Canvassing Experiences lll

July 9, 2012

most of this was actually typed up yesterday. I just decided to try to get on Jeandra’s good side by showing up on time to curfew.
Man, the next time I order avocado on my sandwhich at subway, no other dressing. It’s too much. I actually sorta feel unwell now.
So many testimonies, so few minutes before curfew.
Today I decided to try an experiment. Usually when I have a book goal for the day, I will either reach it, or come close to it. When I have no goal, those are usually the days I work all day and end up with $4. I didn’t know if that was just coincidence or not, so, even though it scared me, I upped the goal. By only two books.
Really Abby? Really?
Yes God, really. Hey, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out more than 6, and the one time I did, I’m pretty sure I was counting HDs.
Today was interesting. The morning was slow and discouraging.  For me, anyway. Daniel, on the other hand, was like, “JJ, if you give us another street before lunch time, I could have a ten book morning!”
Ten book morning? I’ve never even had a ten book DAY.
All I could think of was, “Lord, I don’t sell enough books. If I don’t sell enough books, I can’t buy a car and go to therapy and then I’ll never get better and then–” and “I know this is supposed to be a ministry and I don’t know why but I just seem to find it impossible to care for these people –oh wait, I don’t even care about me!” Now, these are things that I think of… but not usually out in the field. And not usually to the point of tears. Ok, I didn’t cry, but almost.
And, it turns out that… this was my highest day. Not for books, but for money. I’m not going to post an exact ammount, but I had to double check my math to make sure I hadn’t thrown in an extra bill or something… I will say though that that is mostly due to people in this area being generous. It was not because I got out a record number of books (Actually I don’t know how many books I’ve gotten out at once… never kept track. Should start actually.)
God was telling me something, I think. Well, two things, actually. One I’ll get to in a moment, but the first thing: trust. God will provide the money. He always does.

Now, on to what you really wanted to hear about: canvassing experiences!
There was this man…he was loading stuff into a moving truck..his wife was mad and wanted him to just get back to what he was doing, but he said, “hey, I’m looking!” It turned out he was vegan, so I started showing him the cookbooks. He took Kids in the Kitchen, and actually was excited about it for himself. “You guys!” he said, “I just bought a book with edible play dough! And it’s vegan!” He was funny. He made me laugh.
And then there were the kids. Daniel actually got out some books to two of them. One of the boys paid $2, but Daniel had donations to cover it. Keep in mind this is power hour. Well, I’m on the next street, and these kids are on bikes, and THEY approach ME. There was one boy who didn’t get anything, and he asked if they cost money. I asked if he had any on him, and he said no. He looked disappointed, so I asked if it was a book he would read. he said yes. So I  just said, “you know what, I have extra donations, and I’m feeling generous. Merry Christmas.”
So that made him happy, I think. Later, Daniel ran up to the kids, because he wanted to make sure the kid who got nothing got something. On seeing that he had story time, and knowing that the kid’s brother already had one, he exchanged the book I gave him with Prince of Peace.
If you count the book that I tossed out for free out of the goodness of my heart (God’s heart, whatever) The number I circled on the topsheet was 8. That’s like, the type of really good day that NEVER HAPPENS. To me, anyway. Apparently some of the brothers in the group get out twice that much on a slow day.
I don’t know what it is about having a goal, but, I think maybe it helps. Today I tried it again, and got out 7 books. That was about what I had wanted yesterday. Normally I set the bar at 5. I wonder what would happen if I set the bar even higher? What if I asked God for a ten book day?
Maybe I’ll try it sometime.
Help Me


Abby’s note: I did actually have a ten book day later in the summer. I do not know if that was on a day I was specifically praying for it, but it did happen. Once. And only once.




5 thoughts on “Canvassing Experiences lll

  1. This post made me smile. Up your goals. He is able to do “exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think” 🙂 Jesus is crazy. Awesome, that is.

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