In Which I Am Relieved

It is the end of the first week here. I made it through the week without Ken, Fred, or Bill. This is an accomplishment, let me tell you. Especially Fred. I’ve wanted to call him so much, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if I end up calling him a lot this summer, even though we’re supposed to be broken up.

I’m not normally going to post about this. In fact, I’ve made it my personal policy not to. But yesterday, I was wondering if I could sell anything. Even with all the stories, I’d had trouble believing this actually WORKED. I prayed that the Lord will help me sell at least one book. Preferably 5, but, I would be happy with just one.

I sold 3. Not all at once, but still. And I got some donations for Happiness Digest (Steps to Christ. Why can’t we just call it that?) I was elated. It was exactly the boost I needed to keep going. Even though it wasn’t much, it is a start. I mean, this was only my second day.

I still would like to leave. But… how is God supposed to use me if I won’t even go through with what he wants? I don’t like it, but… I don’t know if I’ll feel the same way tomorrow, but yesterday God really helped me. He gave me the strength to make it through one more day. Maybe that’s how I’ll get through. Maybe I just take it one day at a time and tell myself, “I can leave tomorrow if I want to. Call my grandma and tell her I’m staying with her for the summer….have Erin drive me…”

But today, today, I can make it, one more day.

It’s been 6 days. I have 64 more to go.

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