In Which I Tell An Experience

I want to know why he laundry room closes at 7:30. Seriously, it’s not even sabbath. And people were Sooooooo SLOWWWWWW getting ready this morning that we didn’t leave till late. Sigh. Worked something out wih lady in charge, but she’s no too happy.

Sometimes I really do think Advetists get too worked up over this whole sabbath thing. Particularly when it’s not even sabbath yet. I wish we weren’t leaving tomorrow night.

Anyway, weird experience yesterday. I started canvassing the man on the GC. I thought he’d shy me down right away. He had a somewhat angry expression on his face, and he barely even glanced at the book. So I was surprised when, halfway through the canvass, in an abrupt tone of voice, he asked me how much it was. Taken aback, I told him. He left, and took the book with him. I just stood there not knowing what to do. Eventually he came out with he money, said here you go, and shut the door. I did manage to squeak a thank you had a nice day in there as he’s closing the door in my face.

I use no idea what was going on in that mans head. Maybe it was a divine appointment, and he was jus private abou it. Like maybe he just said “lord sent someone to my door” or something. If he was just goingto buy whatever I showed him, I wish I’d pulled out man of peace. The great controversy is often toyed as the best book, bu man of peace talks about Jesus, the most important thing/person ever. The great controversy is…. History. And frankly, it’s BORING history. Until the very last few chapters on the 2nd coming, where it finally gets interesting.

I want that man to know Jesus. I’m not sure the GC can/will do that.

Maybe that’s why I can sell man of peace even without a canvass. I’ve read the book. Twice. I love it. When I talk about it, my eyes light up. The people who bought that book from me bought it because they were interested. Except for that one weird exception, those who bought the GC only did it to help me with school.

There’s something to be said for that. About me, probably.

Doig slightly better, but id lie to leave from cm. maybe grandma alma will give me a ride to bc on the way back if there’s room?

Help me

By he way, I am still looking for a ride out of here. Any takers?


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