A Day In the Life of a Canvasser

It’s been a slow few days (read: I haven’t got any books out and I feel numb anyways) so I thought that, since not everyone who reads this has ever canvassed, or even knows what canvassing IS, I would enlighten them 🙂 People who do know can feel free to skip this blog entry:

So, canvassing is basically going door to door selling (excuse me, leaving the books on a donation basis) christian literature. It is a ministry, a way to bring people to Jesus. 

7am- light’s on. people start getting loud. I pull the covers over my head and wish they’d shut up.

7:30am– my shower time! Hot water if I’m lucky

8am-chore time. If I’m not on breakfast prep, I use this time for devotions. But I shouldn’t be having this problem because Wyson said he’d talk to Joana. It looks like my job as scribe is becoming official. Score. 🙂


10:am- cleanup. those of us who are on breakfast cleanup have to eat really super stupidly fast. those of us who are slow eaters…well, we’re screwed.

10:45am- worship time! Bring your bibles! During this time we tell testimonies of what happened at the doors. I write these testimonies down, and then they get edited and shipped off to Wyson. Not sure what he’s going to end up doing with them, but they’re there in case anyone wants to read them sometime in the future.

Whenver worship ends: worship ends.

Then we used to have training, but we don’t anymore. We had training today though. it was helpful, I got excited.

12:00-1pm somewhere around this time we leave for the field to go knock on doors. today, because of training, we didn’t get to the field until nearly 2. Score!

4pm-lunch. We actually had ours at 5 today though. I actually like when that happens, because even though it’s a later lunch, it makes the evening go by faster.

6:20pm-we try to leave to go back to the field. The car refuses to start, something about needing gas? Ancient old thing, really. Wyson borrows someone’s car (literally someone we just met canvassing who happens to be sda) and goes to get gas.

7pm-we hit the field again to go knock on more doors! (Usually this happens a good 2 hours earlier, but that’s what happens when lunch is late AND you get a two hour lunch break. double score!)

8pm-pill time! Also known as power hour, the last hour (theoretically) that we work. (but we’ve been known to be kept out till almost 10, so, sort of not really power hour then.)

9pm- sometimes we get to leave the field now. I can’t be sure, but I THINK officially this is when our permits expire. Sometimes we end up going till 9:30 though. I HATE it when the leaders do that though, because 1. that’s my time and 2. people get cranky. REALLY cranky. They tell us we’re out too late. Like we don’t already know.

9:30-if we’re lucky, we usually get back to the church around this time. I disappear as soon as possible to go spend a few quiet moments with God and update you guys on the riveting contents of my life.

10:15- what is called “little lights” happens now. This is curfew, when we’re supposed to be in our rooms. only one light is on. this is the time to get our teeth burshed, etc. I usually delay going in as long as possible, especially if we get back much later than 9:30, because, let’s face it, after the day, i NEED my time with Jesus. And after dealing with people all day, why onEARTH would i desire to go into a room containing no less than maybe 12 other girls, all of whom won’t sht up?

10:30-lights out. If Kiana is lenient with me before, it takes Very Special Circumstances for her to let me stay out past this time. Usually it’s when I get back late AND have had a rough day. And I’m unfortunately the kind of person who, if I’m having a rough day, EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

and I’m late for little lights.

Help ME


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