In Which I Stroll Down Memory Lane ll

So, for satellite groups, I am Midland. I’m assuming they put me in this group in case they wanted to send me home, as it’s he northernmost group.

Midland. 1990-1995. Ages 1-6. Yup. The very room in which we are sleeping, I used to sit in those chairs. I remember singing songs, and having cups of water in the room because to leave, yiu have to go through the cradle roll room, and our sabbath school teacher (sometimes my mom) didn’t wan us disturbing them.

I remember multiple vbs. I remember playing in the sanctuary wih a carpet broom when mom wood come to clean the church.

While waiting for Don to unlock the church, the 6 of us played ninja. Once, I played games on this same from lawn with my friends. Now, I was to play a game on it again.

Church service was so weird. I kept slipping, kept becoming 6 years old again (which is ironic, but nevermind why. One more thig to tease Callie about… She’ll find out… Haha)

Suddenly, instead of pants, I’m weari a pretty dress with tights and black Mary janes. Instead of a bible and notebook, I’m holding dolls, bears, or those little cardboard things with holes that you pull string through and pretend to be sewing.

One moment I’m 23 and listening to he sermon, he next I’m in the floor playing with felts on the pew cushion. They haven’t changed those cushions in 20 years. Or I’m sittin on or lying in my father’s lap.

Nothing about hat sanctuary has changed much. Except he size.

Some people here recognized me. One man said, “welcome home.” and, I really do feel like I’ve come home.

When I first left midland at age 6, I spent the greater part of my childhood trying to go back to midland. Now, for 2 weeks, I will be living here.

It’s a bit of a jolt.

Although, even in my run away from my parents to go live in midland fantasies, I never even bought about living in the church. And as an adult, instead of shaking my head at such fantasies that I DID come up with, I have to wonder: why not? Why DIDN’T I ever think of living in the church?

Help Me


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