In Which I Post More Canvassing Experiences!

Are you all getting tired of hearing about CANVASSING? No? Good, because that’s kind of my life right now. Jeandra will be wanting my top sheet soon, which is why I’ve got my phone on silent. Whatever stupid numbers they think they need so desperately can wait. I need to get these down before I forget them.

I’m not going to write them down in any particular order. I’m going to organize them chronologically, but if things get a little disjointed, that’s why.

Today, I decided to do it: I asked God for a ten book day.

I met the nicest Christian lady ever today. She was making pie, so I held the books for her while canvassing. I was sure she wasn’t going to get anything, but she invited me to sit down on the porch and brought me a galss of ice water. She ended up getting story time because she is a teacher and likes little story books like that. But that’s not what impacted me.

What impacted me was that that woman loved Jesus. When she spoke of him, she had tears in her voice. She was so passionate, and started telling me what he’d done in the lives of her neighbors. I told her my testimony, or at least, parts of it. (Ken.) She was really excited for me, and agreed that I should be excited for myself. I left her also with a Happy D, and she was happy to read it. She said she’d think of me and pray for me whenever I read it. Then, she gave me a hug, and SHE prayed with ME. It was just so very encouraging. I left wanting to cry with happiness. And she told me that a lot of her neighbors go to the same church and know each other. The Lord blessed with another book on the other street. Actually Vera told me that the lady in the blue house was Christian, so I opened with Lessons of Love instead of the usual cookbook. So a message book went out in the neighborhood as well, and I think these are the kind of neighbors who share things like this. So I have a feeling Vera will be reading that book as well.

We were on another street later in the day (it was seriously a 2 hour drop. We were on that same stretch from 5-7.) Now, ever since I started canvassing, I’ve been scared that I’ll pull out the wrong book. Not the wrong book for the person, the wrong book for the canvass I’m giving. So far it hasn’t happened, at least, not to me, but this time I pulled out Lessons of Love (Christ’s Object Lessons) and said, “7 Secrets has–” Fortunately, I only got about 2 words into the canvas before the man asked me, “are you with the Seventh Day Adventists?”

Well, that’s not a question I get asked every day, but I had to tell the truth, of course. The man (I don’t like calling him that, his name’s John for pity’s sake) said, “oh yeah, I know you, you’re with the Adventists. I’m Seventh Day Adventist.”

“Oh really! Are you a member at the Midland church?” (In case that seems like a dumb question, may I remind people that sometimes people choose to attend different churches that are not in the town in which they reside. This apparently is a new concept for my brother, at least.)

“Yes, I actually brought you food.”

Well, him and a bunch of other people, so it took us a few minutes to establish which foods he’d brought. When he told me he was the one with the chicken strips I thanked him profusely. He took a Naturally Gourmet and paid $40, so I asked if the two dvds were something he would be interested in. He said yes, and he took those as well, after asking if that was enough. I did some quick math and said yes. That is the first time I’ve gotten more than 2 things out at a time (without Jeandra’s help, actually, or Wyson’s).

So that was cool to see him.

What impacted me the most was the old man. He came out crying, and said he was sorry, he just couldn’t do this right now. He’d just found out his daughter had cancer. Her name is Kelli, if anyone would like to pray for her. I told him that was fine, and then asked if I could pray with him for his daughter. He let me, and then, I wasn’t sure if he wanted a hug or not, so I just asked. He indicated he did, so I set my bag down and gave him a hug. We talked for a few minutes. It dawned on me that this was longer than I should have, but screw that. The man said his faith in God was shaken. I mostly listened, and by the time he’d finished telling me his story, I was crying to. I still could cry now, actually. He’s already lost his wife, and one of (or was it two of?) his daughters. Now he is going to lose another one. I had to grab the cat before he lost that too. (I actually did have a dog open a door once, no I did not canvass it.)

I left him with a Happiness Digest (steps to Christ) and told him not to worry about money (because I’m so totally going to canvass a guy who’s in tears.) I told him I know how hard it is, sometimes, to believe, but that Jesus did still love him and his daughter. he replied that he found that hard to believe. That experience really stuck with me. I can’t remember if he thanked me for praying with him or not. Not that I care either way, I just wish I could remember. I do believe he appreciated me taking the time to empathize and talk with him. I believe Jesus led me to this man. After that, I didn’t care about book goals. Well, I did, but, just that one experience, was worth it.

Oh yeah, book goals. It wasn’t the last door I knocked on, but it was the 2nd to last door I knocked on that had people in it. A person, actually. He got a GC. And GC makes it an even ten exactly. I was beginning to doubt in the last hour, when I still had 2 more books to go. I clung to faith, but barely. The Lord blessed the barely, I suppose.

Now if he would just accept the barely enough to heal the stupid BPD….

Oh well. Whatever. Those are today’s experience. I hope you enjoy reading them, and if not, well, feel free to go read something else šŸ™‚ A really great book to start with would be The Desire of Ages.

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