a telegram? watch the same screen. mail? there is a well equipped post office in the front foyer.

    And we wondered what people did before cell phones and email. Now we know. Although, at a conference of thousands (and yes, the article made it clear there were thousands in attendance, even in 1941) I’m not sure how on earth a person is supposed to find a message for them on a bulletin board with thumbtacks. You’d need a pretty big bulletin board, for starters. How exactly did that work?

Anyway, I do have some incredible (to me, anyway) canvassing experiences to post form last week, so stay tuned!


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