In Whch God Answers a Prayer I Forgot To Ask

June 14, 2012

*Sigh* I need to find a new hiding spot. N just found mine. Fan crappin’ tastic. Ah, well, I should’ve known I was going to have to soon anyway. I should actually just try rotating thinking spots on a weekly basis or something. That way even Wyson, who knows the “secret location” can be in the dark, while thinking he knows where I am. For when I REALLY don’t want to be bothered.

Actually, I want to find Teddy and figure out when he wants to leave for CM. I need to know… 10 minutes ago.

Anyway, this morning, I did not have time for lunch. The ever wonderful breakfast prep crew forgot to tell the cleanup crew that breakfast was available. We had 5 minutes to eat. Ask us if we tasted our food. Yeah, I was PISSED. I ended up just standing in the kitchen eating, so cleanup was late, so we were late to worship…. anyway, I did NOT have time to eat lunch. I’m still not happy with the breakfast prep crew.

So, as a group, we had a GC goal. We wanted to get 20 GCs out as a group. I don’t know WHY they focus on the GC so much. It’s not even remotely interesting until MAYBE the last 4 chapters. And it has the American flag on the cover, which is very off putting.

*sigh* I really need to find a new “secret spot.” This one is way too out in the open.

Anyway, I’ve only ever sold one GC, and the guy made it clear to me that he just wanted to help me out with school. He did not actually want the book. He was nice about it though. We struck up a conversation in Spanish. And said it was a good way to reach out to people, and to keep doing it. Which is odd because he is actually Jewish, but THAT’S ANOTHER STORY. Focus Abby. (Did I mention this was at a really low point of discouragement when I was in the “I want to quit the program” stage?)

AHEM. Anyway, today’s story. So, Jeandra was texting Wyson, and asked….well, I’m not sure what she asked, but Wyson texted back 17. Jeandra told us that, and then said, “now, it’s time for lunch, but if you guys want, we can work another few streets and have the goal met for the day!” I was the only voice of dissent. And, really, it wasn’t a battle worth fighting at that point. Everyone was energized with our success, and so early in the morning! God was really working.

I’d had barely enough time to grab a pb sandwhich from breakfast (however, one is not enough) and a bag of cookies Jacq sent me. I figured my meager fare could wait. So we canvassed more. Rodney (I think?) got one more GC. I don’t think I got out any more books that hour or not. I think the books I got out that morning were BEFORE this. Anyhow, Jeandra actually told us when we got back into the van that she had made a mistake. Leader miscommunication. Wyson had been counting down, not up. Jeandra had been counting up, not down. Do we see the problem here? 17 (16, after Rodney’s) MORE GCs, not 3/2 more.

But, since Jeandra said we all went the extra mile, she was going to take us all out to eat anyway! I was stoked, because, hey, the day I forget my lunch!

So, we go to this Korean restaurant, and I’m a bit reserved because Korean food usually equals spicy, which I can’t have. What I had ended up being rather bland, but I still got to try a lot of appetizers and everyone else’s food. My food was actually served in a very hot metal bowl, so I even had a hard time eating it because it was just too hot temperature wise.

So, I didn’t even ask, but God provided me food. He really does take care of his own.

Now if only I was. I had such a bad attitude toward the end of the day. I said words I regretted (no one heard them, I don’t think, but still.)

Tomorrow we are heading to campmeeting. I have no idea when Teddy is leaving, but I hope I get to meet up with Callie.

I am now officially late for curfew. And when the girls ask where I was, I can’t get away with “around.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned about N, it’s that she’s a tattle tale.

And the trouble will be finding a new hiding spot that has internet access. From the church, not that godawful school network where even is blocked. Tell me how LAME is that?

Help Me


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