In Which I Am Angry

Especially because this is THE FOURTH FUCKIN TIME I’ve tried to write this. whoever wrote the script for wordpress is a TOTAL DUMBASS.

Warning, post contains swearing.

If The lord ever calls me back to canvassing (which he’d better not, because I still REALLY DON’T LIKE THIS) he’d better find an all adult program for me to go to.

I am an adult. I am 23, to be exact. And I am SICK TO FUCKIN DEATH of being treated like I am 16. Actually, I was sick to death of that at 16 too, but at 16 it’s at least a bit more understandable.

Do ya’ll know how FUCKIN HARD I WORKED to GET to 23? Do you know how hard I worked just to survive childhood, to get to the point where I had the HOPE of being treated like an adult? Let me tell you, it was hard fuckin work.

Especially because I lost track of the number of times I tried to kill myself. Sometimes all the time, I wish I had succeeded.*

When I left glaa, I promised myself I would never go anywhere where I was not

1. treated like the adult I now am

2. Not allowed technology, like computers, cell phones, and ipods. Exceptions being if there was a really good reason, like an activity that involves lots and lots of WATER.

3. Any place where I’d be forced to wear a skirt.

When I left GLAA, I said I was done with all that. I have not kept my promise on the first one, and am wishing I had.The 3rd is barely live with able, but I could do it if I didn’t feel like those who have skirts here are treated as less than subhuman.

*sigh* Need to find a new secret spot. Problem is, most don’t have wifi. fuckety fuck fuck fuck fuck

God it’s so great to say that. Fuck. Just, fuck. It’s so great to say that without fear of being yelled at. Fuck goddammit bitch bastard hell cunt dick fucktard fuckhead goddammned idiot dammit ehiowijfdew

If you are an Adventist, and you just read through all that, congratulations. I really greatly respect someone whose ears aren’t delicate. Or in this case, your eyes. Personally I think those with delicate ears are annoying as fuck, because they’re if they’re seriously too weak to handle it, they’re not for this world.

Help Me

Side note, I really do need to stop swearing. It’s a bad habbit.




*disclaimer, I am not currently suicidal. Because suicide pisses off the Almighty God, and when God gets pissed off,  the pisser off ER does not get to go to heaven or get help when he or she needs it. So, no more suicide attempts for me.



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