In Which I Post Canvassing Experiences l

The lady who answered the door did not seem interested. I showed her the cookbook, and then the Lessons of Love (Christ’s Object Lessons). She said she probably wouldn’t read it, but then the girl (I’m guessing she was middle school aged) said, “I would read it!”So the lady bought it for her… I’m going to guess grandchild, since the child called her “nanny.”

I am praying for that girl. I hope she really does read it. I hope the somewhat antiquated language isn’t too much of a struggle for her that she puts it aside never to pick it up again. Would appreciate prayers for that.

So. Satellites. I was actually really nervous (or rather, praying away the nervousness) about the new territory. For some reason I just had this sort of mental block that, since we’d been working the Troy area, Troy was used to us and that Midland would not be, and so we would not sell any books.

I didn’t realize how crazy that sounds until I typed it just now. I forget the book total for the vehicle, but it was well above 20. Jeandra said closer to 50, but I remain skeptical until I see some hard numbers. For me, personally, the canvassing itself wasn’t too bad. Living in the church is so surreal though. This morning, I had morning worship on the ledge in the sanctuary. And I walked the whole length. It was not all I thought it would be when I was 6. For one thing, it was incredibly dusty. Has that dust been disturbed since 1995? for another, I was no longer small enough, so I had to crawl rather than walk most of the way.

I also always wanted to touch the lights, and was barely able to reach it with the tip of my fingers without falling off the ledge. Jeandra saw me just as I was about to jump down. “What are you doing up there Abby?”

me: Frozen smile. Uh…. Morning devotions!

to my surprise, she did not demand that I get down that instant (which is a good thing, because I was attempting just such a thing and having technical difficulties). Instead she just kinda laughed it off.

I really do need to stop trying to do everything I wanted to do as a child but couldn’t. On second thought, no I don’t. That’s what adulthood is for πŸ™‚

Someone gave me diet coke today. I was apprehensive (text me and I might or might not tell you why, but it can’t hurt to ask πŸ™‚ ) but to my surprise, when I took some cautious sips, it didn’t bother me. No memories came rushing back to haunt me.

30 days. If the Lord is with me, I will make it 30 more days. No, that is not a countdown until the end of canvassing. (That’s 39 days.) This is a countdown to something else. If you know what it is, great. If not… I honestly don’t know if I will feel like telling you. For now I will merely say that July 31st is a very important day for me. Maybe even moreso than my birthday.

Please pray for Jeandra. She was in tears the other night. I think one of the younger brothers said something to her… hah. I should get her another fuze drink. She was asking about it, but I changed the subject. From that, she might guess that it’s me. I don’t know. From the way she was talking, I don’t even know if she liked it?

So, I’m on antibiotics for that stupid dog bite. And the side affects are killing me. Pray for me. I can’t wait to finish these. I know I’m lucky that the conference paid for them but I just hate them so much[the pills, not the conference]. I’m sitting here eating because I have to take them thrice a day with food, but I only eat twice.

I fell asleep today in worship. RIGHT in front of the speaker…as in, the speaker was sitting in a chair directly in front of me. I was SO EMBARRASSED. I gave up and went back to the room and took to my bed. And he’s seen me before with the Mt. Unpleasant crowd so he knows me. I’ve been extremely tired in the mornings since I got those pills as well, but I can’t tell if tiredness is one of the side affects, of if tiredness is a side affect of the side affect. Oh, nevermind.

Since I am so tired, I should take Stupid Pill and go to bed. And try to get Jeandra to take me to a pharmacy in the morning because I’m not convinced charcoal will help, and even if it does, wouldn’t that mess with the medication I already take? Since Charcoal filters out poisons and antibiotics are basically foreign substances the body might not recognize and the charcoal might not either?

I think I need to call a doctor.

Help Me

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