In Which I Find My Family

In Which I Find My Family

June 15, 2012

So, Teddy drove me, Bradley, Annie, Gus, and N to Campmeeting. I’m sorta regretting coming here, but that’s another story. Anyway, I was talking to Annie. I told her I had read several times) a book on birth order and was trying to figure out if she or Gus was older.

To be honest, I would not have guessed Gus unless I did not already know that 15 is the youngest a canvasser can be. MAYBE 14, but I think I remember really wanting to do it when I was 14 and not being able to, so I wouldn’t guess Gus would be younger. But, if I didn’t now that…

Anyway, Brad wants me to figure out if he’s older than his sister, so he asks if I know his sister, Danae C? (I’ve decided not to post any last names on a public blog)

me: yeah, she’s my cousin! wait, you and I are related?

Brad: *frozen smile* blink blink umm…. I guess….

It turns out that his grandma Irma is my late great grandma Glenna Wrate’s younger sister.  So this makes Bradley my…. 2nd cousin twice removed?

Whatever. The point is, I was so stoked. I’m the type of person who LOVES to meet my relatives. Whatever reservations I have about you as a person, if you’re my family, I want to get to know you. Not everyone feels that way, however, and it’s sort of off putting to some people. Especially people my age.

It’s good to have Bradley as a friend AND relative. And it’s good we went on this car ride. I think God had some fun with that. I wonder if he put us together, set his watch, and waited to see how long it would take to see that we’re related.

Oh, right. That would be fun for US, but God already knows, so, maybe that’s boring to him.

And thing number 6 that makes me feel dumb today: I brought body wash. I did. I stuck it in with my dirty laundry. I shoved the dirty laundry into the washing machine without going through the bag first. I now have a sparking clean bottle, and the body was got all over my clothes. I’m sending them through the washing machine again, without soap, to try to get the soap OFF.

And now I have no body wash. I wonder if Other Mother will take me to Deadmore before sundown? If she’ll have time? Something I can borrow? I could theoretically borrow from Jacq but she’s in F loop, and usually her parents are in A loop. I walk too many hours a day to bother with that.

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