In Which Many Tears Are Shed ll

July 31st. Praise Jesus I have come this far. All summer I have wept for things lost. Friends’ trust and respect being on top of the list.

But today I wept for things gained. Another year. The excitement of my friends. The knowledge of what today means to me even though the doors got slammed in my face all morning. Nothing can take away the accomplishment. No one can take away what Jesus did for me.

And yet, I do weep for one thing lost: my brother, whom I call Beast. I miss him, you see, but, in order to make it to today, I can’t visit him anymore. He used to live God, but now he doesn’t. I weep that I have lost my brother. I cry because he cannot share in my joy.

Today was a good day. But I miss my brother.

But to everyone else, thank you. You all mean so much to me. Every single one of you reading this. Otherwise I wouldn’t have given you the link/

Way past Abby’s bedtime. Shell pay for that in the morning like she did this morning.

Help me


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