In which I correct errors

So, I retread yesterday’s entry. My iPod was doing that thing where you hit a key and it takes a full second for the iPod to realize it. I get GOOD Internet at the CHURCH, not food Internet at the churn.

I was going to write about the interesting conversation I had with a “taking a break ” from Jehovah’s Witnesses. I didn’t because my iPod was being stupid.

Anyway, he was firing questions at me. I think he wanted to make sure I knew my bible before he took me seriously. He shut off his music so we could talk. I liked talking to him. He was very interesting to talk to. While we were talking Jeandra came up. She’d been helping me off and on all day. I personally think its cruel and unusual punishment to send me off alone like that before I know what I’m doing. Hey should have one leader to with every new student all the time for the first week, but I realized that Jeandra’s he wrong person to take that up with, so I dropped it. I’d probably have to take it up with the conference.

Guy (that was his name) sounded like he’d really like the great Contraversy. He sounded like he already knew a lot of that was in it. We left him with happiness digest, and he gave a donation. My one and only. I’m proud of myself that I had the fits to go do it, and i NEVER want to do sit again.

That was the only spiritual conversation I had. I have to go train now.

Today is day 5. I never want to do it again. I have 65 more days.

Help me


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