In Which Someone Besides Me Throws A Fit

I know, right? That IS big news.

Unfortunately, she got her way. And because of this, the rest of the group has to suffer. And by fit, I do mean that. I mean she acted like a spoiled child. (Lest you tell me I’m the plot calling the ketlle black, bear with me, that’s coming up in 2 paragraphs.) If I had acted that way, (WHEN I have acted that way) James has told me to stuff it. But Sheena, on the other hand, can throw a fit and get her own way. James will listen to her, but not to me. I see some pretty heavy favoritism going on. And it’s not just with this. It’s everything else. If I suggest something(not in bad tone of voice at all, for the record.), James says no. If Sheena suggests the same thing later, he says yes, or at least gives it his full consideration. I think James has a crush on her. I can’t think of a better explanation.

And today, because Sheena pitched a bitch and got her way, the whole team has to suffer. And here we get to the ugly part. Today, Sheena was ugly and selfish and I hate her. And how many times have I done the same thing? Even though I don’t get my way when I do, it still drags the team down. Even though they don’t usually end up suffering so much when I do it, it still affects them.

Sheena is ugly and selfish. I am ugly and selfish. I hate Sheena and wish to do her  harm. I hate MYSELF and wish to do me  harm.

I can’t believe I have to spend 8 more days with Sheena. I’d almost rather have had to deal with N. Well, the Jury’s still out on that one, actually.

I’d better go eat. Maybe….

Help Me


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