In Which I Want Some Cheese To Go With My Whine. Or some Wine to go with my cheese….

I’m currently in the UP. I don’t wish to post the exact location on a public blog for who knows what whacko to see, not that it’d be that hard, because the UP only has so many places I could be.

Anyway, being here is hard. There are 2 people here who are constantly irritating me, one of whom was constantly irritating me during the LAST satellite group. I do love that person anyway, however.

Being in the UP is hard. It was hard as I crossed that bridge, knowing that I wouldn’t cross it again, at least, not as soon as the others would.

And it’s hard being here to minister to the yoopers. Those of you who know me extremely well will remember that I don’t like yoopers. You’ve probably heard me rant and rave before about them, so I’ll skip most of it.

Some of that prejudice has died down a bit, partly since I’ve REALLY been trying to love the Lord and part of it is probably just that I don’t have to live with them anymore.

Even so, I no longer am constantly thinking about how much I hate these people, but I still don’t feel much of a desire to save them from anything. Frankly, I think these people should be relocated to other territory and the entire UP abandoned to the wasteland it is, and maybe use the land for nothing but agriculture. Actually, I’m more of a fan of salting the entire UP and leaving it to be the wasteland of nothing that it is.

Yoopers, as a culture, are pretty close minded. They have their yooper culture, and any other culture just doesn’t even cross their thought process. the others will not likely pick up on this, however, when one has lived up here for a few (non consecutive) years, one tends to pick up on these things. Yoopers also mostly eat meat. and maybe some potatoes. And then more meat. We are trying to sell health cookbooks to people who just don’t eat healthy.

And there’s another rather obvious obstacle that James either just doesn’t know about or does know about and doesn’t care when he was setting book goals: Poverty. There is a reason GLAA has what they call “the yooper discount.” If you live in the UP, you get a good 3 grand off your tuition. The reason is that 99% of yoopers are poor. They work jobs like McDonalds, hotel maids, restaurant workers, etc. The only people up here who are well off are doctors, lawyers, and maybe police officers. People like my dad are the exception: he works in his basement for a company headquartered in Calamityfornia. Otherwise, he couldn’t afford to live here either, unless he wanted to be POOR.

Those of you who are familiar with canvassing terms: the UP has 1-4 territory. Period. That’s it. You might find a really nice house or two here and there, but for the most part, 1-4 territory. Exceptions would be the Marquette area, because that’s the biggest city in the entire UP.

Because of this widespread poverty, it’s really hard to sell books. People are either really nice about it, or really mean. And they’re mean because they don’t have any money, and these seemingly rich people from out of town come up and start trying to get money out of them.

People who visit think yoopers are so nice. And they can be –to strangers. But, and my family found this out the hard way, once you move in here and try actually belong, then they get mean, hostile. You see, small towns are like that: they don’t like outsiders trying to come blend in.

And God wants me to minister to these….people?

I am burned out on canvassing. (I’m not sure if that’s because of actual canvassing, or because they just lengthened the workday AGAIN by another hour. Even Sheena protested at that one: she argues for temperance in all things.) When Kamil comes, I am so very very tempted to ask if he is driving back through Munising, and if so, could he please PLEASE take me with him.

I am supposed to be working on testimonies. I should go do that.

Help Me


One thought on “In Which I Want Some Cheese To Go With My Whine. Or some Wine to go with my cheese….

  1. I’m assuming I’m an exception to the above mentioned description of Yoopers? But I do kinda see where you’re coming from. I’m still praying for you.

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